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Scientology is crumbling before our very eyes and we couldn’t be happier! Their treasured high profile celebrity members are rapidly losing their luster! First Lisa Maria Presley distanced herself from the cult and wrote a song critical of them. She’s considered OUT. Then John Travolta’s secret gay sex life was revealed as lawsuits poured in charging him with various sexual aggressions against other men- mosty masseurs. A former pilot is writing a book about his long love affair with Travolta in the 80’s – if Scientologists don’t pay him off. Now the Pride of the Cult – Tom Cruise- is being divorced by his disillusioned wife Katie Holmes, who doesn’t want her daughter raised in the cult. As for Kirstie Alley – her Organic Liaisons Scientology diet program doesn’t seem to be working – she’s packing on the pounds again. David Miscavige must be tearing his hair out. Time to bring in the IRS! (Above, Time magazine expose from 1991 – for years the cult tormented the writers.)

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  1. They should merge with the Jews and their leader and Messiah “Lucky” Larry Silverstein.

  2. Scientology Is already Merging with Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam

    Louis Farrakhan Is on record calling the new venture a “Marriage”

    they skipped through the knoodling and necking stage
    and have moved onto the honeymoon

    look for stress test booths manned by Fruit of Islam goons selling bean pies along with a copy of Dianetics at a strip mall near you.

  3. i worked once with a Scientologist and he was a good worker and he didn’t try to convert the people

  4. PROFESSIONAL LOSERS are surrounding that sect.

  5. Scientology is exactly that, a cult, not a religion. Any true religion is to benefit mankind, to love & respect one another. This cult is based on the love of money. You can’t serve two gods.

  6. For further info on how dangerous, devious and cunning Scientology really is, enter:


    It’s about time LisaMarie got out. A few years ago she had severe bronchitis and was not allowed to see any doctor but a Scientologist. He prescribed a bizarre mega amounts of vitamins and she almost died. The story was quickly covered up.

  7. I read and re-read Janet’s comment above under the photo……with a big smile on my face.

    It would be a thrill to see the cult quickly dissipate before our eager eyes. Travolta needs to be next.

    I can’t see Kirstie Alley leaving them and if she did, she would probably join one of those snake handling cults or something peculiar such as that.

    If more of the bigger named celebrities (or higher up cult members) would start leaving, then surely some of the other less popular actors and/or actresses would soon follow. I wonder how many of those individuals actually joined the cult in order to get better parts (or any role for that matter) in films simply because of the large number of celebrities in the cult.

  8. Good maybe the “celebrity Center will return to being a lovely apartment building and on the Los Angles tax rolls. Such a beauty of building should be a home for people not people waiting to drink the kool-ade

  9. I’m glad you are enjoying the show!

    Fifteen years ago I stumbled across Scientology and became a dedicated critic of this MLM system disguised as a religion.

    It has been a long slog, as there were only a small number of us prior to 2008 and the Rise of Anonymous.

    We were creeping along, making slow progress, but progress was made. When Anon came on board, the added numbers boosted our movement into fast forward.

    There is one thing you must realize; if we are to finish off this destructive cult, it’s “we the people” who will have to do it.

    Our politicians are more than willing to sell us out for some Scientology gelt. But by rejecting their fraudulent programs, by refusing to join the cult, by denying it money both public and private, we can kill the beast.

    And, I might add, any politician seen consorting and promoting Scientology in any way should be reviled as a sellout.

    There is nothing beneficial about Scientology or its front groups. Their whole schtick involves spending a lot of time and energy promoting garbage like Narconon, their drug rehab quack program being shut down in Canada and soon, here in the US.

    Yes, the cult is slowly imploding like their Ivory Bean building in Boston. The Ideal Org Grand Openings are a sham meant to delude followers that “Scientology is expanding.”

    I dreamed of this day, when the cult would go too far in exhorting members to donate, contribute, tithe, purchase, support, spend.

    Fewer new members (thanks, Chanology!) means more pressure on remaining members to cough up the geetus, as leader Miscavige needs new lift shoes and another motorcycle he can’t ride.

    Suddenly, these people realize that what critics have said is true, as the money-grubbing gets more desperate and transparent, there’s no way to ignore the shilling. So, this year we’re seeing a number of very high level, highly respected Scientologists, leaving and making a noise about it.

    So here we are, the slow toppling of a wealthy entity by public rejection. We did this.

    And I helped.

  10. carrie-I once worked for a Scientology couple, and they were Scientology Mission Holders and they tried to force Scientology down 100 employees throats every chance they got.
    that Is until the labor relations board got wind of a few complaints.
    yea and the Christmas bonus was a free crappy stress test.

    years later another employer hounded and pestered me to go to a W.I.S.E seminar (Scientology trap)
    he eventually told me I was “PTS” (Scientology Term) and promptly fired me.

    I opened a competing Business across the street and put him out of Business in 2 short years. I had a major advantage,I didn’t run my Business with Scientology and blatantly rip people off.

    most do recruit ..its a requirement and it Is a way for them to Make Mo Money.

    Steer clear from Scientology and their goofy little front groups
    they want to fleece you

  11. Katie and **possibly Suri** must go to a cult specialist who is expert in deprogramming them. After so long in a cult, the brain is in major f**k-up mode and it will be a while before the thinking is rational again. After living with tiny tom thumb hitler cruise-meister, methinks this will take a while, maybe a year.

    As I stated somewhere earlier, I went into the flagship SCI center in Clearwater, FL and witnessed brain-washed goons walking around with a dead look in their eyes. (this one sentence is making a long story short).

  12. As much as you guys want to wipe your ass on Scientology, what is Catholicism, Judaism, Jehovah witness, later day saints, Mormonism, Kaballism. LIberal, conservative, right, left, homosexuals, lesbians, Americanism and the differance between terrorism?

  13. The Hollywood elites must have a special “religion” of some strange type, it could be this or Kabalah or something else non traditional….this will pass so long as TC, JT, and others keep supporting it.

    Unfortunately you can see the wacky people like Whitney H and her mother using even normal religion as a crutch….and the leaders (Wynnans) right there to take their $$$$

  14. I would like to see all religions start paying taxes. And would love to see the scammy COS “implode” as Janet puts it.

    Patrick, right on! LOL!

  15. It was never a REAL religion and neither is Kabbalah and it’s deviant followers.

    Just a clever way to form a cult and evade taxes.

    Real religions help the poor and the sick not just with money but deeds.

  16. Never lose site of the genesis of Sci.
    L. Ron Hubbard, a failed science fiction writer started a religion to make money.

  17. Someone once told me that you couldn’t read Dianetics by L.Ron Hubbard without wanting to join COS. That was a long time ago, but if I see it in a bookstore, I still want to run past it lest it reach out and grab me.

  18. Why all the hostility to $cientology? If people want to join and it does some good in their life then let them. That’s their choice.

    Such judgmental people here. Doesn’t the Bible say judge not lest ye be judged?

    Hello has it right. People do all sorts of wacko things. I say, live and let live.

  19. The difference in cults and repenting and believing in Christ as Savior is THE main difference between Christianity and false cults/religions of Scientology, Kaballah, Islam, Jehovah Witnesses, Hindusim, etc. These do not offer salvation.

    Having said that, my pastor makes $750,000 a year, which is ridiculous and he is always gone on trips. I, however, do not put my trust in him. If he is doing wrong, he will get paid back in some form or other.

  20. This is in the national enquirer>>> These two well known female Scientologists have secretly hooked up. One is married and the other is divorced. They are not overt lesbians, but some nights when the booze is flowing and the timing is right they rush into each other’s arms.

  21. CI, so for $750,000 your pastor is giving you salvation?

    Also, CI, if Scientology kill people well so do Jewish freakazoids. In New York, the Jewish people in brookly have carte blanche to have sex with their family members, patrol the streets and cameras, have their own ambulance. If anything happens it stays within their community, they are never prosecuted. In Monsey New York, the hasdic jews are allowed to burn and kill their own if they don’t go to the synagogue they are told to go to. The Jews are happy to kill their own if they don’t follow rules hence the victims holocaust – not the Germans they love to perpetuate to society,

    What I found hilarious and the biggest hypocritical is a fake Jewish religious run paper is worried how another fake religious is taking peoples money when Jews do the same all day every day since the beginning of time.

  22. The 3/4 million $ pastor says the right things (gospel). I do not approve of his large salary, but he got whre he is because of circumstances that are too lengthy to go in to now.

  23. PETA does good things for animals. Leave them.alone.

  24. No Msnbc. PETA gives not a rip about animals. In the early days they “might” have but now they are a money making racket the same as Greenpeace. With cute, young, impressionable faces for window dressing. Smarten up.

  25. All religions are cults. Members of more recognized cults(christian etc) are ignorant enough to believe that they are somehow different. But then study after study has shown that religious people have lower IQ’s so no shock there. What can be expected from anyone who is delusional enough to believe in an invisible person floating around in the sky who controls everything, snakes talk or you can walk on water. Clearly any believer is mentally ill.

  26. Physicists now believe that just because the light goes out does not mean the matter is not there any more. It is just in another form but still present. The universe has a finite amount of matter and we are all connected to it. The body electric. The God gene is now being discovered in Bern Switzerland. It is real. You may connect that fact to whichever religion you like.
    Whatever it is on the molecular level I can assure you there is no river of yogurt and a bunch of virgins with come hither dispositions.

  27. We were at the UCB to see Marc Maron a few years a ago and Will and Jada Smith were entering the “celebrity Center” You cannot forget them and The Beckhams too!

  28. “The difference in cults and repenting and believing in Christ as Savior is THE main difference between Christianity and false cults/religions of Scientology, Kaballah, Islam, Jehovah Witnesses, Hindusim, etc. These do not offer salvation.”

    Nothing and noone offers any salvation of any kind. Its all about stupidity/belief in imaginary friends. RELIGION: SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT SCAM…

  29. NOT reading this as I believe all religions are greedy and untrustworthy JUST because there have been so many wars due to religious differences! ENOUGH already!

    Let’s test people for insanity. Now that’s something I’d put money into 😉

  30. I’ve also heard that David Miscavige’s mother and father have left the cult. Also, one of L. Ron Hubbard’s granddaughters has blown from Gold Base in California. *I believe all three blew from Gold Base. Scientology is goin’ down. Proud to be a part of Project Chanology since the beginning. We run this.

  31. This is the way Scientology ends.
    This is the way Scientology ends.
    This is the way Scientology ends.
    Not with a bang, but with David Miscavige curled up in the corner of a dark, deserted, broken down org and bibbling his lips with his fingers.

  32. I define a cult by its actions and expectations
    Here’s what cults routinely do to members:

    1) Withhold the real “meat” of the cult, (ie. their true beliefs) from an interested person until the interested person joins the organization. This is because most people will see the glaring inconsistencies with reality, morality and common sense and will choose NOT to join the cult.

    2) Command that cult members may only read/watch cult approved material, under penalty of excommunication and/or eternal damnation or something very scary. Cult will provide list of all “approved” reading materials.

    3) Require all members to spy on other members, including their own family members and to report rebellious actions to proper authorities in the cult.

    4) Demand that members may not contact or associate with members in poor standing with cult, including one’s own parents, siblings and children.

    Once someone has joined the cult it is very easy to get convert to adhere to its rules.

  33. I forgot to add one thing:

    LYING! Cults will lie unashamedly (especially to new recruits) about any truth that paints the cult in a bad light.

  34. In contrast, a non cult/religion, such as say Judaism, Buddism or Christianity does not try to exert control over a potential recruit by discouraging the interested party from reading any “anti” literature. New recruits are encouraged to search, reflect and come to their decision by educating oneself and praying/meditating.

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