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Alec Baldwin recently filed a motion to dismiss the charges he’s facing in the 2021 shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, but here’s what we know. Behind closed doors Alec’s legal team is hoping to negotiate a plea deal involving no jail time, a clear record, community service and a HUGE donation. Alec is concerned that a jury found armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed guilty in the case, so he’s secretly done a 180 and instructed his high-priced lawyers to make a deal!

Last Sunday Billie Eilish named dropped her former choir teacher, Mandy Bringham, when she won her second Oscar for Best Original Song for What Was I Made For, from the Barbie movie. Other media outlets tracked down the teacher but only WE will tell you that Billie personally reached out to Mandy days after the historic win, and the two are getting together in the near future. Our source says Billie plans to offer Mandy a job on her team as, what else, a vocal coach.

For reality TV fans, the buzz this week was the final reunion episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the current state of OG star, Kyle Richard’s marriage to estranged husband Maurico Umansky. We can tell you this tidbit: Despite Kyle not revealing many deets on the reunion, our well placed source says that marriage is kaput and a very friendly divorce is being negotiated. If there’s any divorce drama it will only be manufactured for next season of RHOBH, but the soon-to-be exes have already decided who gets what and may plan to live together as friends for a bit until their youngest daughter Portia turns 18 in two years.

Meghan Markle made headlines when she debuted a new website which she eventually will use to hawk merchandise. Way back in November, we told you that Meghan and Harry were looking at wineries to sell their own wine and this latest venture goes along with that. Meghan hopes to be the next Martha Stewart and build an empire based around her kitchen skills, including her own wine as well as olive oils, jams, cookbooks, etc. Our source adds this tidbit you will only read here – Meghan’s Montecito neighbor and good pal Oprah Winfrey is an angel investor in the project.

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We did NOT realize that Billie Eilish contributed some of the best music to the Barbie movie, or that she happens to be a huge fan of the original Barbie doll. We haven’t seen a lot of her since her amicable split from musician Jesse Rutherford, but she turned up at the Barbie Hollywood premier looking happy and different. Billie changed her hair color and added pink to her playful, funky wardrobe. (Those SHOES!) No sign of Gucci at THIS event. At 21, Billie is already worth 30 million dollars…

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Billie Eilish may be coming to a supermarket near you! The Grammy winning performer isn’t planning a shopping spree, but she IS working on her own line of vegan food that she’s planning to launch this year. Billie grew up in a family of vegans so she has years of experience working with plant-based foods and she KNOWS what tastes good. From snacks to prepared meals, nut-based cheese to avocado muffins, Billie and her crew are tweaking her product line, while working on packaging and production. She has a loyal following, so she just might become the next Paul Newman of grocery products.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA- Billie in what looks like a Gucci robe at the LACMA Art and Film Gala


Readers might remember that not long ago we had a photo of Billie Eilish at some event captioned “If looks Could Kill” because she looked so angry and miserable. So it’s quite a relief to see her looking happy and playful with her new boyfriend, The Neighborhood lead singer Jesse Rutherford. Sure, he’s a little old for her (He’s 31, she’s 20) but they appear to have a lot in common. The fact that they both agreed to wear these absurd head-to-toe Gucci outfits to the LACMA Art and Film Gala illustrates that. Nice to see Billie having some fun…


Billie Eilish looks like she’d rather be ANYWHERE than posing for the paparazzi at an environmental awards show this weekend. She’s capable of giving some hard-core glances. Actually she attended the event with her mother and seemed to have a good time. Notice she has dyed her hair black again – this happened after she split with her last boyfriend, actor Matthew Tyler Vorce. She was blonde during the year-long relationship, and she kept it as undercover as she possibly could. After they split, Matthew was bombarded by online flak from her fans…

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Just as we were growing pleasantly accustomed to Billie Eilish’s blonde hair and fewer layers of clothing, she snapped back into her old look! Yesterday she turned up at the Variety Music Hitmakers Brunch looking like her original punkish self. Which isn’t BAD, of course, but she seems self-conscious and too covered up for a cute young girl. Her UK Vogue cover in June debuted a “new” Billie in platinum hair and a peach corset, looking uncharacteristically voluptuous. The internet went wild- many fans LOVED her look, but that nasty online element is always there to trash people. Billie declared “The more successful you are – the more people HATE you!” and now she’s brunette again and wearing oversize clothes. Hopefully she will not be afraid to further experiment with her looks…

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This is not a photographic head transplant – that’s Billie Eilish and her genuine physique. The 19 year old singer admits to having a “toxic relationship” with her body so she always wears baggy clothes. When a paparazzi caught her off-guard in shorts and a t-shirt, a man in the UK remarked on Twitter that she was too young to have a “mid-thirties wine mom body.” Her fans were outraged and defended her while Billie quit Twitter. Apparently she wants the last laugh because she posed for these sexy lingerie photos for British Vogue in response to the guy’s body shaming and she rightfully defends her “normal body.”

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This is amazing progress. Billie Eilish has been described as dressing “like a quarterback.” Her clothes are designer stylish, but four sizes too large. She admitted to Vanity Fair that she struggles with negative body image and likes to keep herself covered. In fact, she was HORRIFIED when a paparazzi caught her in normal clothing once – shorts and a t-shirt. But her love of fashion is WINNING. First she did her hair platinum blonde and fans loved it. Now she’s wearing her favorite army colors in strappy bondage pants and sweater. And they FIT! Inch by inch, she’s experimenting with normality!

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We didn’t even RECOGNIZE Billie Eilish at first glance. Suddenly she’s a platinum blonde glamour doll! Billie has always been insecure about her looks – she wears loose fitting but stylish clothing to completely disguise her body, explaining “I’ve never felt comfortable in small clothes.” A few years ago a guy on Twitter said that she had a “mom bod” and she was crushed. Comments like that keep her covered up. She is musically powerful, but looks-wise she lacks confidence. With all those crazy hair colors – who knew she was a natural blonde? Her new color is far from natural, but it’s nice to see her asserting herself and looking attractive. Who knows? With a a little more encouragement, “small clothing” might be next…

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Leave it to Billie Eilish to put together a head-to-toe outfit by Burberry that’s totally baggy and unrevealing – not at all sexy. The hat might be the strangest part of the ensemble, but Billie has always been fashion courageous. Her nails are also manicured in Burberry plaid! Billie’s date for the 2020 Brit Awards was her brilliant songwriting partner and producer, her brother Finneas O’Connell. This duo has come a long way from when they put together her first songs in his tiny bedroom in the family home Highland Park, California.

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