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Seal made it very clear WHY Heidi Klum divorced him when he lashed out at her for being romantically linked with her bodyguard. Since she filed for divorce in April after a four month separation, Heidi has protected their children and never revealed exactly WHY she left Seal and she never commented on the divorce publicly or criticized Seal. She’s been as discreet as Katie Holmes. Seal, on the other hand, couldn’t STOP talking about his divorce in interviews promoting his new album. And he has several times been photographed frolicking with attractive women. The very IDEA of Heidi getting friendly with her bodyguard ENRAGED Seal and he exploded to the press that Heidi lacked class and he made a crack about her “fornicating with the help.” Of course, he had to demean the bodyguard too. Heidi’s was smart to give Seal his walking papers.

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  1. He strikes me as a violent and angry person. Not much of career there and not a looker… He was lucky she kept him for that long. Unlike Seal, the bodyguard at least lives of his own money.

  2. Kitty she was dickmatized by him.

    And Princess Seal needs to dry his eyes and learn to STFU for the sake of his children and any piece of dignity he has remaining. But I think this is more a ploy to get more money from Heidi. I hope she doesn’t give him any, or at least anymmore than she has to, not least because she is raising the kids.

  3. Damn, janet, when you wrote about it a couple post below it was all good but now when Seal say’s it he’s a no good bastard!?!??!

    Either you are Sybill or BiPolar?

    The Hedi band wagon is all good but why didn’t that the Formula 1, fat bastard marry her if she was good, great and pregnant? Now, having sex with the help, she lowered herself to people like jlo with casper, arnold and the housekeeper.

  4. There have been blinds about her, saying she is a terrible mother and always cheating. Who knows what the real story is.

  5. ……once you go black, WE DON’T WANT YOU BACK.

    anyway: thanks Seal!!

  6. These days there’s 3 sides to every story. His hers & the tabloids. Regardless, the truth comes out in the wash & their main focus should be their kids.

  7. yeah, I have read “solved” blinds that she could care less about those kids….I have read many times the reason she left was his temper.

  8. She was happy to jump the tracks to BLACK Seal and it only produced trouble to biracial kids. Future is even worse.

  9. When you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas .I don’t feel sorry for either of these mutts.

  10. I would be terrified of him; he looks like a natural born killer. Heidi is nuts for hooking up with this monster, now she will have to take her lumps. I do, however, think she may have had a little affair with the bodyguard. Who knows. Does no one ever look to the future before they jump in and get tangled in a bunch of mess, especially stars/celebrities?

  11. sorry for the blind items but it’s her that i see with their kids in the candids(not Seal), she’s low-key and all i see with her bodyguard is that he solaced her after the break-up.I don’t know what happened between them but 3 weeks after their break-up,Seal was with another woman

  12. That man is just fugly. And he’s showing what a trashy SOB he is by trotting out the old double standard. They’re still legally married, yes, but separated. He’s screaming bloody murder because she’s “fornicating with the help”. Oh. Yeah. And he’s been celibate all these months. Pinhead with awful skin.

  13. He is trashy and so is she to go with him in the first place. Esp so soon after being pregnant from another man. Both are totally classless and seem like self-involved narcissists. The poor kids.

  14. He’s always had a nasty temper. I never understood what she saw in him, either.

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