Give the Enquirer credit when it’s due- they reported about Star Jones kicking Al Reynolds out of the house early last February. Apparently she finally got sick of his golfing and working out at the gym while “not contributing financially to the household.” Although Star wouldn’t admit it, the abundant “Big Gay Al” rumors were tormenting her. Al is dropping hints about writing a book, so we’re thinking Star’s going to need an arsenal of legal skills to walk away from this corporately sponsored marriage intact. During her whirlwind courtship, Star should have listened to the advice that CJ of the Star Tribune in Minneapolis sent her: “A man who proposes so soon after meeting you doesn’t want you to know his real personality.”

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  1. He is def a Faggot. Star was so desperate (by her own admission on the View) that she would have married the first one that asked her…and she did. She should have hired a P.I. to check him out..but maybe she didn’t want to know that he is a Faggot?

  2. Like Sir “Freaky Daddy” Paul McCarthy, Star Jones knew EXACTLY what and who she was marrying!
    He flames so much that you can see him from outer space OF COURSE SHE KNEW HE WAS GAY.

  3. * is sad. * is lonely. * is confused. * is pitiful. * is still desperate for a man. * is screwed. Poor * .

  4. She should just buy a blow-up doll with a weiner. Her case is hopeless. She’s gotta be marriage-shy now, and I’m sure all eligible guys will keep their distance.

  5. Janet please stop promoting the enquirer. What happened to PAtrick Swayze weeks to live two months ago. They have zero credibility and no one reads that rag except old ladies.

  6. This looks like Kanye West raided MisterRogers closet and fled to Knotts Berry Farm.

  7. yes, yes and yes… she married a gay man… hard to believe someone that savvy didn’t know what she was getting into though… I think he started asking for too much money.

  8. Big Gay Al is now free to date Mr. Toothy Tile-Jake Gyllenhaal.

  9. good for her…She talked with her fans on ” ____Tallmeet.com___ “sometimes.I saw her there few moments ago..she’s write some diary’s interesting.U could konw how her daily life is.just search her username u can find out

  10. I hope she was smart enough to have Gay Al sign a Pre-Nup.

  11. I can’t stand Star Jones and feel no pity for her situation. She was so annoying on the view before the wedding!! Constantly talking about how HER marriage was for life and she would only marry for life…Blah…Blah…Blah..Can Hasselcrack’s marriage be the next to go belly up???…PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  12. Star’s eye’s stick out from the sockets. What is that. Is it from looking so hard for a man?

  13. In real life you never know who your going to fall in love with and you never know if things are going to work out? Living with some one can do two things for you and one is getting to know them better and finding out that they are not meant for you and two stress and tention a person brings to the relationship and with that comes no sense of getting away from the Drama.

  14. Life is all about learning and when you find a mate that is fun and attractive as Human beings we often give it a try and see where things go and how things work out…In life it is better to try? Then never try at all! Could had and Should had or Would had? It is Star Jones life….She is a grown woman and every one has to learn by doing something in life…If you listen to other people and..Do what they want…Your life is not your life and your living the life of some one else?

  15. In real life love makes you do some silly things but…We all have to learn about love and if we never take that chance we will never find out! Miss Star Jones is taking the ride and going throw the motions and emotions and it is her life and every one in this world has the right to make mistakes and learn from it? Love makes every one sooner or later Stupid but that is life…We find a mate we find attractive and that person really blows your mind and…Trying is learning and learning is trying but a lesson learned is value for the future.

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