Before fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff agreed to join the upcoming season of Real Housewives of New York in the capacity as a friend, she had one demand – her involvement in Scientology is completely off limits unless SHE brings it up first. My Bravo source reveals that producers were eager to get Rebecca on the show so they agreed to the demand, but they have already told her if she brings it up then NOTHING is off-limits. Her RHONY cast mates have already been instructed not to mention Scientology, but once the drinking starts, who knows what will happen. The Housewives will no doubt have PLENTY to say on the subject- especially since a photo of Rebecca and convicted rapist (and fellow Scientologist) Danny Masterson, who is now in prison, popped up on Page Six!


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For decades, these two equally famous A-list actors were closer than Siamese twins. They worked together, partied together, invested together and were the definition of BFFS. Luckily their significant others also got along famously so it made for good times for everyone. One of the actors went through a very public breakup and rebounded with a new love and therein lies the problem: the other actor and his wife can’t stand the new partner and it’s affected their friendship. Before you start guessing, this is NOT about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Contrary to some reports, Matt and his wife happen to ADORE Jennifer Lopez, so guess again.

guess who!!!



Jerry Seinfeld was bitten by the TV bug after making a surprise guest appearance on the series finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Jerry played himself on the episode which paid homage to his own Seinfeld series finale decades earlier. According to a source, Jerry is suddenly having second thoughts about not doing a Seinfeld reunion after all these years. Nothing has been decided yet, but his former cast members are all up for it. If Jerry decides to greenlight the reunion, NBC, the network which aired the series, has offered MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS for a 2-hour reunion special. Tempting…

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We previously reported that Meghan Markle was launching her own oddly named brand, American Riviera Orchard, to sell products online that capture the essence of her new hometown of Montecito. Although Meghan has quickly adapted to the Montecito lifestyle since relocating there with her husband Prince Harry, she wasn’t born and raised in the ritzy oceanfront community. She grew up in the working class L.A. suburb of Canoga Park. However, Meghan isn’t content with just an online presence – our source says she’s working with a commercial realtor in the area to open a brick and mortar store. Meghan feels having an actual store (or a few) will strengthen her brand. She got the idea from Gwyneth Paltrow, whose successful online brand, Goop, has several stores, including one in Montecito. Meghan is looking to open her store in the EXACT same area where the Goop store is located.

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Looks like former child star turned out-of-control party girl, Lindsay Lohan, got her act together after years of living in the fast lane – and now she wants to help distressed Amanda Bynes live her best life. Due to Amanda’s  voluntary and INvoluntary stays in psychiatric hospitals and her recent arrest in NYC, Lindsay fears Amanda is spiraling out of control and she wants to help. My source says that Lindsay privately reached out to Amanda and offered her help getting sober and getting her career back on track. Lindsay’s recent movie, Irish Wish was a huge hit for Netflix, so she’s offering to cast Amanda in one of her upcoming projects for the streaming giant.


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Tori Spelling and her mom Candy have finally made up after years of being estranged. Candy recently told a reporter on the red carpet that she’s finally prepared to financially support Tori and her kids, so they’ll never have to worry about money again, now that Tori is divorcing her soon-to-be ex- husband, Dean McDermott. Candy has made no secret of the fact that she wasn’t a fan of Dean’s, but that’s not the only reason for her financial change of heart. At 78-years-old, Candy is starting to realize that she doesn’t want to live alone, and it would be a good idea to live with family members. After selling that huge Spelling mansion in Holmby Hills, California, Candy moved into a penthouse condo in nearby Century City, but now she’s looking for a house in her old neighborhood so she Tori and Tori‘s children can all live together. Tori got lucky.

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is going all in on her re-branding as a country music star. Not only is her debut country album Cowboy Carter topping the charts, but now Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z are shopping for a mansion in Nashville and looking to open up a music venue there as well. (keep in mind Beyonce grew up in Nashville) According to my source, Beyoncé is already working on a follow-up country album. This isn’t just a gimmick for her – it’s become a passion.

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For decades, Oprah Winfrey has had two large closets, one for her fat clothes, and one for her skinny clothes. It’s no secret how Oprah‘s weight has fluctuated through the years, but now that she’s incorporated the weight loss drug Ozempic into her diet, she intends to keep the weight OFF. How serious is she about staying skinny in her 70s? According to our source, Oprah recently donated ALL of her fat clothes anonymously to a charity that helps battered women get back into the workforce. Oprah has never done this before – previously opting to hold onto some of her larger things just in case she gained the weight back. But this time she intends to STAY skinny, which is why she cleaned out her closets for good.

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It pays to be nice to Kim Kardashian. Kim’s longtime hair stylist, Chris Appleton, just landed a new gig and he can thank Kim for it. Chris will be working the red carpet at the upcoming Met Gala as a correspondent, and it was none other than Kim who recommended him for the job. Since the annual event is deemed the biggest night for fashion, Chris will be commenting on the costumes as well as the hairstyles. According to my source, Kim heard about the job and immediately called the higher-ups, telling them to hire Chris and that’s exactly what they did.


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O.J. Simpson passed away this week at the age of 76, and according to our inside source, YEARS ago he wrote a letter and locked it in a safe with instructions for his family to read it only after his death. While the contents of the letter have yet to be revealed, there is much speculation that the letter might actually be a confession to the killings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman. As of now, the family is too busy making memorial arrangements, but apparently they’re also deciding on whether to make the letter public. Keep in mind it might NOT be a confession, it could also be a denial, allowing O.J. to take his secrets to the grave.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard made headlines again this week after debuting her new nose. Gypsy underwent plastic surgery having a rhinoplasty, but we are hearing this is only the start. The surgery was compliments of a local plastic surgeon close to where she’s living. My source says that Gypsy is also planning to have more work done to her face, including softening her jaw line as well as liposuction on her thighs.

Aoki Lee Simmons (Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons’ daughter) nearly became a household name after she was spotted on a romantic vacation with restauranteur Vittorio Assaf – who happens to be 45 years older than she is. According to our source, the entire thing was a PUBLICITY STUNT, as Aoki is hoping to launch a career as an actress, model, or TV personality. We heard that SHE tipped off photographers, because let’s face it, she’s not someone who’s on the paparazzi radar.

Sad news came out this week that Jay Leno was granted a court order conservatorship over his wife Mavis, who is suffering from dementia. We are hearing from our source that Jay has hired special memory care nurses who work around the clock at their Beverly Hills home. Jay is committed to never having his wife moved into a facility and luckily for him, he has the financial wherewithal to keep her at home indefinitely. We also heard that is putting together a star fundraiser to raise money for dementia research, which he plans to host later this year.

Jeff Bezos and his fiancé Lauren Sanchez made their White House debut at a state dinner for the prime Minister of Japan. We just heard this interesting tidbit: Lauren was originally planning to wear a Japanese inspired kimono gown to the event, but at the last minute she was talked OUT of it for fear that it would be taken as cultural appropriation. The overtly sexy red gown that she wound up wearing was originally for another event but she had her private jet whisk it from their home in LA and bring it to Washington, D.C. just in time for the event.

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