The Stepford Wives of the polygamist cult in Texas had it worse than we even imagined – at least in the fashion department. Women who didn’t adhere to the strict pioneer style clothing and modest demeanor that the men decreed, could NOT go to heaven. Every day, women piled on four or five layers of underwear, leggings, and slips. Over it all they wore their handmade pastel POLYESTER dresses – because polyester is considered practical and “lasts forever.” Imagine dressing like THAT and working under the boiling hot Texas sun! Bright colors- especially red- were forbidden. Sensible Skechers lace up shoes completed the fetching uniforms.

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  1. Janet your mockery of these victims is very distasteful and is bordering on cruelty. Perhaps you should just stick to the Hollywood scene.

  2. Gee whiz is THIS what we chicks have to look forward to on the runways of Paris next year? Bet on it!!

  3. Those cops behind them are saying the same thing.
    Mitt Romney is officially toast –no VP shot on McCain’s ticket after this.

  4. totally agree, Art Chic.
    fashionista’s are undereducated cannibals forever on the look out for new ideas to borrow.
    Miss Janet, I doubt these women were forced to do anything, they allowed themselves to be used because they thought they were getting something out of the situation. I have no sympathy for these women.
    Most men do not deserve one woman, this polygamy thing is a joke.

  5. These women were brought up in the cult. There are generations of brainwashed men and women who think their only way to heaven is to live in polygamy.

  6. Hollywood has it’s own cult and many in it are big hollywood stars. Care to guess what that cult is?

    (btw: these are the real FREAKS of the society.)


  9. Where exactly are the men? Hiding behind the pastel skirts of their wives? Every man in a polygamist expose on YouTube has their face pixelated out. Must be because the men are the victims here.

  10. If you marry a 35 year old woman, how many children can she have? If the objective is to bring more children into the faith, you must marry young fertile girls.
    And, once a man gets the woman pregnant, there’s no more sex.
    We keep thinking these men are having non-stop, anything goes, sex.
    I heard this is not true.
    No kinky sex. That’s for Hollywood sex tapes, not the FLDS.

  11. Hot broiling sun? Notice their fair, healthy, lovely complextions?

  12. Looks like fashion from the forties and fifties? Were we mean to women then to allow them wear these clothes? Or pioneer dresses?

  13. Yes, but what’s really frightening to know:
    Given their practice of never cutting their hair, they all must have bushes the size of suburban topiary under those unfashionable dresses.

  14. Notice the expressions on all the women’s faces…then notice in the backround all the policemen watching. You know those women for the first time in their lives (literally) are seeing men their age, men who are attractive, big, powerful, smiling at them. Remember they all had to marry at 13 and have sex with men who could be their grandfathers….this ordeal is the best for everybody! They finally get to see the world, or at least part of it.

  15. There is no one who knows the answer to this big fat dilemma. Only God Almighty knows, and He’s not telling….yet.

  16. Such a sad situation. These women have been brainwashed. How else can you let your 13 year-old daughter start having sex with some 50 year-old pervert? This whole thing is disgusting.
    The men have all the perks (notice they get to wear normal clothes and have multiple sexual partners) while the women are basically given no benefits.
    Everything in me screams “perverted and power-hungry men”. Many of these women were raised in this hideous atmosphere and know no other way. For them, I feel sorry. Truly. For their children, I feel horror. Young adult men who have lived in this lifestyle all their life get kicked out if they are a threat to the old perverts in terms of landing a young girl.
    Young girls are raised to expect and obey this kind of rape. It makes me sick.
    Every one cries about how horrible the Texas authorities are, but when you have this kind of child rape – you do what you have to do.
    If it weren’t for the weirdo men that run this stupid place, this wouldn’t be an issue.
    Free the children!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Let me tell you, folks… Utah is a funky place. There are more real estate and investment scammers in Utah than in any other state, particularly real estate scams. Just google Axiom Realty Capital and Patrick Brody if you want to get a taste of what ilk roams the streets of Salt Lake City… Brody is a bisexual on his 3rd marriage who has scammed hundreds – possibly thousands – of people of millions of dollars… it is not surprise to me at all to see that there are freaks trying to justify sexual abuse in the name of ‘The Lord’ out there as well…

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  19. They don’t deserve their kids ripped away from them based on a fake phone call…


  21. Incest and perversion of the highest order. Texas should have never let this continue for so long. Why did they have to wait for a phone call from a phony person or a non-phony person? Doesn’t make sense.

  22. Casonia Sade Logenberry..Hells kitchen is pure Hell...! Have the Fat People Drop some weight there any one slimming down? says:

    I could not stand that life style,I Would run away and get the heck out of there and that is a crazy life style..I would not follow..Church people day and night and stripped of freedom and not being able to do as much is a reason for running away and every woman needs to pack there bags and take the money and car and run away to another state and never come back.

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