Is ANYTHING more fascinating than an overdose of plastic surgery? It’s comforting to know this is not just an American indulgence. And this case involves TWINS – another obsession! These freakish looking twins were sexy guys on French TV in the 80’s. Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff had a primetime science fiction series called “Temps X.” They started getting plastic surgery in the 90’s and supposedly had chin and cheek implants and fillers and botox. Now they look like they should get a NEW science fiction series!


  1. Poor guys. What must they think when they look in the mirror? This website always has such cool photos. : )

  2. Jeezus Janet, warn a person, will ya? These guys are way past overdue to be locked in the attic like a Bronte sisters novel. What the hell were they THINKING when they got those HUGE chins put in? They already HAD too large chins to begin with!! And LIPS? And Cheeks, and too thin skinny pinched noses? I can understand ONE twin being dropped on his head and suffering brain damage, but BOTH of them turning into self freaks like this?

    Just wondering…is THIS Heidi Montag’s future face?

  3. ………..a “HORROR-REAL LIFE SOAP” in the makes?

  4. The doctors who do this type of thing need to be jailed. The people who let them need to be institutionalized. Those guys looked fine before.

  5. Reta, hon, there’s nothing else to add to yours.

  6. Thanks, Biscuit! I just HAD to come back for a second look….like a wreck on the side of the road, I just can’t look away once it’s spotted…trying to see ALL the horror, AND make sure that what I’m seeing is for REAL! Kinda wondering if these are plastic masks these horror freaks are wearing cuase NOBODY would PURPOSELY have their face made that way, let alone PAY for THAT! Like Palermo said, the Doc’s need to be in jail for life for doing that to any human being and these dudes need to be in a hospital for mental patients because their BRAINS are GONE!!!

  7. They use to be handsome now they look like ugly monsters! OMG!

  8. Janet, I know times are hard, and a dollar can be hard to come by, but do you really need all these pop up ads to pay the bills? People come here to look at the content of your bloq, not to be harassed by advertisers who are screaming for our money. I’m visiting your site less and less because of the irritating and pushy ads forever in my face.

  9. Man on Left: “Oui Oui – zat was me in Batman”

    Man on Right; “why are you calling out Garry Shandling at me…”

  10. Good. Lord. What is wrong with people? Do these guys think they look good? Seriously? Am I losing my mind?

  11. Actually they have a genetic disorder that disfigured their faces – this is a fix so to speak and they hate the way they look. Research them – if you found their old photos, you can find the story.

  12. Ditto what Mary Claire said. Janet the pop up ads are very annoying. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were placed properly, but they open up over hte article and are hard to get rid of. What you will get rid of, are your readers.

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