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Cher is Turning 78-years-old on May 20, and all she wants for her birthday is to reconcile with her kids, Chaz and Elijah Blue. Now here’s where it gets interesting. Cher has turned to her longtime pal, Oprah Winfrey, for help! Cher and Oprah go back for decades, developing a friendship after numerous appearances on Oprah’s former daytime talk show. In fact, Cher and her then daughter Chastity who later transitioned into Chaz, appeared on Oprah to talk about their complicated mother/daughter relationship. Oprah has advised Cher through the years, so once again she’s turned to her for help on how to put her family back together. Don’t be too surprised if it happens, and we expect to see Cher and her kids talking about it on one of Oprah’s regular television interview specials.

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Cher recently made headlines when she unsuccessfully attempted to get a conservatorship over her seemingly troubled son Elijah Blue Allman and now he’s hoping to turn the tables and get back at her! Elijah is trying to team up with his half-sibling, Chaz (formerly Chastity) Bono to go to court and wrestle control of their mom’s estate. Elijah and Chaz have tumultuous relationships with their mom, especially since Cher started romancing Alexander Edwards, who happens to be 40 years younger than she is. They feel she’s being manipulated by him and they have the nerve to call it ELDER ABUSE. The tentative plan is to get a conservator appointed to handle Cher’s finances! Keep in mind this comes from a very inside source and no lawsuits have been filed yet, but buckle your seatbelts, as our source says it’s going to get bumpy!

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If she could turn back time, Cher might have taken a stricter approach raising her allegedly troubled 47 year old son Elijah Blue. But that’s not an option, so she’s doing the next best thing – rewriting her will! Cher was unsuccessful in her recent court battle to be named Elijah’s conservator, so now she’s making sure any money he might inherit from her estate won’t go directly to him. Although Elijah’s dad, Gregg Allman, left him a trust when he passed away in 2017, it’s a pittance compared to Cher’s net worth. Given his struggles with sobriety, Cher is deciding what -if anything- to leave her son. One thing is for certain, even if she decides to keep him in her will, Elijah will never have direct access to one cent of her money!

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Life with Cher can’t be easy. Both of her kids, Elijah, 37, and Chaz, 44, have had serious rifts with her, but usually patched things up. Elijah has always been the one who kept to himself, but now he’s TALKING. He admitted that he had a heroin problem in the past. He and his girlfriend Angie were living with Cher at her Malibu house for quite awhile but he moved out in October after they had an argument. (He met Angie, 26, when he was in Germany being treated for Lyme disease and she was in a band.) It seems Cher didn’t get along with Angie and two months after they moved out, Elijah and Angie got married and Cher stayed away. Cher and Elijah haven’t spoken for months and she never acknowledged his marriage. Why is he spilling the beans now? Elijah wants a reality show! He wants a show documenting him while he refurbishes his ordinary house into a medieval dwelling. Sounds like Cher might like that….(Above, Cher, Elijah, and Angie in happier times at the airport last May)

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