Although they’ve been together for years, Beyonce and Jay-Z never acknowledged that they were dating and they still haven’t admitted that they are married, in spite of the license being filed with the state. This couple loves to keep secrets. Since the wedding was so hasty, everybody seems to assume it was a shotgun marriage and Beyonce is pregnant.

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  1. Aw.
    You didn’t include a voting option for “don’t give a flying s*hit.”

  2. By hasty, do you mean that the general public was not notified that they were getting married?

  3. Damn, he’s ugly. I’ve heard he is the total boss and she msotly gives in to whatever he wants. I think she is kn**cked up for sure.

  4. Yup, he’s ugly and she’s over with. She’s probably just fat from eating too much cake.

  5. Time for a sabbitical she needs to sit the hell down talk about overexposed!

  6. Who cares about these two gangsters? They have done more harm to ghetto youth than GWB.

  7. she’s so sexy…they met each other on a celeb dating site ” ____Tallmeet.com___ “..They put their story on this site ..u should find out how they met..that’s really fun..

  8. She should be concerned that any baby ends up with his mutant index firger. That thing is scary, it indicates inbreeding.

  9. He looks inbred. Hard to believe he is worth multiple multiple millions. Life is so unfair.

  10. Hope they join up with Titus the 36 yr. old Gorilla on the Africian Mt. Beyon, the stupid one could lead the ladies and Jz, the Ugly, could knock over Titus with his face and he’d be King or Kink of the Mt. Gorillas.

  11. They are both not nice and look nasty. Beyonce is one low IQ skag.

  12. This fat ho that banged jay z’s arch rival nas has looked like a fat heifer for a long time now. Her ass is not like jlos that is a nice butt, beYAWNces butt looks like she has sat on it her whole life. Its pressed in and stretched out to the sides. This pig needs to put a sock in it.

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