This technically isn’t a whodunit since our celebrity was the victim and not the perpetrator. This A-list star has been in the limelight since elementary school, having a successful Hollywood career spanning decades. Now that other less successful child stars have started revealing they were sexually abused as kids, our celeb is terrified of getting dragged into the headlines. Our former child star was also abused, but fears it will damage a successful career. Even though this now-adult performer has been asked by a former costar from childhood to corroborate the stories of abuse on one of their sets, this star is choosing to remain silent, fearing damage to a squeaky-clean image.



  1. Valerie Bertinelli and Mackenzie Phillips =>
    (who was having a incestuous relationship with her pervert Father)

  2. I seriously doubt Sam got abused and Cat didn’t. Ariana’s silence is condoning DS’s actions.

  3. No one’s silence (especially if they themselves might be a victim of abuse) is condoning someone else’s actions. The person who did the crimes is the one who answers for them, enough with spreading the ownership and blame to others!

  4. Most likely, Leonardo DiCaprio, by his original manager who was featured in the Documentary “Open Secret” about pedos in Hollywood. Similar scenario with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, another one, also abused by his original manager as a child

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