Taylor Swift’s new album, The Tortured Poets Department features the song, thanK you aIMee that the majority of the world feels is about her ongoing feud with Kim Kardashian. Probably because the song’s only capitalized letters are KIM and the lyrics have many clues seemingly describing Kardashian. (The feud began way back in 2009 at the AMA’s when Taylor accepted the Best Female Video award and Kanye famously butted in, grabbed her mic, and said Beyonce should have won!) According to my source, Kim is now determined to end the feud with Taylor once and for all and she’s relying on mutual pals to extend the olive branch. As the source put it, Kim wants Taylor to know that when she was with Kanye West, she was a different person and now she regrets siding with her then-husband. She’s hoping to patch things up as soon as possible. NOBODY wants to be an enemy of Taylor Swift- not even Donald Trump.

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Remember WHERE you read this. According to my source, Donald Trump has a trick up his sleeve to delay or postpone his ongoing criminal trial. My source reveals that Donald‘s latest tactic involves getting his attorneys FIRED or having them QUIT,  if he doesn’t like the way his current trial in Manhattan is proceeding. His goal has always been to delay, delay, delay, so don’t be surprised if there is a sudden and unexpected announcement that he needs to delay the trial until AFTER the November election in order to hire new legal representation.

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Jennifer Lopez wants to turn her rekindled romance with her husband, Ben Affleck, into a business opportunity! Although her recent documentary focused on her and Ben’s second chance of love, an insider reveals that Jen is hoping to monetize their later in life marriage and transform it into a lifestyle brand. Jennifer is developing a website, similar to Ben’s ex-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow‘s GOOP. Everything will be geared for the 50+ crowd and focus on couples who reconnect. She envisions selling everything from sleepwear to candles, books, to even a signature scent. If all goes according to plan, it should launch before the end of the year.

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This is just depressing and there is no way around it… Leonardo DiCaprio turns 50 this November! It seems like yesterday that Leo was a boyish heartthrob starring in Titanic and adored by millions of young girls. But time flies fast and now he’s set to mark a half of a century on November 11. Leo’s leaning INTO  the big day and planning a huge 50th birthday party which will be more star-studded than the Academy Awards. He’s inviting all of his former costars, his countless celebrity friends, some of his political buddies, and even some former girlfriends. He also hired  a  party planner to ensure that his 50th is a celebration that he and Hollywood will not soon forget.

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Will he or won’t he? The “he” is Joe Alwyn, and we wonder if he will or won’t spill the beans on his 6-year-relationship with ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. Now that Taylor’s much anticipated album, The Tortured Poets Department has been released and many of the songs appear to be about Joe and what went wrong in their romance, the British actor is being BOMBARDED with requests for interviews. While Joe has always liked to keep his private life private, my inside source reveals that some of his team are encouraging him to grant one big interview in the US to tell his side of the story, but to also NOT say a bad word about Taylor. As it was explained by my source, if Joe does nothing, he could come off as bitter, but if he grants an interview and speaks HIGHLY of Taylor, he can get tons of publicity and come out looking like a nice guy – and THAT could translate to a career boost!

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Is the honeymoon over for Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes? The fellow WAGS bonded during football season since Taylor’s boyfriend Travis Kelce and Brit’s hubby Patrick play for the KC Chiefs. They hung out out regularly during the season but haven’t seen much of one another since the Chiefs won the Super Bowl in February. According to my source, the chill between the gals started when Brittany committed a cardinal sin and tried to friend some of Taylor’s celebrity friends (like Blake Lively) behind her back! Although it could have been an innocent faux pas on Brit’s part, Taylor didn’t like that Brit was trying to develop friendships with the A-list women in her friend squad so she’s iced her out a bit. My source is careful to point out that Taylor still likes Brit and plans to see her soon, but she’s just not a constant in her closely guarded friends group.


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After over a month of being in two hospitals, first UCLA and then Cedars Sinai, Kate Beckinsale gave a hint on social media that she was suffering from stomach issues. Here’s what we know: For years, Kate has suffered from severe acid reflux, which gets worse when she’s going through stressful times. The death of her stepfather threw her into a tizzy and her acid reflux was SO bad that she was vomiting after every meal – don’t get this confused with bulimia though. Kate finally seems to have gotten the problem under control, but is now on a very restricted diet to control her body’s overproduction of acid.

Travis Kelce just signed a 20 episode deal with Amazon Prime Video to host the upcoming game show, Are You Smarter Than A Celebrity? What he DIDN’T reveal in the announcement is that he’s counting on his girlfriend Taylor Swift to get her famous celebrity friends to appear on his show. Here’s another interesting tidbit: Travis’ deal promises him a huge bonus if he gets Taylor to appear. According to our source, she hasn’t agreed, but she also hasn’t said no.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s estranged husband Ryan Anderson might be making lemonade from the lemons his marriage turned into. Gypsy Rose claimed that she was divorcing Ryan over many things, including his habit of hoarding food. Plus-sized Ryan has been offered an endorsement deal to lose up to 200 pounds using a new diet drug that’s similar to Ozempic, and hitting the market soon. Our source says that Ryan has wanted to slim down for a while and is motivated by the upcoming divorce to get in the best shape of his life.

Valerie Bertinelli made the news over her new romance with East Coast based writer Mike Goodnough. After hinting about the romance for weeks, Valerie and Mike just went public. While they’re claiming it will be a long distance relationship since he lives on the East Coast and she lives in Malibu, we are hearing that Valerie is already looking at property in Manhattan. She’s planning to spend a lot of time in the New York area now that she’s dating Mike, and wants a condo on the Upper West Side.

Finally, one last interesting Donald Trump tidbit. His criminal trial started in New York City this week and my source is revealing that his attorneys aren’t so thrilled about the thought of having every lunch with Donald. Here’s why: It’s customary for attorneys and their clients to have lunch together during courtroom breaks, but paranoid Donald is so afraid that someone will poison him, that he insists on only eating fast food for lunch. While his attorneys realize they need to spend this time with him going over the trial, some of them have started packing their own lunches so they don’t have to subject themselves to Donald’s daily doses of fast food.

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Before fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff agreed to join the upcoming season of Real Housewives of New York in the capacity as a friend, she had one demand – her involvement in Scientology is completely off limits unless SHE brings it up first. My Bravo source reveals that producers were eager to get Rebecca on the show so they agreed to the demand, but they have already told her if she brings it up then NOTHING is off-limits. Her RHONY cast mates have already been instructed not to mention Scientology, but once the drinking starts, who knows what will happen. The Housewives will no doubt have PLENTY to say on the subject- especially since a photo of Rebecca and convicted rapist (and fellow Scientologist) Danny Masterson, who is now in prison, popped up on Page Six!




For decades, these two equally famous A-list actors were closer than Siamese twins. They worked together, partied together, invested together and were the definition of BFFS. Luckily their significant others also got along famously so it made for good times for everyone. One of the actors went through a very public breakup and rebounded with a new love and therein lies the problem: the other actor and his wife can’t stand the new partner and it’s affected their friendship. Before you start guessing, this is NOT about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Contrary to some reports, Matt and his wife happen to ADORE Jennifer Lopez, so guess again.

guess who!!!



Jerry Seinfeld was bitten by the TV bug after making a surprise guest appearance on the series finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Jerry played himself on the episode which paid homage to his own Seinfeld series finale decades earlier. According to a source, Jerry is suddenly having second thoughts about not doing a Seinfeld reunion after all these years. Nothing has been decided yet, but his former cast members are all up for it. If Jerry decides to greenlight the reunion, NBC, the network which aired the series, has offered MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS for a 2-hour reunion special. Tempting…

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