Fashion designer Marc Jacobs wants MEN to pay more attention to their nails. He’s been sporting these 5 inch bejewelled nails since the Met Gala and thoroughly enjoys flipping them about in public. His custom nails take 6-7 hours of sitting time, START at around $900 per manicure, and go up to thousands of dollars. We can’t help but wonder how they affect his everyday life. Can he button a shirt and tie a necktie? We’d love to see him eat a hamburger…

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Old habits die hard, just ask soon-to-be billionaire Lauren Sanchez. Before she found fame and fortune as Jeff Bezos’ fiancé, Lauren was a news anchor and worked the red carpet as a correspondent for Extra. Although successful, money was still an issue for working girl Lauren, especially since her jobs required her to dress up every day and didn’t supply her a wardrobe. Ever-practical Lauren couldn’t repeat her outfits so she sold them online and even though money will likely never be an issue for her again, she’s STILL selling her clothes through various online consignment sites. Don’t worry though, Lauren realizes how fortunate she is to be marrying one of the wealthiest men in the world, so she donates all proceeds from her used clothes to various charities benefiting women, minorities and animals.

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As Democrats quickly line up to endorse Vice President Kamala Harris for president, the world’s biggest and arguably most influential endorsement is being drafted. Behind very very very closed doors, talks are underway to incorporate megastar Taylor Swift into Kamala’s campaign. Taylor isn’t set to wrap up her European tour until early October and once she returns to the United States the plan is for her to issue an endorsement of Kamala and appear alongside her at a rally. Keep in mind this is very inside information and subject to change as Taylor might announce her endorsement much sooner than October, but for now THAT’S the plan.

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With Mr Big out of the picture on And Just Like That, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) dug up her favorite old boyfriend Aiden (John Corbett) and it looks like they are up to SOMETHING. John is quite tall (6’5″) and Sarah Jessica Parker is only 5’3,” so she makes a habit of wearing high heels when they’re together. (John is accustomed to petite women. His wife Bo Derek is 5’3″ and after 22 years together, they are still going strong.) Will Carrie live happily ever after with this man?

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Apple Martin, 20, is set to become the next face of Chanel, and the late designer, Karl Lagerfeld, made that prediction when Apple was just four years old. Apple, the daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, has been compared to a young Bridget Bardot. Last year, Apple sat front row at one of the Chanel shows in Paris, but now she’s set to walk the runway and appear in some of their ads. It’s not a done deal yet, as the final negotiations are being ironed out, but it’s likely to happen before the end of the year.

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Well, this is unexpected. Ellen DeGeneres is struggling to rebuild her career and her current cross country stand-up comedy tour, (which we were the first to reveal) isn’t as successful as she hoped. For the most part, Ellen is still canceled in Hollywood due to her alleged bad behavior on the set of her now defunct talk show. Ellen has decided to shake up her management team, and she recently partnered up with her good friend and successful “momager” Kris Jenner. Ellen and Kris are quite close and spend a great deal of time together, but now Ellen has retained Kris to help resuscitate her career. According to my source, Kris is now brainstorming on Ellen‘s big comeback.


JCH READERS KNEW FIRST! While the world speculated on whether President Joe Biden would end his campaign – WE TOLD YOU ON FRIDAY that it was a done deal, and that the biggest donors to the Democratic Party were informed of this days earlier during a top secret phone call. Our well placed source came through again! Biden just dropped out of the race “before the end of July” as we reported. And gracefully, we might add. He immediately pitched all his support behind Kamala Harris and we could not be happier. The idea of Kamala Harris in office sounds like a dream come true…



It’s been a very busy week in the political world with the biggest story being the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump – here’s what we know. There was a reason that Donald was heard screaming for his SHOES as the secret service carried him away from the podium moments after the shooting. He wears LIFTS in his shoes to appear taller, and vain Donald didn’t want the press to photograph his shoes with the special inserts in them!

Speaking of Donald, as he accepted the Republican nomination for president on Thursday, he wore a bandage over his ear that was grazed by that bullet and now we just heard that he’s scheduled to undergo minor reconstructive plastic surgery to replace the cartilage that was blown away. Donald has turned to a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and is planning to have the surgery within the next few weeks. My source says that he could have gotten in earlier, but Donald enjoys the image of himself with the bandage as he feels it makes him appear stoic and macho.

The other big news is the continued backlash against President Joe Biden’s campaign and we just heard this scoop. The biggest Democratic donors were recently informed via a secure conference call that Biden will NOT be the nominee and to expect an announcement before the end of July. This isn’t speculation -it’s a done deal- and the powers that be are currently drafting a graceful way for Biden to bow out.

The Olympics are all over the news since they’re starting on July 27, and my source says that last minute plans are currently underway to get Taylor Swift to perform at either the opening or closing ceremony. Seems that ticket sales to the events haven’t been as great as expected, so they’re hopeful that an appearance by Taylor could somehow change that. She hasn’t signed on yet, as there are a lot of moving parts to navigate, but expect a big announcement if it all works out as the Olympic committee hopes.

Finally, a sad week for celebrity deaths, including Dr. Ruth, Bob Newhart and Shannen Doherty. Speaking of Shannen, her former husband, the handsome Ashley Hamilton just revealed his own cancer diagnosis during a statement he released to the press on her passing. We just heard this though – Ashley is planning to launch a cancer foundation in Shannen’s memory and raise awareness of the disease and hopefully raise funds in the process. He’s leaning on his stepfather, the wealthy but notoriously frugal Rod Stewart to kick things off with a large donation. We will keep you posted if Rod funds the endeavor.

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Uh-oh. Jennifer Lopez just walked out of the Equinox gym in Bridgehampton, New York, with a guy who is definitely NOT Ben Affleck. What’s more, her workout partner has a very cute vintage car. But not to worry, he is Jen’s manager Benny Medina. Watts-born Benny is quite a character – a former music executive, he believes in “living large” and encourages J.Lo to do the same. Benny was the inspiration for, and creator of, the series Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Jennifer did a photoshoot at my mid-century modern house a few years back, and Benny had the entire property searched by security guys before she arrived. He watched her every move, but he turned out to be friendly and entertaining. Jennifer never complained and cooperated with the photographer. She even thanked me personally before she left. We can’t help but wonder if Ben and Benny get along…

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These days there’s more drama offscreen than onscreen for reality costars, Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney. After countless delays, the gals opened up their West Hollywood sandwich shop, Something About Her, but no sooner was the first customer served than Ariana flew to Bali to host Love Island, leaving Katie behind to deal with the grunt work. As we previously reported, Ariana isn’t sure she wants to stay in the restaurant business as her Hollywood career has taken off. Now get this scoop – Katie has offered to buy Ariana’s shares out and team up with her cheating ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval! According to my Vanderpump Rules source, Katie is livid that Ariana has pretty much all but abandoned her and teaming up with Tom is her way to get revenge.

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