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Travis Kelce made headlines this week when he revealed on his podcast that he’s living the happiest life he’s ever lived. Here is what we know. Since being linked with Taylor Swift, Travis’ income and business opportunities, including endorsement deals, have increased exponentially. He’s making money hand over fist and combined with the perks of dating Taylor it’s easy to see why he claims he’s living his “best life.” Our source predicts that Travis and Taylor will be engaged before the end of the summer if not sooner.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company seemed to bury the hatchet after an ongoing battle. While much of this has to do with the fact that Ron is no longer running for president and doesn’t feel the need to generate headlines with outlandish lawsuits, we’re also hearing his wife, Casey was the one who urged him to make peace with the entertainment giant. Here’s why… Casey loves Disney World! It’s where she and Ron got married so she truly finds it one of the happiest places on earth.  She realized she couldn’t be seen there when Ron was at war with Disney but now that the fight is over she plans on being there a lot and renewed her annual pass.

Britney Spears got people talking this week when she posted a since deleted Instagram video of her and her ex-husband Sam Asghari. According to our source, there’s a reason for the sentimental post. The duo haven’t been in contact since splitting up but they’ve recently begun talking again. While it’s too soon to call it a reconciliation, we’re hearing that it’s certainly not out of the question as Brit misses having Sam around. Stay tuned as we will share more details as we hear them.

Gypsy Lee Blanchard made headlines when she announced her short-lived prison marriage to Ryan Anderson was over. No sooner did she announce the split than she was seen hanging out with her ex fiancé, Ken Urker. Here’s what we know: Gypsy enjoys being in the spotlight and is secretly working on a pilot for a reality series based on her life after prison. Her husband Ryan wasn’t so keen on the idea and VERY uncomfortable in front of the camera, but her ex-fiancé Ken also seems to relish being in the spotlight. As of now, Gypsy and Ken are claiming they’re just friends, but we’re hearing a romance is percolating to go along with the planned reality show.

And finally, Donald Trump made headlines once again (surprise surprise!) after posting a $175 cash million bond in his appeal of his $400+ million civil judgment in New York City.  We are hearing that Donald is working hard to come up with money making plans to pay off the debt since he had to borrow the cash. Our source says that in addition to hawking $60 Bibles, Donald is actively working behind the scenes to put his name on everything from fragrances to shampoo. He’s working every angle to make a buck.


Hollywood is on strike so we’re sharing some juicy Washington, D.C. gossip: According to our well-placed political insider, some powers-that-be are strongly encouraging Ron DeSantis to drop OUT of the race for the White House and have concocted a respectable exit strategy for him. Our source confides some Republican bigwigs are secretly strategizing to get a better candidate to dethrone Trump as they fear Ron isn’t the right guy. Behind VERY closed doors they’re urging Ron to drop out BEFORE the first primary votes are cast and blame his exit on the needs of his young family and wife (who recently battled breast cancer). They promised to make him their ONLY Republican candidate in either the 2028 or 2032 presidential election depending on who wins the White House in 2024. Plus, they’re promising to help him raise millions if he decides to run for Governor of Florida again. Not a bad deal. So far, Ron hasn’t agreed, but his dismal polling and frequent missteps might be enough to persuade him to listen to the advice of the party’s elder statesmen.

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Another political piece of gossip that’s just too juicy not to share! Was it sabotage? That’s what some insiders working on Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign are wondering after his disastrous kick-off on Twitter. Ron teamed up with Twitter boss Elon Musk to officially announce his run for the White House, but his live stream was delayed and riddled with glitches. It was SO bad that it’s already being labeled the most disastrous presidential campaign launch in history! Some connected to the campaign are wondering if Elon sabotaged the stream to make Ron look like a bumbling idiot. Just hours after the debacle campaign, insiders began to question whether Elon did this because he doesn’t support Ron’s fight with Disney or his ridiculous ban on books. These speculations will likely remain just that, but for now the campaign is steering clear of any more Twitter streams.

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We sorta told you so! You read here that Disney was so fed up with the antics of Governor Ron DeSantis that it was quietly appraising the land that hosts and surrounds Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Well NO surprise to OUR readers that Disney CEO Bob Iger just dropped a major confirmation to our scoop. Bob was quoted as “questioning” whether the Governor APPRECIATED the jobs and $17 BILLION DOLLARS that Disney brings into the state of Florida each year. A well placed insider insists that while Disney is currently committed to staying in Florida, it IS thinking about showing DeSantis just how crucial they are to the state. While it’s still in the planning stages, one idea is to temporarily close the park for “renovations” and completely shut down all revenue into Florida. It’s not approved yet, but it’s possible if Ron keeps acting up. The nuclear option of pulling out of Florida remains on the table…


This comes from a Disney insider, and although it’s more business gossip than celebrity gossip, we feel compelled to share it. Now that Disney is suing Florida governor and likely presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, the entertainment conglomerate has a drastic plan if they don’t prevail: they’re closing Disney World and cutting all ties with Florida! The insider explained that the “nuclear option” is already being discussed behind very closed doors at corporate headquarters in Burbank, and feelers are already being put out to land developers to appraise the 25,000 acres owned by the amusement park. Keep in mind, OTHER states would be THRILLED to welcome Disney. While my insider stresses it’s a long shot, they also insist that if DeSantis doesn’t back down they are prepared to call it a day. This would likely destroy Florida’s economy since Disney is the state’s largest employer and bring in billions of tourism dollars.


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We usually stick to Hollywood gossip, but this was just too newsworthy not to share. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is keeping America guessing with his “will he or won’t he?” run for President, but according to a well placed source, he WILL run. BUT he isn’t going to announce his candidacy until he loses more weight. Ron’s sensitive about being chubby and he knows his opponent Donald Trump has already nicknamed him Meatball Ron – most likely for being portly. (Trump could also be insulting Ron’s Italian lineage) My source says that Ron has combined a few diets, including intermittent fasting and low-carbohydrates, and has already lost one of his extra chins. He wants to lose about 20 more pounds before he declares he’s running for President!

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