This technically isn’t a whodunit since our celebrity was the victim and not the perpetrator. This A-list star has been in the limelight since elementary school, having a successful Hollywood career spanning decades. Now that other less successful child stars have started revealing they were sexually abused as kids, our celeb is terrified of getting dragged into the headlines. Our former child star was also abused, but fears it will damage a successful career. Even though this now-adult performer has been asked by a former costar from childhood to corroborate the stories of abuse on one of their sets, this star is choosing to remain silent, fearing damage to a squeaky-clean image.



Leah Remini left Scientology, but has Scientology left her? Leah has been trying to unload her Studio City home since last year, and although she reduced the price and has had accepted offers she hasn’t had much luck closing the deal. Leah’s been in and out of escrow several times, but none of the buyers came up with the funding. While she has no proof, she’s griping to pals that she fears Scientology is somehow behind all of these false sales. Leah thinks it’s odd that there have been so many offers, but none of them have been able to follow through on the purchase. THAT’S why she suspects Scientology is doing this to torment her.


The Met Gala is Monday, May 6 and we just heard this EXCLUSIVE tidbit. We previously reported Kim Kardashian was wearing Balenciaga to the event which makes sense since she IS the brand’s ambassador. Well Kim pulled a fast one and decided she wanted to go in a different direction so she scrapped her original outfit and is now wearing something else and not Balenciaga. Remember where you read this, as it should send waves through the fashion world since since Kim and Balenciaga are in business together and everyone expects her to wear the label on fashion’s biggest night.

President Joe Biden made news this week when he revealed he would be willing to debate Donald Trump in their race for the White House. Here’s what we just heard. This presidential debate might be unlike any other in the our nation’s history as the plan is for Biden and Trump to each choose one moderator to ask the questions with NOTHING off-limits. While countless details still need to be worked out, including the date and location, expect a debate unlike any other. My source says Trump has yet to agree to this arrangement since he’s terrified of answering questions from the seemingly liberal moderator the Biden campaign will likely select.

Justin Bieber made headlines after posting selfies of him crying and then he was spotted hanging out in Kauai, Hawaii. Here’s what we know. Justin is blaming a lot of his emotional issues on the pressures and temptations of living in Los Angeles, so he and his wife Hailey Bieber flew to Hawaii to look at homes. They’re planning to unload their sprawling Beverly Park estate, put down roots in Hawaii, and then buy a pied a terre in Los Angeles when they need to be in town for work. They love the island of Kauai, but also are looking at Maui and the Big Island.

Britney Spears made headlines as well- for numerous reasons including fears about her financial situation, settling her lawsuit with her father, and finalizing her divorce from ex-husband Sam Asghari. We know this… Britney’s mom Lynne is more involved behind the scenes than she’s letting on, and while she’s not micromanaging Britney or her finances, she is monitoring the situation and has safety nets in place just in case Britney spirals out of control. My source says that this time around if the consensus is that Britney needs a conservatorship it will be Lynne who is in charge.

And finally this. Travis Kelce inked a two-year deal with his team the Kansas City Chiefs making him the HIGHEST paid tight end in the NFL. While his $34.25 million contract is already public knowledge, here’s something we know that hasn’t been publicized. The deal also includes a secret bonus of $100,000 per regular season game, $250,000 for playoff games and a whopping $500,000 for the Super Bowl if his girlfriend (and likely soon-to-be fiance) Taylor Swift attends. My source say that Taylor’s presence at games brings in MILLIONS in additional revenue so that’s why Travis is getting the bonuses when she attends.

Photo: Instagram


We don’t have all the scoop yet, but nonetheless decided this was too good not to share! Angelina Jolie is back on the dating scene and we just heard she’s been getting cozy with a much younger Broadway actor. Angelina has been spending more time in NYC tending to her store, Atelier Jolie, but apparently being a shopgirl isn’t the ONLY reason. While my source hasn’t revealed the lucky guy’s name just yet, we can tell you he’s gorgeous and was described as a younger and hotter Brad Pitt!


Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA  Angelina and Pax in front of her NYC shop Atelier Jolie


Saturday Night Live star Michael Che is looking for love and he’s not afraid to use technology in his quest for some romance. Michael is swiping up on Raya, a more upscale app geared toward creative professionals. My source was shocked to match with Michael on the app and it was DEFINITELY him,  since all users are verified before they become active.

Photo: NBC Mary Ellen Matthews


Tom Brady is set to get roasted on May 5 for Netflix’s first ever live comedy roast. The lineup hasn’t been announced yet, but you can expect funnyman Dave Chappelle and Tom’s former teammate Rob Gronkowski, along with a few surprises. Our source revealed that although Tom is one of executive producers he doesn’t know WHO is being asked to take the podium and make fun of him. Producers even asked Kim Kardashian. (you’ll remember we reported on their fling!) Kim wants to do it, but she needs to be in NYC for the Met Gala the next day, and was planning to spend the weekend there for last- minute fittings of her intricate Balenciaga dress.

Photo: instagram  Tom wearing his Brady Tee




A very good source just whispered in my ear that The Golden Bachelorette will be… drumroll please… Joan Vassos. 61-year-old Joan was one of the sexy seniors who competed for Gerry’s heart on The Golden Bachelor. It’s just our opinion, but it seems like she dodged a major bullet there as Gerry’s final rose recipient, because the woman he chose, Theresa, ended their marriage after less than three months. Everyone connected to the reality show had to sign top secret contracts promising not to reveal that Joan was selected. The show is still casting eligible bachelors 60 and over to vie for Joan’s heart, and then filming is set to begin in early May.

photo: ABC/The Golden Bachelor


It’s not quite a “We Told You So” yet, but it seems to be headed in that direction, so stay tuned. We recently reported that Donald Trump had a secret strategy to delay his ongoing criminal trial: replace his attorney, Todd Blanche, and then claim he needs more time to find adequate legal representation. Well guess what? Today the Huffington Post reported that Trump is fed up with his attorney. (see link below) According to my source, it was none other than Trump who had this story leaked to plant the seed that his representation is subpar. As my source explained, this is part of Trump’s strategy to delay the trial until AFTER the November election.



Photo: Donald and lawyer Todd Blanche


Ellen DeGeneres is going back to her old playbook in hopes of reviving her career. After she came out as gay, Ellen’s TV career stalled so she eventually went back to stand-up comedy before reinventing herself as a talk show host. After backstage reports circulated describing her as “toxic,” Ellen was all but cancelled, and now she’s going back to stand-up as she tries to reinvent herself yet again. My source says Ellen is itching to get back to work and podcast host will be her next transformation. She’s been a sitcom star and a talk show host, so the logical next step for her is to host a podcast.

PHOTO: Warner Bros


The family of the late O.J. Simpson is planning to auction off some of his personal possessions that aren’t covered under his court ordered judgement, and we predict it will be a big success. From used clothing to empty prescription bottles, personal notes, doodles, assorted odds and ends -if they can legally sell something they WILL. The family hopes to raise enough money to create a memorial for OJ in his hometown of San Francisco. In case you were wondering – the city would have to APPROVE this, and since that’s highly unlikely considering OJ’s past, the family is looking to purchase a plot of land for the memorial.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA OJ and Donald Trump at a NYC nightclub back in the day