One might think newly indicted Donald Trump would have bigger things to worry about than his appearance, but a well placed source reveals Donald’s main concern these days is his turkey neck! Donald is turning 77 on June 14, but a source reveals that instead of fretting about his legal troubles, he’s obsessing about his neck. According to the source, Donald HATES his neck ever since he saw on online comment that he looks like a turkey! Days before his latest indictment, he met with a Palm Beach plastic surgeon to get an opinion about a neck lift. He wants to look his best now that he’s running for the Republican nomination again, and many of his competitors are younger, especial 44-year-old Ron DeSantis!

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


10 thoughts on “DONALD TRUMP: A NIP AND A TUCK?

  1. No one he’s in prison with will care about his neck!

  2. His neck is the least of his problems with his appearance. The fat girth, the ridiculous hair, his constant pursed lips that look like a dogs ass, are some things he might consider

  3. Can they do something about his little “hands”?

  4. Someone needs to sew a flap on top of his bed, pull it down over that hideous face of his, and sew it tight.

  5. Oh dear. What if the neck surgeon has a very shaky hand and a very sharp scalpel? Hijinks could ensue.

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