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Lookswise, John Travolta and the late entertainer Liberace are quite opposite – with Liberace being over-the-top flamboyant, while John is generally rather unremarkable and conservative. But they both enjoyed very successful careers occasionally marred by gay accusations. Despite his absurd appearance, Liberace was outraged at the slightest hint that he was gay and sued any newspapers and magazines that implied he was. He settled a huge suit with Confidential magazine that featured a story “Why Liberace’s Theme Song Should Be “Mad About The Boy” – it detailed Liberace’s passionate passes at a young male publicist. None of the gay accusations affected Liberace’s career in a negative way. His fans didn’t want to hear it. John Travolta has the same “teflon” reaction to gay scandal. Multiple men have charged him with sexual harassment and he’s taking legal action, but his fans don’t care. John’s career and popularity continue to flourish and he’s even playing John Gotti in an upcoming film. Liberace lived his life as a “bachelor waiting for the right woman” and John is a “happily married man.”

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  1. What they have in common is they are/were (Liberace) gay & won’t fess up. In this day & age, who cares anymore?

  2. Oh what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive…..Sir Walter Scott.

    The Bible is against this lifestyle, not the sinner, who while he is alive has a chance to repent.

    Anyhoo, the latest in the gay community is:

    Anderson Cooper caught his live-in lover cheating. Andy Cohen claims he has always had a crush on Anderson. So…..Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen, Kelly Ripa, took a trip to Croatia for some deep discussions and to console Anderson and see if Andy and Anderson want to hook up. They are high-rollers now, but J-Day is coming.

  3. I think you are wrong. Most of Travolta fans KNOWS he is gay. They aren’t stupid and assume his happily married. That would be absurd.

    Everyone including his wife knows he is gay. It’s no secret. His fans and others don’t care whether he is gay or not.

  4. I agree, most don’t care but I am losing respect that he keeps vigorously denying it all. All evidence to the contrary.

  5. Marred? Really, “marred” Janet? Such a hateful characterization.

  6. You certainly know a lot about the gay community, don’t you Ms India.

  7. DD:

    This info (Anderson Cooper & Cohen) was read in a rag mag (Globe??) while waiting in a long grocery line. Most all magazines now have articles of homosexuals on front cover. It is now posted on YouTube (these 3 in Croatia). It’s doubtful any of them are considering eternity, as well as most readers/commenters on Janet’s site.

  8. I agree with what you said, Christine India. We’re living in a time of grace, where the Lord will forgive our most horrible, vicious, heinous sins, no matter WHAT they areif we just accept Him as our Savior. Nothing is too awful or sinful for Him to forgive. It’s a get out of jail free card, except jail is Hell. But once Jesus Christ comes back to earth, all bets are off.

  9. Not to pick a fight, I guess I just thought Christians were not to engage in idle minds and gossip. Baring false witness against thy neighbor. Surprised so many engage in that sin as well as so many others. Oh well. Just curious how Christians justify some sin, and rail against other.

  10. Times today are very different than they were for Liberace. Travolta should just COME OUT! Meredith Baxter did and no one villified her — the all American mom of Family Ties! Anderson Cooper is loved and adored, and there are legions of Rachel Maddow fans who feel the same way. No one really cares anymore, do they?

  11. Who cares where you seek solace. It’s just ingenious to pretend otherwise.

  12. So many religious(CULT) nutbag Christians on this site so little time. Travolta is not leading man material anymore. He may get work, but, can’t open a movie and certainly would not play the romantic hetero leading man. That is why tiny Tom Cruise fights gay stories because he does still play the hetero leading man. Same for Will Smith. Scient. targets gay celebrities and tells them they can ‘fix’ them exactly like nut bag Christian cults. Both deny homosexuality even thou a percentage of EVERY species on the planet engages in same sex behaviour.

    Besides, the real issue is that Travolta has sexually harassed people. As someone who knows ppl who have worked with him; it is sickening. A regular working-class person never would have gotten away with the things he has pulled over the years. Hope he gets prosecuted and FINALLY can’t buy his way out of something.

  13. Frankly makes a point: the harassment and assault charges against John Travolta are what I find disturbing. I couldn’t care less if he or anyone else is gay.

  14. Is it then that Liberace is gay, lived privately and John is bi.., but some people are protesting John is offensive-aggressive behaving like a sneaky pest by hiring then harassing these workers for sex?

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