The party’s always better when Johnny Depp shows up. Johnny and his partner Vanessa Paradis looked adorable at the Chanel soiree in Cannes. The pair are preparing to costar in their first movie together called “My American Lover.” It’s the story of the French feminist Simone de Beauvoir and her affair in 1949 with American writer Nelson Algren. Hard-boiled Algren lived in Chicago and wrote about “pimps, prostitutes, drug addicts, politicians, and hoodlums.” In 1950 he became famous for writing “The Man with the Golden Arm.” Sounds like a role Johnny can sink his teeth into.


  1. The best part, in my opinion, is when Johnny realized his “girl” as he calls her, was cold and gave up his jacket to her to keep her warm. What a guy. Charming, diplomatic and a romantic, just looking out after his girl. Gotta love htat.

  2. If I recall correctly, there was a movie made already with Frank Sinatra as “The Man With the Golden Arm’. It was pretty good and Frank was a good actor in it.

  3. PS…Johnny Depp came into my antique store years ago. The young girl I had working there went bonkers for him and he very nicely took pictures with her. I thought he handled her very kindly and sweetly back then. I don’t know if he’s still so obliging with fans, but it sure made than young woman’s day back then.

  4. I’m usually very jaded when it comes to celebs, but I find these two absolutely adorable.


  6. I never liked those pirate movies he made where he played Jack Sparrow, nor the off-the-wall fricking “Scissorhands”. Also, wonder why they don’t get hitched after having 2 or 3 kids. Well, that’s morals nowadays.

  7. Lenny, I agree she looks greasy and pukey. I think the French have a rep for having an adversity to bathing.

    BTW, I think they are just shacking without a license and have been for years.

  8. Boy, you people sure are prudes! And she looks perfectly clean and lovely in this pic. What is wrong with you guys? And whether they get married or not, they are committed to each other. MANY people today have chosen, for various reasons, not to marry, I just think, when I hear that term “shacking” that I have been thrown right back thru a time warp and have come out in 1950 again! Haven’t we progressed at all? She has lovely skin from what I can see and her hair is shiny and softly curled which suits her well. She has a great figure and a sweet face, and yet you two see her as “not clean” and “greasy and pukey” (whatever THAT is). Does that mean she looks like she is going to puke any minute, or YOU are going to puke any minute? Just wondering. And by the way, that old belief about the french not bathing hails from a few CENTURIES back when the upper class wore powdered wigs and purfumed themselves to hide the body oder. They thought bathing would cause illness, which is why they invented perfume. You can’t POSSIBLY think that hundreds of years later the french would not have discovered otherwise!

  9. I love these two together and I love that they keep their lives private and keep their kids living as normal a life as possible. You don’t see them at the park, at the grocery store, getting Starbucks, and all the other things so many actors are ‘caught’ doing. Its obvious that you CAN live a quiet, private life if you really want to. I hope they are happy together cause I think they are groovy.

  10. He is NOT ATTRACTIVE at ALL? What is the big fuss over this filthy looking, stringy-haired fug face?

  11. Depp has become more Sexy with age and…He is like a fine Wine that only gets Better with Age and Boy is He seasoned! Hot and Good Looking and any one in there right mind…Would love to change places with Vanessa… But that is really Crazy…She is amazing and Beautiful…. Smart and full of Dazzle and She caught the attention of sweet reaction of Mr.. Johnny Depp Himself and True attraction on so many levels.

  12. Casonia...Hells kitchen Paul is nice and can really cook and so can Will but Tommy needs to speak up in order to Win and Elisa is going to drive those men crazy with her company...She is mean and disliked and hope and pray she is next on the chopping bloc says:

    Who would not want to kick it with that sexy ass man and lucky ass girl for landing this incredible lovely man…Who has it going on until the break of Dawn.

  13. Johnny Depp is pure sex and hotness that follow and any woman in the free world is lucky as hell to be around this sexy and foxy ass man and of course this lovely little lady..Who is sweet heart and a real tart is looking good together and seems they are having the time of there life in each others company and may they have more wonderful times in the future as well.

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