It’s ABOUT TIME. Gloria Steinem and many other domestic abuse experts have come together in public support of Amber Heard. After Amber wrote an essay in the Washington Post about her domestic abuse (without naming her ex Johnny Depp)- he sued her for defamation and he WON. Steinem and 130 other experts and organizations published an open letter in which they agree that defamation suits are being MISUSED to SILENCE survivors. They also blasted social media for mocking Amber’s allegations of violence and abuse. (victim shaming) Anybody who read Depp’s revolting emails knows he was abusive. It has been five months since this appalling Virginia trial and we are delighted that Steinem and other experts have taken a stand. Amber moved to Spain with her daughter after the trial – now she can return with more confidence.

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  1. I figured out the next role Johnny should play would be Sam Kiniston. He has literally morphed into him in the photo presented. He looks more filthy each time I see him, and I just wonder what girl would be pleased to have sex with such a character. Maybe wearing a gas mask to start might be a beginning, but still you would have to wonder what kind of a disease you might catch after it was all said and done. I certainly can’t see that attractive lawyer he was rumored to be enjoying carnal knowledge of would give him the time of day when it really gets down and dirty.

  2. Johnny Depp’s body is starting to look like his soul. Filthy and depraved.

  3. How could any woman find that filthy scumbag to be attractive. I bet he reeks

  4. She screwed up his career and she did it intentionally. That’s defamation. She also made it all up, as was made obvious in the trial.

  5. Gloria Steinem is no judge of character. She’s “besties” with Meghan Markle. Both Megan Markle and Amber Heard have serious personality disorders, are grifters, and sociopaths.

  6. I see nothing wrong with either Gloria Steinem or Meghan Markle- and if I did, I would be the first to tell you…

  7. Amber Heard is abusive. She doesnt get a pass just because she’s a woman.

  8. I’M on Johnny’s side….Amber should go away… this is vindictive & playing it to the max …

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