File this under things that make you go hmmm… We couldn’t help but be skeptical when we read that blast from the past, Hulk Hogan, was a real life hero when he spotted an overturned car in Clearwater,(!) Florida. (See link from TMZ below) Hulk recently married yoga instructor Sky Daily who is a second generation Scientologist. We aren’t SURE if Hulk has joined the controversial group, but it looks like it. Hulk and Tom Cruise were seen sharing a private box at a recent Tampa Bay Buccaneers game! We aren’t trying to take anything away from Hulk’s supposed good deed, we can’t help but think that something smells fishy. Scientology has allegedly been known to stage accidents and then have their members conveniently be there to save the day. Years ago it seemed like Tom Cruise was playing a real life hero on a regular basis. He got lots of publicity for rescuing people on a sinking boat, and also saving a woman injured in a car crash, and taking her to the hospital, where he paid her bill. We’ll let YOU decide!

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  1. Why this tax free cult hasn’t been shut down is criminal.
    The Mormon’s are even worse.

  2. Well I have to give Tom and Nicole Kidman thanks for helping me up when I fell at the Coronet Theater in West Hollywood when they were seeing the play, Dirty Laundry. I have to admit though while Tom’s hand was giving me a boost back on my feet, he actually was looking up to the camera to make sure everyone knew it was him. It wasn’t planned I promise you!

  3. Janet: FYI I thought you might be interested in this YouTube video of Hulk Hogan’s son, Nick, getting arrested for DUI in Florida. Hulk Hogan eventually shows up at the scene but they are all very nice and don’t misbehave except for Nick’s wife. But what I found interesting is that Hulk mentioned that Nick was a DJ that evening and had been sitting beside his son. Hulk said he didn’t drink while he was there but must have once Hulk left for home. Here’s the link:

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