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Travis Kelce made headlines this week when he revealed on his podcast that he’s living the happiest life he’s ever lived. Here is what we know. Since being linked with Taylor Swift, Travis’ income and business opportunities, including endorsement deals, have increased exponentially. He’s making money hand over fist and combined with the perks of dating Taylor it’s easy to see why he claims he’s living his “best life.” Our source predicts that Travis and Taylor will be engaged before the end of the summer if not sooner.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company seemed to bury the hatchet after an ongoing battle. While much of this has to do with the fact that Ron is no longer running for president and doesn’t feel the need to generate headlines with outlandish lawsuits, we’re also hearing his wife, Casey was the one who urged him to make peace with the entertainment giant. Here’s why… Casey loves Disney World! It’s where she and Ron got married so she truly finds it one of the happiest places on earth.  She realized she couldn’t be seen there when Ron was at war with Disney but now that the fight is over she plans on being there a lot and renewed her annual pass.

Britney Spears got people talking this week when she posted a since deleted Instagram video of her and her ex-husband Sam Asghari. According to our source, there’s a reason for the sentimental post. The duo haven’t been in contact since splitting up but they’ve recently begun talking again. While it’s too soon to call it a reconciliation, we’re hearing that it’s certainly not out of the question as Brit misses having Sam around. Stay tuned as we will share more details as we hear them.

Gypsy Lee Blanchard made headlines when she announced her short-lived prison marriage to Ryan Anderson was over. No sooner did she announce the split than she was seen hanging out with her ex fiancé, Ken Urker. Here’s what we know: Gypsy enjoys being in the spotlight and is secretly working on a pilot for a reality series based on her life after prison. Her husband Ryan wasn’t so keen on the idea and VERY uncomfortable in front of the camera, but her ex-fiancé Ken also seems to relish being in the spotlight. As of now, Gypsy and Ken are claiming they’re just friends, but we’re hearing a romance is percolating to go along with the planned reality show.

And finally, Donald Trump made headlines once again (surprise surprise!) after posting a $175 cash million bond in his appeal of his $400+ million civil judgment in New York City.  We are hearing that Donald is working hard to come up with money making plans to pay off the debt since he had to borrow the cash. Our source says that in addition to hawking $60 Bibles, Donald is actively working behind the scenes to put his name on everything from fragrances to shampoo. He’s working every angle to make a buck.



Christina Applegate just revealed that she has 30 lesions on her brain due to her courageous battle with MS. We just learned that Christina has turned to the Wahl Protocol Diet in hopes of alleviating her debilitating symptoms. The diet, developed by MS inflicted Dr. Terry Wahl, has proven to help many patients although it will take time to see if Christina benefits from the plan -which includes lots of leafy greens, lean meats and limited sweets and dairy.

A few days ago, Diddy’s multiple homes were raided by the Department of Homeland Security over allegations and sex trafficking and we are now hearing that his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez has been asked to sit for an interview! Both the FBI and Homeland Security are curious to find out what she may have seen when she and Diddy were a thing from 1999-2001. My source says that J.Lo is LIVID over being dragged into this mess, but nonetheless plans to cooperate since she doesn’t want to risk getting subpoenaed.

Carol Burnett is still making headlines at 90-years-old thanks to her turn on Palm Royale, the hot new series on Apple TV+. Carol has gotten rave reviews for her performance in the campy comedy/drama and now the folks at Saturday Night Live have noticed. Despite her illustrious comedic career, Carol has never hosted SNL. That could be about to change as we just heard that producers are trying to work with her schedule about hosting the still popular show as the end of this season or more likely early next season.

The world found out this week that pro footballer Aaron Rodgers won’t be RFK Jr.’s vice-presidential running mate, as Kennedy chose Bay Area mogul Nicole Shanahan as his pick. Here’s what we know: Aaron was actually asked before Nicole to join the ticket but he was never going to run with Kennedy because he has other political aspirations. As my source put it, he didn’t want to shoot his shot on this long-shot campaign but instead plans to run for Senator once he retires from football.

Beyoncé’s country album drops this week and here’s something you read here FIRST. Weeks ago we told you Beyonce was doing a duet with legend Dolly Parton and in the just released soundtracks it shows she’s covering Dolly’s popular sing Jolene. Our source says Dolly and Beyonce did a duet for the album and hoped to keep it a secret, which they did for everyone else BUT this website.



Alec Baldwin recently filed a motion to dismiss the charges he’s facing in the 2021 shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, but here’s what we know. Behind closed doors Alec’s legal team is hoping to negotiate a plea deal involving no jail time, a clear record, community service and a HUGE donation. Alec is concerned that a jury found armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed guilty in the case, so he’s secretly done a 180 and instructed his high-priced lawyers to make a deal!

Last Sunday Billie Eilish named dropped her former choir teacher, Mandy Bringham, when she won her second Oscar for Best Original Song for What Was I Made For, from the Barbie movie. Other media outlets tracked down the teacher but only WE will tell you that Billie personally reached out to Mandy days after the historic win, and the two are getting together in the near future. Our source says Billie plans to offer Mandy a job on her team as, what else, a vocal coach.

For reality TV fans, the buzz this week was the final reunion episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the current state of OG star, Kyle Richard’s marriage to estranged husband Maurico Umansky. We can tell you this tidbit: Despite Kyle not revealing many deets on the reunion, our well placed source says that marriage is kaput and a very friendly divorce is being negotiated. If there’s any divorce drama it will only be manufactured for next season of RHOBH, but the soon-to-be exes have already decided who gets what and may plan to live together as friends for a bit until their youngest daughter Portia turns 18 in two years.

Meghan Markle made headlines when she debuted a new website which she eventually will use to hawk merchandise. Way back in November, we told you that Meghan and Harry were looking at wineries to sell their own wine and this latest venture goes along with that. Meghan hopes to be the next Martha Stewart and build an empire based around her kitchen skills, including her own wine as well as olive oils, jams, cookbooks, etc. Our source adds this tidbit you will only read here – Meghan’s Montecito neighbor and good pal Oprah Winfrey is an angel investor in the project.

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