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Sylvester Stallone took his 11 year old daughter Sistine to the Staples Center for the Lakers game this week. It’s the perfect place for some family bonding. Little Sistine looks like a tiny version of her skincare mogul mother Jennifer Flavin, a former model. Believe it or not, Sly is currently working on Rambo V.


  1. she’s beautiful. love her eyes! i hope she does not grow up and become a plastic surgery nut.

  2. She is gawjus and at she’s dressed like a normal kid should be.

  3. OH HELL NO! NO MORE RAMBO, PLEEEEASE! Someone please put the old dog down, out of his misery, he doesn’t realize he’s dying a slow painful hideous death.

    By the way, the girl is a doll. Luckily she didn’t get her father’s hideous face (or grandmother’s mask of a face). And I never realized Sly was so SHORT! His 11 year old GIRL is practically as tall as he is! Brings to mind Al Pacino standing next to his young son the other day, both of them looking about 7-10 years old in height.

  4. Sistine?!?! They should have gone for Notre Dame instead.

  5. A little more surgery and he will look like a girl, a-la Bruce Jenner. He must be recovering now from surgery, as it is obvious his eyebrows have been stretched up and his cheeks are pink. Guess he has to stay young for the much younger Jennifer.

    I was remembering how Jennifer Flavin hung on to him like a bulldog, after he tried to get away by going out with a multitude of skags. Now she got him and lives in a mega-mansion.

    BTW, I agree about the Rambo series, blaaah.
    I only liked the Rocky Parts I and II.

  6. Yes, his face DOES look TIIIGHT! Beginning to resemble his hideous mommy, ain’t he? The eyebrows hiding up in the hairline are a sure sign. And he’s (thankfully) wearing the shades probably to hide the still-puffy eyelids from after surgury. You could probably bounce a quarter of those cheeks! I hate the shape of his body/torso tho, kinda has a barrel chest…it always looks like he has a full HUGE lungful of air that he won’t let out. It just looks stupid, like RELAX dude, no one’s lookin’, not that gives a shit anyway!

  7. PS…wonder if he wears a rug a-la-John Travolta? That extra thick head of hair he sports looks unchanged from his first movie days, hardly likely in all reality. I’m bettin’ on some type of rug, at least in the front.

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