Last weekend I was interview by the BBC for a World of Wonder documentary on the somewhat puzzling but highly amusing subject of architecture and design of the Hollywood party houses in the raging drug fueled 70’s. We talked about parties at the swinging bachelor pads above Sunset Strip, and the rustic rock n’ roll hippie homes in Laurel Canyon, not to mention the fancy Bel Air mansions and cool Malibu beach homes. It was all very mid-century.

Here I am touring the Queen Mary in Long Beach – in the only presentable area I could find with a HINT of art deco. Right in front of the gift shop, no less! I was very disturbed by the Queen Mary because it was apparent that everything not nailed down was sold long ago. There’s not a hint of movie star glamour left. The first class deck is now furnished with those white plastic chairs they sell in discount stores!

But the day was not a total loss. Right next door we discovered a vintage car show. I always say there’s nothing cuter than a guy in a zoot suit – unless it’s a big fat red Cadillac!

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  1. Janet, that car is made for you! And so is the zoot-suited dude. I would have snached both — zoot-suited guys are a rare commodity at home or work. Funny! (sad about the state of the lack of thoughtful historic preservation of our American treasures.)

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