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It’s always a surprise to run into Carrot Top – especially at the Fred Segal store in West Hollywood. We have no beef with “California casual” attire, but this look is WAY too locker-room sloppy for us. And while we’re on the subject of locker rooms, Carrot Top ought to think about working on his LOWER body for a change. His slim legs are a bit out of proportion.

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  1. out of proportion to his whacked out plastic surgeryed MASK head maybe

  2. Four or Fifty years from now that guy will still be wearing the same outfit.
    Wonder what’s the chance of that guy going on Jay Leno wearing the McDonald’s Clown outfit…
    People would probably get in there cars and go get a big mac.

  3. Wonder if Carrot Top could come up with some blonde hair and a 38DD bra and pretend to be Ivanka Trump.
    Course that just might be to vain. Maybe Carrot Top can create a “Trump Trunk”… Things that the Trumps carry around with them.

  4. Hmmm… Ever hear how opposites attract ~
    Imagine if Ivanka and that guy hooked up. I mean, look at the guy.
    What do you think the Donald would say ?

  5. Viva Las Vegas.
    Poor guy needs to work out more.
    How ’bout him and Danny Bonaduce doing a Buddy film? “A Steroid Orange?”

  6. It was more expensive, he though it was.
    Anyway, he is still an ASSHOLE on slippers.
    You think it’s strange he lost his mind…..THE DOPING FREAK!!

  7. LOL!!!!!
    You noticed the pencil legs too, eh, Miss Janet?
    It’s always a riot to see bulky guys with those skinny little hockey stick legs.

  8. He is wearing Ho Chi Minh slippers. Those are cool.

  9. wow….this is so cool
    he is famous on this dating site named ____they gils of this site just vote for him make he becaome the “star” is many famous people too..some were the NBA player…and also there are many hot models..

  10. Another whacky pervert-deviant that appeals to no one? Can’t you speak about and interview normal stars and personalities Miss Charlton?

  11. I never liked Carrot Top, don’t think he is funny, but do think he is a faggot.

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