Paris Fashion Week is bringing us up to date on menswear now and we have to admit it’s funny, but more than a little scarey. Looks like the male designers are trying to outdo the outrageous designers of women’s wear, and they are succeeding. Can you imagine anyone you know dressing like this? How about a celebrity? Walter Van Bierendock is the designer here who thinks men should loosen up and be more innovative…

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On June 16 we had the exclusive scoop that Donald Trump was staying in Chicago and NOT in Milwaukee during the upcoming Republican National Convention. Two days later, none other than ABC NEWS confirmed our scoop from MULTIPLE SOURCES! (See link below) Unlike ABC NEWS, we didn’t need multiple sources since our source is THAT good. Once ABC reported on our scoop, the Trump campaign was quick to deny it because they realized the optics looked terrible. Our source says that persnickety Donald is scheming for a way to get out of spending any nights in Milwaukee but if he is forced to, he plans on bringing his own linens and pillows to the less than 5-star hotels the city offers.

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Our alert real estate source reveals that the $65 million Beverly Hills home just listed by owners Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck already has another A-list celebrity interested – Taylor Swift! Although she already owns a home not far from the property Jen and Ben are trying to unload, it’s nowhere near as palatial as this place. More important, this home checks all of Taylor’s boxes – it’s behind two sets of gates and is big enough to raise a large family which is what Taylor is hoping to do with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. Taylor is still overseas on her Eras tour, but she’s already looked at the home via FaceTime video, and plans to take a personal tour of it as soon as she’s back in Los Angeles. Let’s face it, not too many people can afford a $65 million home, but for billionaire Taylor it’s pocket change…

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Scarlett Johansson wants to add casting director to her already accomplished resume. Scarlett’s husband, SNL writer and Weekend Update host Colin Jost is spending his summer hiatus from the show on tour with his comedy show, Colin Jost and Friends. According to my source, while Scarlett is happy for her husband, she’d rather he spend his downtime away from SNL with her. Although he has no current plans to leave the show, Scarlett is already making plans for when Colin does – she wants to cast him in one of her movies. As my source explains it, Scarlett can tolerate Colin touring the country over a few months in the summer, but once he leaves SNL, she doesn’t want to be married to a touring comic, so that’s why she’s laying the groundwork for him to break out into acting.

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Facing career backlash after his older daughter dropped his last name, Brad Pitt is telling pals he’s ready to pack up and get out of dodge. Although she’s a Jersey girl, Brad’s significant other Ines de Ramon went to college in Geneva, Switzerland and still considers it her second home. Now Brad and Ines are quietly looking at estates there in hopes of making it their residence. Ever since Brad’s daughter Shiloh changed her last name from Pitt to Jolie, Brad fears he’s ripe for a Hollywood cancellation so he wants to focus on crafting furniture, art and fashion, and believes Switzerland is the perfect place to fuel his creative mind.

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On June 7 in our seemingly popular Here’s What We Know feature we revealed that Jennifer Lopez was planning a summer vacation now that she canceled her music tour. It only took them 10 days, but People magazine just confirmed our scoop. (See link below) What People didn’t know is that J.Lo plans to spend part of the summer traveling with her kids but will definitely meet up with Ben Affleck and his kids and turn it into a make or break summer vacation. They’re both hoping to save their marriage and this vacation, if it turns out as planned, could be just the thing.

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Donald Trump didn’t do himself any favors when he called Milwaukee, Wisconsin a horrible city during a closed door session with GOP lawmakers in Washington DC, but judging from what we just heard it might just be the first time he was voicing his HONEST opinion. Donald is expected to be named the Republican presidential candidate during the convention in Milwaukee being held from July 15-18. Although he will be a BIG presence there, my source reveals that he and his family will actually be staying 90 miles away in Chicago, Illinois and hop on his private jet to Milwaukee when it’s time to take the stage! The reason? Middle-class Milwaukee, while a lovely city, doesn’t have any five star hotels, and snobbish Donald refuses to stay in a modest hotel. Nearby Chicago has many more luxury hotel options. My source reveals that the EXCUSE will be that none of the hotels in Milwaukee can properly provide the security needed for the former president. But the REAL reason is – he thinks the city is a dump.

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Our well placed D.C. insider just shared this interesting tidbit: As President Joe Biden preps for his upcoming debate against former President Donald Trump, our source revealed that the Biden campaign has hired a Trump impersonator to portray him in mock debates to prepare for the real event. The impersonator is already being briefed on potential topics (including the economy, a women’s right to choose, and of course, Hunter Biden’s recent conviction) and had to sign an ironclad NDA to not reveal anything about the preparation. My source adds that the impersonator, looks, sounds, dresses, and behaves like Trump!

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Celine Dion made headlines with her sit down interview with NBC’s Hoda Kotb where she revealed intimate and painful details about her battle with Stiff Person Syndrome. Here’s what we know. The interview was Celine’s way of testing the water to see the public interest and reaction and it was SO positive that she’s forging ahead with plans to star in a reality show. The details are still being worked out, but it’s likely to appear on Bravo.

We continue to get updates on Leah Remini’s attempt to sell her Studio City, California home. After a number sales fell out of escrow, we are happy to share that Leah finally accepted a close-to-asking offer on her property. The buyers seemingly don’t have any connection to Scientology, so Leah is confident that this time the sale will go through.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s baby storyline was featured in this week’s episode of their Hulu series, The Kardashians. Here’s a tidbit you won’t see on the show. After a difficult pregnancy with their infant son, Rocky, Travis and Kourtney are secretly turning to surrogacy in hopes of having a daughter. It’s hush hush, but my source says the second baby could already be on the way!

Donald Trump continues to make headlines- most recently because a producer on his former show, The Apprentice, revealed that during season one, Donald dropped the N-word about finalist, Kwame Jackson. Here’s what I just heard… there’s top secret speculation that the incident was caught on tape, but the only way it could be released is if there was a legal court order. This is where it gets juicy – behind closed doors some are encouraging Kwame to SUE for discrimination, and if the tape is located, a judge could decide whether or not to make it public.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marital status continues to dominate the news cycle. One minute they’re wearing their wedding rings, and the next they’re not. In addition to our previous updates we just heard this: Jennifer’s mom, Guadalupe Rodriguez, is acting as Jennifer’s marriage counselor and SHE was the one who persuaded J.Lo to cancel her summer tour to focus on her marriage. Guadalupe and Ben share a special connection (they bonded over their love of gambling!) so even when Jen isn’t around Guadalupe and Ben have been spending time together. As my source puts it, if anyone can save this marriage it’s Guadalupe.



Rebel Wilson is hoping to return to the scene of the crime. Rebel and her fiancé, Ramona Ahriman got engaged in February 2023 at one of her favorite places on earth, Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Now the two are hoping to hold their wedding there. Their dream is to host the ceremony at the theme park and have a lavish reception at the park’s Grand Californian Hotel. The details including the date are still being work out, but the one thing that’s already been decided is their daughter Royce will be the flower girl.


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