Sarah Jessica Parker must have gone into SHOCK when she woke up this morning to the NY Post headline: “SJP – THE GREEDIEST WOMAN IN SHOWBIZ!” They went on to say “She wants movie millions, freebies, and more of your money!” Besides being paid fifteen million dollars for her recent SATC movie, she stuffed her closet with thousands of dollars worth of clothes, shoes, and jewelry used in the movie. (Not to mention two dozen crystal glasses worth $200 each that were used in a wedding scene.) The paper pointed out that everything used in the film was product placement – for example, Hewlett Packard provided laptops and Sarah will be doing ads for the company.) Parker has launched six fragrances – the recent one timed to the release of the new movie. Her sources of income DO seem limitless. However, we like Jessica and prefer to think of her as a “mogul” rather than a “scrooge” as the Post refers to her.



  1. Well, it’s nice that a woman of 40-ish (???) years can be considered a “sex” symbol today. We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? I don’t mind so much her getting all these “freebies”….I am supposing it IS done and she’s not the only one. But a crystal glass that costs $200??? Surely you jest! What imbecile would pay that much for a stupid crystal glass? Why, you shouldn’t even DRINK from crystal. The wine leaches out the lead from the crystal and you can get lead poisoning over a period of time. Stupid to use crystal at all, no matter how rediculously expensive it is, that doesn’t make it BETTER!

  2. I think she knows that her age will be catching up to her very soon in the “Hollywood” youth orientated business she is in. I think she is afraid that this run is almost over and is scared…and when women get scared we nest so to speak. I think she will soon be semi retired and raise her family!

  3. Most people think of her as a horse and that’s the nice things said about her.

  4. She is a self-centered greedy anorexic girl with a rather plain face and a big nose who has given her cheating hubby a big pass. That is my summation of her.

  5. Savy business woman I say. We work to make money and as we can see she’s doing it. Go Sarah you play the game well.

  6. Well, at least she is doing what she does best; marketing her brand and making millions doing it. She doesn’t pretend to be a great, or for that matter particularly good, actress. She knows she is strictly commercial and there is nothing wrong with that. Her persona is all smoke, mirrors and photoshop mixed with a touch here and there of a little botox. Now, it could be worse. She could try the Sarah Palin route and pretend to be something she is not and manipulate impressionable people for her own gain under the mantel of God and Country. No. Give Sara her due. She is a savvy, charismatic lady with a certain amount of talent and luck. Go for it.

  7. Personally, regardless of whatever else is going on in her life, I would never be sure of Matthew again. Once he cheated and she more or less looked the other way, the more likely he will cheat again, just more discreetly next time.

    I don’t like her looks that much, but what she does have, she sure knows how to make the most of it and keep her name in the media.

  8. These gals are getting way too old for this storyline to be believable.

  9. I think she knows movie roles will soon be scarce and she can’t milk the sex and the city franchise for long. She’s squeezing all the juice she can from these capitalistic ventures.

    I don’t think it makes her greedy. It makes her a shrewd business woman. She has said in past interviews that her poor childhood living off welfare has made her respect money. She also fears losing money and screwing up her children’s lives. So I can see where she’s coming from.

  10. I like SJP and think she can be fun to watch. My favorites are “Honeymoon in Vegas” and “L.A. Story,” along with the SATC movie and series. My only complaint about Hollywood actors making a ton of money is when they don’t give back. I hope she has a charity in mind, or her own foundation, and donates to those in need.

  11. She’s creepy. She’s another Hollywood product that forgot how real people live. Real people that put money in her pockets.

    Go away.

  12. It’s pretty awesome that women today are thought of as sex symbols well into their 40’s. That’s progress. As well as her “not so perfect” features. Just as with Streisand, she was told to get a nose job and refused, saying her own real nose gave her character, and I agree. Anybody can get a nose job, and most of these Hollywood starlets DO butcher their faces (Heidi???) to get a leg up in the business, but the public seems to then turn on them for the effort. Calling her a “horse face” is petty and rediculous. I admire her distinct features and strength in keeping true to herself and her values. I’m tired of everybody trying to look the same, with giant fake boobs and fake blond hair and butchered faces full of botox. It’s NOT attractive and doesn’t create an expressive face for actors.

  13. The next sequel to Sarah’s “Sex and the City” is tentatively title “Sex and The Seniors”. Asked if will headline this sequel, Sarah coyly smiled and said “depends”!

  14. Perhaps the other women in the film would have liked the crystal goblets. Did she share her success with the others?

  15. They are all two decades past where the sex and the city stuff is believable in any way, it’s just rather pathetic at this point

  16. Palermo…are you saying that women, or people in general don’t have sex in their 40’s? That CAN’T be what you mean. You couldn’t possibly BE that stupid!

  17. By the way, SJP has had work done on her nose…check out pictures of her from the early days…

  18. Sexist! Talk to Bruce Willis Tom Cruise Will Smith Denzel Washington and John Travolta, they will tell you ALL ABOUT THE FREEBIES.

    Miss SJP is a savvy biz woman and she is over 40-SO?

    People the world is changing by the second, go with the flow, age and sex bias is so last century!!

  19. Awww, I’ve only ever heard good things about SJP, that she’s very friendly, very kind to her staff, very considerate. She’s never come across as a gimme gimme kinda person, unlike some actresses I’ve read about on other sites who are truly free-gift whores. I think SJP works hard and if she’s been given gifts, she deserves them. Plus, I’ve read that LOTS of the clothes in the SATC2 movie were donated for FREE for the publicity, so who cares if she’s taken some of them home? That happens ALL THE TIME in Hollywood. Sounds like someone had a run -in with SJP and decided to go off on her in the paper.

  20. Interesting comments Ladies,

    1.)In a recent interview, I believe it was that Cynthia Nixon who stated that in their contracts, all four girls were able to keep the clothes they wore in the movie.

    2.) SJP has been a producer from day 1 of the series and movies.

    3.) Have any of you been to a freebie giveaway? Vendors pay money to give product away, pitch it to celebs, and get photos and/or press from it.
    -the celebs usually feel used as they are passed around, showed up by someone more ‘recognizable’ and ordered about to pose for photographers

    4.) Recent interview by SJP on Sex and the City 2, was asked what she hoped women took away from the movie and series as it has influenced many generations and could continue to.

    She said she hoped it was a sense of sisterhood, because women have been taught to be mean to one another and one thing that remains between the 4 regardless of disagreements, is love, loyalty and RESPECT.

    Think about it.

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