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Casper Smart had another tussle with photographers in Miami and ended up soaking one with water and getting him arrested. Now that he’s with Jennifer Lopez, paparazzi follow HIM around too and he doesn’t like his privacy invaded. He’d better get used to it – he’s dating a huge celebrity. Jennifer is still enthralled with 18 years younger Casper – she’s even admitted that having kids with him is NOT out of the question. (Above, Jennifer at the SLS Hotel pool with Emme. Below, shirtless Casper chases photog)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. Without makeup and wigs, J Lo is a very plain looking hispanic woman. From this picture you can see she has a huge lower body that many have described as like an “elephant”. She has made plenty of $$$ by scamming overpriced products to young hispanic females and if she has a kid w/ Casper you can count on its pictures being auctioned to the highest bidder, just like the first ones.

    You can’t buy class!

  2. ay dios mios,tu es un puta!!!! She is really, jenny, from the block!! Having a baby with a broke as pureto rican, papi chulu really!?!?

  3. ole Casper needs to chill out. Chasing the photographers will only get him arrested/sued.

  4. Jennifer is one of those pathetic women who can’t bear to be without a man for even a second. Since she’s been married AND divorced three times now, she might consider spending some time getting to know herself and her children before dragging some man into her weird world. Just a thought. But wait, she and Tom Cruise would make a perfect couple! Both have three exes each; they’d probably kill each other, though.

  5. How old is J Lo now? My guess is too old to conceive naturally. She is really appearing pathetic now. I feel sorry for the kids she already has, grow up Mom

  6. She never has had much of a rep as a hands-on mommy-why would she want another baby(fathered by a baby)?

  7. “… she’s even admitted that having kids with him is NOT out of the question.”

    Jenny from the block always says retarded s**t like this, keeps her in print.

  8. This picture with cheap looking jewelery in a swimsuit shows her class. Ghetto hoops and always willing to sell cheap junk lousy shows to poor hispanic women.

  9. No light skinned woman, except a Kardashian, has had as much BLACK meat and used it as a springboard to fame.

  10. 2 J Lo stories out of the last 9. JC is being paid well by her publicity people to keep a nobody in the news. Next we will see J Lo products in the sidebar.

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