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Here’s my unique philosophy of celebrity-driven, mostly Hollywood gossip vs news sites. News is available all over the web, TV, and newspapers, but not here. This is pure celebrity gossip! I love character revealing stories, and if they’re humorous – all the better.

All my gossip is original, from my confidential sources. Please email me right away when YOU get juicy gossip! Thank you!

I’ve reported celebrity gossip for over 30 years, so I cultivated many reliable sources. Hopefully, you won’t find my scoops elsewhere on the web. I don’t pick up stories from other websites. Sometimes I go off on an unexpected tangent, but I like to share celebrity-oriented things I find interesting.

I’m flattered when other sites pick up my stories and surprised, but grateful, when they give me credit. (This subject is very competitive, and rarely is credit given where credit is due.) My site is information-driven as opposed to photo-driven. Original stories are harder to come by than photos, believe me! Gossip can never be as absolutely accurate as news, but it’s WAY more entertaining.

I don’t write stories that I don’t think are true just to be sensational. If I write it, I BELIEVE it is true. Unlike celebrity magazines, I will write about ANY celebrity that I find interesting – from Barbra Streisand to Ali G. I am as sick and tired as you are of fake Jennifer Aniston stories and Paris Hilton photos.

I’m working as fast as I can and I have no budget. The website is free to you, so don’t be too critical. But I DO appreciate editing corrections! I am my own proof reader and therefore vulnerable to error.

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Please email me right away when YOU get juicy gossip! Thank you!




On October 17,2007 Allee Willis had a party at her moderne house to celebrate her new video “It’s a Woman Thang.” Photographer Sunny Bak, who just moved back here from New York, took this photo of me and Allee with Charles Phoenix. I only wish you could see Allee’s backyard decorated like an amusement park for adults.




Photo: Belissa Cohen
My friend Belissa Cohen and I bumped into – of all people – Wentworth Miller at the Arclight theater in Hollywood. Belissa knows I have a crush on Wentworth so she insisted on taking a photo of us together. He smelled great and looks even better in person. He’s SO clean!


Event Pics


Christina Ferrari, at Phylis Morris…


Andre, from Project Runway at the World of Wonder Party, he looks different with hair, doesn’t he?


Jm J. Bullock, mit beard for the role of psychiatrist in an upcoming comedy…

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Dali Plastic Surgery

Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Randal Haworth (whom I dubbed “the Salvador Dali of plastic surgery”) at his art show at Bergemot Station.

Step Up star Jenna Dewan showed up at the party – she told me about her romance with her movie costar Channing Tatum, and I made her promise not to get any plastic surgery.

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Last weekend I was interview by the BBC for a World of Wonder documentary on the somewhat puzzling but highly amusing subject of architecture and design of the Hollywood party houses in the raging drug fueled 70’s. We talked about parties at the swinging bachelor pads above Sunset Strip, and the rustic rock n’ roll hippie homes in Laurel Canyon, not to mention the fancy Bel Air mansions and cool Malibu beach homes. It was all very mid-century.

Here I am touring the Queen Mary in Long Beach – in the only presentable area I could find with a HINT of art deco. Right in front of the gift shop, no less! I was very disturbed by the Queen Mary because it was apparent that everything not nailed down was sold long ago. There’s not a hint of movie star glamour left. The first class deck is now furnished with those white plastic chairs they sell in discount stores!

But the day was not a total loss. Right next door we discovered a vintage car show. I always say there’s nothing cuter than a guy in a zoot suit – unless it’s a big fat red Cadillac!

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Here I am at the opening of the gorgeous new Empress restaurant on Sunset on July 10. I’m pictured with the formidible Uwe, one of the German designers from the Thomas Schoos Design company responsible for the deliciously textured interior.

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