Attention Real Housewife of New Jersey fans: this will be your last season of watching the only-in-Jersey antics of Teresa Guidice! No, table-flipping Teresa is NOT leaving the popular show. She is changing her name. According to my Bravo insider, Teresa recently informed producers that starting next season she’s changing her last name from Guidice and taking her current husband Luis’s last name, Ruelas. She’s already started the arduous process of changing her passport, driver’s license, and credit cards, and then beginning next season will be known as Teresa Ruelas professionally.

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If Diddy thinks his public apology indirectly addressed to his former girlfriend Cassie is going to be enough to resolve his problems, he’s sorely mistaken. While the statute of limitations has expired on that case, here’s what we know: The FBI has been canvassing across the nation contacting people who might have been secretly filmed in compromising positions at one of Diddy’s parties. They’re leaving cards outside of residences when they can’t make contact, and have over 1000 people as potential victims!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck continue to dominate the headlines as speculation about the current state of their marriage continues. Although we updated you last week, here’s the latest. The couple recently spent a night together at their Beverly Hills home after Ben snuck in to avoid the paparazzi. My source insists the couple are working through this rough spot and actually might wind up living in separate residences but staying married as a way to make their relationship work. It seems they work better when they’re not cohabitating.

Donald Trump’s criminal trial is now in the hands of the jury and here’s the latest. Donald did his best to convince his wife Melania to make even a brief appearance at the trial, with my source saying he offered her a pile of cash. (remember this is a TRANSACTIONAL relationship and not a true love story) Despite the lucrative offer, Melania refused to attend the trial, but we are hearing she might join Donald when the verdict is announced if the offer is tempting enough.

Graceland was almost foreclosed on and now the FBI is involved in the case, as some hanky panky is suspected. We are hearing that members of the Elvis Presley dynasty suspect that Scientology was somehow involved in the plot to take over the iconic tourist attraction. Remember, Lisa Marie Presley distanced herself from the controversial group. While this is just hearsay, my source says that is one of the angles being currently looked into.

Finally, Kim Kardashian made headlines when she met with Gypsy Rose Blanchard to discuss prison reform – but we just heard that’s only half of the story. As we previously reported, Gypsy wants to pursue a career in Hollywood and now Kim’s mom and momager, Kris Jenner, wants to manage Gypsy’s blossoming career. Our source says a reality show is in the works and Kim and Kris are producing.

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We previously told you that Leah Remini was having a hard time unloading her Studio City home (which has been on the market for over a year) and that she SUSPECTS her former friends at Scientology are somehow involved. To refresh your memory, Leah keeps getting offers and entered escrow several times, but for one reason or another, the buyers backed out. Here’s an interesting update. Our well placed real estate source told me the home recently fell out of escrow yet AGAIN, so this time around Leah hired a private investigator to see if her hunch is correct. If she gets the proof that Scientology is behind these antics, my source says Leah will sue for damages. We’d like to see her WIN bigtime…

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Their marriage has been over for years, but Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are still in couples therapy. According to my inside source, Brad and Angie meet SEPARATELY with a family therapist near Santa Barbara to help them co-parent -especially with their youngest, 15-year-old twins, Vivienne and Knox. The divorced duo originally were ORDERED into therapy by the courts, but they both continued the sessions on their own after the initial court order expired. While legal issues from their divorce seem to multiply, they’re now both hoping to shield their youngest kids from the drama.

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They’re basically a family of billionaires, but unlike her sisters, Kourtney Kardashian knows the value of a buck. The new mom needed a baby stroller since it’s been years since she had an infant, but instead of splurging on a pricey designer one she borrowed a buggy from her younger sister Kylie Jenner. Granted, the borrowed stroller is a custom made one from Chrome Hearts, but even though she and her husband, Travis Barker could afford one of their own. (they can cost upwards of $50,000) practical Kourtney BORROWED Kylie’s and kept her money in the bank! My source adds that Kourtney is notorious among the family for being frugal, and hates wasting money on the extravagances the rest of her family seem to obsess over.

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Gorgeous expectant mom Hailey Bieber is looking for a live-in nanny – but NO attractive females need to apply! According to my source, Hailey is looking for 24/7 help and plans on hiring one live-in helper, as well as others to rotate on 8 hour shifts to help her and Justin with their new baby. Her main criteria is: no younger beauties who might catch her husband Justin Bieber’s eye! Hailey has reached out to some celebrity pals for recommendations and was quite upfront about what she wanted and didn’t want, telling her friends she IS open to grandmother types and gay men…

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I’m a scene straight out of Seinfeld, Kim Kardashian and her hairstylist buddy Chris Appleton are in a celibacy contest to see WHO can go the longest without sex. The one thing Kim and Chris have in common is they’re unlucky in love, and after a string of failed romances, they’re now seeing who can go the LONGEST without any intimacy. My source says that Kim and Chris both seem to confuse sex with love, meaning they fall fast once they’re getting frisky with someone, so they made a pledge to see who can date the longest without sex. To make things interesting, there’s $100,000 on the line…

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Jennifer Lopez has an unexpected ally during her marriage crisis to Ben Affleck – his ex-wife Jennifer Garner! While J.Lo and Ben are working to figure out their future, an insider reveals Garner has offered her support to BOTH, encouraging them to make their marriage work. The former Alias actress has been divorced from Ben since 2018, (she’s happily dating businessman John Miller) so she KNOWS what it’s like to be married to Ben. She also knows Lopez has been a positive factor in his life, and the life of the kids. Garner’s biggest fear is that Ben will fall off the wagon and spiral out of control again if his marriage to Lopez disintegrates, so she’s actively encouraging them to stick it out.

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Even though they’re both Brits, new parents Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse are putting down roots – in the San Fernando Valley! According to my real estate source, the Twilight actor and the singer/model have been touring homes in Studio City, California, specifically those that are in the Carpenter school district. Robert and Suki are big advocates of public schools, and want their child to eventually attend the Carpenter school in Studio City, which is one of the top rated public schools in the state – so that explains why they’re focusing their search in the somewhat unlikely area.

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Andy Cohen recently addressed the rumors that he was getting frisky with his best friend, John Mayer. While Andy’s denial is true, (John is in touch with his feminine side, but he’s 100% straight) what he didn’t address is the top secret project for Bravo they’re working on. According to my inside Bravo source, Andy has been after John for years to star in a reality show on Bravo. John’s resisted until now. The concept is still being worked out, but will mostly revolve around John’s life as a playboy who is suddenly looking to settle down. As we previously reported, John’s also interested in starting a family, so expect that to be a part of the show.

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