For decades, these two equally famous A-list actors were closer than Siamese twins. They worked together, partied together, invested together and were the definition of BFFS. Luckily their significant others also got along famously so it made for good times for everyone. One of the actors went through a very public breakup and rebounded with a new love and therein lies the problem: the other actor and his wife can’t stand the new partner and it’s affected their friendship. Before you start guessing, this is NOT about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Contrary to some reports, Matt and his wife happen to ADORE Jennifer Lopez, so guess again.

guess who!!!


  1. John Stamos and the Late Bob Saget (killed by a hooker in his hotel room)

  2. Trying to imagine anyone actually adoring Jennifer Lopez, one of the most over rated “entertainers” ever

  3. Saget had fractures on his head consistent with blunt object trauma.
    He apparently had an expensive obsession with high end call girls .
    That’s so sad.

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