Alec Baldwin recently filed a motion to dismiss the charges he’s facing in the 2021 shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, but here’s what we know. Behind closed doors Alec’s legal team is hoping to negotiate a plea deal involving no jail time, a clear record, community service and a HUGE donation. Alec is concerned that a jury found armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed guilty in the case, so he’s secretly done a 180 and instructed his high-priced lawyers to make a deal!

Last Sunday Billie Eilish named dropped her former choir teacher, Mandy Bringham, when she won her second Oscar for Best Original Song for What Was I Made For, from the Barbie movie. Other media outlets tracked down the teacher but only WE will tell you that Billie personally reached out to Mandy days after the historic win, and the two are getting together in the near future. Our source says Billie plans to offer Mandy a job on her team as, what else, a vocal coach.

For reality TV fans, the buzz this week was the final reunion episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the current state of OG star, Kyle Richard’s marriage to estranged husband Maurico Umansky. We can tell you this tidbit: Despite Kyle not revealing many deets on the reunion, our well placed source says that marriage is kaput and a very friendly divorce is being negotiated. If there’s any divorce drama it will only be manufactured for next season of RHOBH, but the soon-to-be exes have already decided who gets what and may plan to live together as friends for a bit until their youngest daughter Portia turns 18 in two years.

Meghan Markle made headlines when she debuted a new website which she eventually will use to hawk merchandise. Way back in November, we told you that Meghan and Harry were looking at wineries to sell their own wine and this latest venture goes along with that. Meghan hopes to be the next Martha Stewart and build an empire based around her kitchen skills, including her own wine as well as olive oils, jams, cookbooks, etc. Our source adds this tidbit you will only read here – Meghan’s Montecito neighbor and good pal Oprah Winfrey is an angel investor in the project.

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  1. Janet this is my favorite part of your websight. Please keep the good work up. This must be not easy to do but you do it very good.

  2. Loving this new format from Janet!

    Alec Baldwin’s wife, her name is Hilaria I believe is supposedly mentally ill.
    She keeps referring to her children as “cachorras” which means ‘puppies’ in Spanish!

    Billie Eilish is certainly not everyone’s ‘cup of tea..

    Real Housewives should be off of the air given Cohen is a drug addict, misogynist and now a molester..

    Meghan Markle needs the ‘business’ to launder the money she is extorting from former ‘prince’ Harry (not a drop of Windsor blood in his veins) btw..

  3. Eilish definitely needs a voice coach. She/He sounds like Daffy Duck.

  4. Hope markle’s venture goes tits up, she is not even close to be a Martha Stewart

  5. Janet I tell all my friends about your websight. They like fun storys and yours are so the best and always come true after I read here first. You know so much before so fun to read

  6. Hilaria is a joke. Born and raised in Boston, now claims she Spanish. She’s as fake as they come. Her idiot husband will be at least fined for pulling the trigger.

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