Plastic Surgery


O.J. Simpson passed away this week at the age of 76, and according to our inside source, YEARS ago he wrote a letter and locked it in a safe with instructions for his family to read it only after his death. While the contents of the letter have yet to be revealed, there is much speculation that the letter might actually be a confession to the killings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman. As of now, the family is too busy making memorial arrangements, but apparently they’re also deciding on whether to make the letter public. Keep in mind it might NOT be a confession, it could also be a denial, allowing O.J. to take his secrets to the grave.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard made headlines again this week after debuting her new nose. Gypsy underwent plastic surgery having a rhinoplasty, but we are hearing this is only the start. The surgery was compliments of a local plastic surgeon close to where she’s living. My source says that Gypsy is also planning to have more work done to her face, including softening her jaw line as well as liposuction on her thighs.

Aoki Lee Simmons (Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons’ daughter) nearly became a household name after she was spotted on a romantic vacation with restauranteur Vittorio Assaf – who happens to be 45 years older than she is. According to our source, the entire thing was a PUBLICITY STUNT, as Aoki is hoping to launch a career as an actress, model, or TV personality. We heard that SHE tipped off photographers, because let’s face it, she’s not someone who’s on the paparazzi radar.

Sad news came out this week that Jay Leno was granted a court order conservatorship over his wife Mavis, who is suffering from dementia. We are hearing from our source that Jay has hired special memory care nurses who work around the clock at their Beverly Hills home. Jay is committed to never having his wife moved into a facility and luckily for him, he has the financial wherewithal to keep her at home indefinitely. We also heard that is putting together a star fundraiser to raise money for dementia research, which he plans to host later this year.

Jeff Bezos and his fiancé Lauren Sanchez made their White House debut at a state dinner for the prime Minister of Japan. We just heard this interesting tidbit: Lauren was originally planning to wear a Japanese inspired kimono gown to the event, but at the last minute she was talked OUT of it for fear that it would be taken as cultural appropriation. The overtly sexy red gown that she wound up wearing was originally for another event but she had her private jet whisk it from their home in LA and bring it to Washington, D.C. just in time for the event.

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We’re not sure how we got there, (some speculate steroids, while others insist it was exercise and diet) but Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos has transformed himself over the past years. He went from scrawny to muscular, but that’s only the beginning of his makeover. He recently met with a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon (his fiancé, Lauren Sanchez recommended this particular doctor) about getting his neck done. While his face is youthful, Jeff fears that he has a turkey neck. The procedure costs approximately $150,000 (pocket change to Bezos) so he’s looking at his schedule to see when he can disappear for two weeks to give him enough time to have the surgery and recover.

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Twenty years ago, Brazilian Rodrigo Alves, who apparently has money to burn, decided to spruce up his looks with plastic surgery in hopes of looking like a “human Ken doll.” After spending half a million dollars on dozens of surgeries, and over 10 years under the knife, he admitted he REALLY wanted to resemble a Barbie Doll! It cost him another half million dollars to switch sexes and become Jessica Alves. He’s 40 now and we think he looks WAY beyond Barbie. He says he’s through with plastic surgery and will only spend money to “slow the ageing process.” Alves is now “looking for love” and laments that he is “sapiosexual” – that means sexually attracted to very intelligent people. But will intelligent people be attracted to Alves?

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Up until 2019, Brazilian Rodrigo Alves had dozens of painful plastic surgeries to look like the perfect Ken Doll- including bicep and six-pack enhancement. After all that, he decided he’d rather be the perfect Barbie doll, and had the male surgeries reversed and started transitioning into a “woman.” Can you imagine having your adams apple removed? Now he’s  called Jessica Alves, and he’s chalked up over a hundred surgeries hoping to look like Barbie, but looks more like  Lil’ Kim. We just HAD to know where he got all the money needed to finance his indulgence and it turns out he inherited millions from his mother’s wealthy parents. We just cannot imagine how Jessica sleeps at night with all this extra padding injected into his/her body…


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Donald Trump is NOT happy. His seemingly never ending court cases have drained him of time he wanted to devote to something else. No, not his campaign for President, Donald wants to have plastic surgery! According to an insider, Donald fears he’s looking old so he planned to have the ginormous bags under his eyes minimized by undergoing a partial facelift. Between campaigning for President and appearing in court, he can’t find the time to block out for surgery and recovery. He’s been trying to camouflage his bags with concealer but it’s not really working. My source says he’s hoping to have surgery as soon as there’s a break in his schedule – most likely over the holidays or early next year.


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Did Eva Longoria just use one of the oldest tricks in the book and change her hairstyle to draw attention away from plastic surgery? Eva recently debuted a drastic new haircut, chopping off her signature shoulder length wavy hair into a smooth bob. BUT, according to a friend, the new hairstyle is to camouflage some recent cosmetic surgery. The insider says that Eva recently underwent some procedures at a top Beverly Hills doctor and while Eva isn’t disclosing the details, the  friend speculates she had a full facelift. Eva’s just shy of turning 50 and she felt she was looking her age – which isn’t usually a good thing for an actress – so she’s contemplated having surgery for some time now.  While she’s not confirming a thing, her smooth and youthful  appearance says it all.


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One might think newly indicted Donald Trump would have bigger things to worry about than his appearance, but a well placed source reveals Donald’s main concern these days is his turkey neck! Donald is turning 77 on June 14, but a source reveals that instead of fretting about his legal troubles, he’s obsessing about his neck. According to the source, Donald HATES his neck ever since he saw on online comment that he looks like a turkey! Days before his latest indictment, he met with a Palm Beach plastic surgeon to get an opinion about a neck lift. He wants to look his best now that he’s running for the Republican nomination again, and many of his competitors are younger, especial 44-year-old Ron DeSantis!

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Did Shania Twain recently have a facelift? Not only does Shania look young and vibrant lately, but she seems to be employing one of the oldest tricks in the book, changing your hairstyle or color to distract attention away from facial cosmetic surgery. Over the past month or so, Shania has been rocking drastically different hairstyles and colors. She is also looking slimmer than ever in a sexy new wardrobe. At the recent Grammys, she sported a bright red long wig and and a very smooth face. Shania insists she has decided AGAINST plastic surgery, but observers are still doubtful. Either way- she looks sensational…

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We’ve been pondering the REAL reason behind Khloe Kardashian’s unnecessary announcement that she just had a cancerous tumor (?) removed from her cheek by plastic surgeon Dr Garth Fisher. Certainly no one would have noticed she had ANYTHING done without this abundance of publicity. Her skin problem was the size of a pea, hidden by her hair, and barely visible- especially considering her obsession with photoshopping all her pics. Perhaps she announced this procedure simply to give Garth Fisher favorable publicity. Fans will assume Fisher was the surgeon who gave Khloe her new face awhile back, and they will be lined up outside his office. Can’t hurt to have a grateful plastic surgeon in your life!

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French born identical twins Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff were European television personalities who fascinated us mainly because of their extreme and much DENIED overdose of plastic surgery. (Plastic surgery victims in Europe leave Hollywood victims in the dust!) We didn’t realize their lives were as loony as their looks. They gained TV fame by hosting several popular shows about science and science fiction. Both brothers claimed to have PHDs and they managed to get physics articles published in reputable journals that turned out to be highly questionable and “suffering from a serious lack of coherence.” These shenanigans and their appearance at a Cannes Film Festival brought them considerable notoriety. In December, the unvaccinated twins both died of Covid six days apart at the age of 72.