Travis Kelce made headlines this week when he revealed on his podcast that he’s living the happiest life he’s ever lived. Here is what we know. Since being linked with Taylor Swift, Travis’ income and business opportunities, including endorsement deals, have increased exponentially. He’s making money hand over fist and combined with the perks of dating Taylor it’s easy to see why he claims he’s living his “best life.” Our source predicts that Travis and Taylor will be engaged before the end of the summer if not sooner.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company seemed to bury the hatchet after an ongoing battle. While much of this has to do with the fact that Ron is no longer running for president and doesn’t feel the need to generate headlines with outlandish lawsuits, we’re also hearing his wife, Casey was the one who urged him to make peace with the entertainment giant. Here’s why… Casey loves Disney World! It’s where she and Ron got married so she truly finds it one of the happiest places on earth.  She realized she couldn’t be seen there when Ron was at war with Disney but now that the fight is over she plans on being there a lot and renewed her annual pass.

Britney Spears got people talking this week when she posted a since deleted Instagram video of her and her ex-husband Sam Asghari. According to our source, there’s a reason for the sentimental post. The duo haven’t been in contact since splitting up but they’ve recently begun talking again. While it’s too soon to call it a reconciliation, we’re hearing that it’s certainly not out of the question as Brit misses having Sam around. Stay tuned as we will share more details as we hear them.

Gypsy Lee Blanchard made headlines when she announced her short-lived prison marriage to Ryan Anderson was over. No sooner did she announce the split than she was seen hanging out with her ex fiancé, Ken Urker. Here’s what we know: Gypsy enjoys being in the spotlight and is secretly working on a pilot for a reality series based on her life after prison. Her husband Ryan wasn’t so keen on the idea and VERY uncomfortable in front of the camera, but her ex-fiancé Ken also seems to relish being in the spotlight. As of now, Gypsy and Ken are claiming they’re just friends, but we’re hearing a romance is percolating to go along with the planned reality show.

And finally, Donald Trump made headlines once again (surprise surprise!) after posting a $175 cash million bond in his appeal of his $400+ million civil judgment in New York City.  We are hearing that Donald is working hard to come up with money making plans to pay off the debt since he had to borrow the cash. Our source says that in addition to hawking $60 Bibles, Donald is actively working behind the scenes to put his name on everything from fragrances to shampoo. He’s working every angle to make a buck.


Brooklyn Beckham may have finally figured out what to do with his life. He and his wife, Nicole Peltz, are going into the restaurant business. The jet setting couple haves homes in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Miami, so now they want to open restaurants in each city. Brooklyn has spent the last few years honing his chef skills on his poorly-received online cooking show, Cookin With Brooklyn. Back then he barely knew how to boil water and online comments were abundant and cruel, but people watched.  Nevertheless, he’s become more confident with his cooking skills. For THEIR restaurants, Brooklyn and Nicole envision clubby style places that would appeal to their generation.

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Kelsey Grammer’s wife Kayte wants a role on his rebooted Frasier! Now that Kelsey is back as Frasier Crane in the sitcom’s revival, which will be streaming on the Paramount+ network, watch for his wife Kayte to pop up on the show! Kelsey and Kayte appeared onscreen together on two episodes of Boss, his show which never found anywhere near the same success as Frasier. My insider says Kayte pops up later in the season and if the show is a hit as expected, her role may expand to a semi-regular…

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Looking more like a harried dad than a movie star, (except for the jacket)  Nicolas Cage made a no-frills arrival at JFK last weekend with his fifth wife Riko Shibata, 27, and their baby daughter August. Nic told the LA Times “I know five (marriages) is a lot, but I think I got it right this time.” Cage has two sons, Kal-El, 16, and Weston, 31, from previous marriages. He met Riko while filming Prisoners of the Ghostland (?) in Japan. When the movie wrapped he went home to Las Vegas and missed her – so he proposed to her on Facetime. She said yes and the rest is history…

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Although their marriage doesn’t appear to be official yet, “newlyweds” Kayne West and Bianca Censori are planning to start a family and she might already be pregnant! A friend of the architect turned housewife reveals that Bianca had to agree to have kids as part of her “marriage” with Kanye. Here’s the kicker… Kanye insisted they have a custody agreement already in place which guarantees HE gets physical custody of any offspring and Bianca gets visitation and a hefty amount of child support. Kanye has ranted and raved since his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian was awarded custody of their kids, including the right to choose the schools they attend. THIS time around Kanye was proactive and had a custody agreement in place BEFORE the “wedding.”

Photo of Bianca: Instagram – Notice Bianca’s striking resemblance to Kim – before Bianca got her hair cut and bleached blonde…


Kanye West seems to have settled down a bit now that he’s “married” to architect Bianca Censori (they exchanged vows in a non-binding ceremony last month.)The newlyweds have been living in a hotel while Kanye renovates his Malibu house, and they’ve both grown fond of hotel living. Kanye’s Malibu house renovation is expected to take awhile, so Kanye is shopping for a condo in the city that’s attached to a posh hotel. They’re considering the Ritz Carlton in downtown LA, the Four Seasons residences near Beverly Hills, the Pendry on Sunset Strip, and other similar properties. Kanye and Bianca like the idea of 24 hour room service and all the other amenities hotel living offers (who wouldn’t?) He’s obviously not worried about money because such places can sell for well over ten million dollars…

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Nice to hear that there are civilized divorces happening these days – even in Hollywood. SNL’s Kenan Thompson is a prime example. He and his wife Christina Evangeline actually separated a few years ago, and finally filed for divorce in April- without malice. After 14 years together they just “grew apart” and remain on good terms- they co-parent and spend holidays together with their two daughters. Kenan REALLY proved his good intentions when his estranged wife started dating his SNL costar Chris Redd. (Chris also just costarred with Thompson on his ill-fated series Kenan for 2 seasons!) It’s hard to imagine a man not being disturbed by his wife dating his good friend, but so far Kenan is living up to his nice-guy image…

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Hard to believe, but Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider has been with the same woman- his wife- for 46 years. That has to be a record in the rock world. Dee and his wife Suzette met when she was 15 and he was 21 – for Dee it was love at first sight. They married in 1981 and Dee admits when the band was really hot in 1984, they nearly broke up because his ego got out of control. But he came to his senses, and they went on to have four kids. Suzette is still a knockout – they went out to dinner last night in West Hollywood. Dee is delighted that Ukraine’s anti-war anthem is Twisted sister’s hit We’re Not Gonna take It…

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It’s been awhile since we saw Stevie Wonder, 70, out and about in Hollywood – he took his glamorous wife Tomeeka out to dinner. It’s a shame he can’t see her because she looks exceptionally nice in leopard tonight. Stevie and Tomeeka, a former teacher, had a big wedding at the Bel Air Hotel in 2017 and have two kids together. Stevie has always been a busy guy – he has seven other children with four other women and they all got along at the wedding. Ironically, Tomeeka is the same age as Stevie’s oldest child.

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This is a photo of the woman that we recently discovered is married to Marilyn Manson. They had a FaceTime wedding last year during the pandemic and Nicolas Cage was the only online guest. Lindsay Usich has been described as a tattoo artist, a photographer, and an artist – she’s 36 and has an equally attractive twin sister. Since the abuse scandal broke, she and Manson have been hiding out at his LA home which now has 24 hour security guards. (Marilyn is described as paranoid.) EVERYONE is wondering what IS the story with Lindsay – is SHE being abused or tormented by Marilyn and keeping it to herself? Evan Rachel Wood accused Lindsay of trying to blackmail her last December with embarrassing photos taken when she was underage with Marilyn, and she filed a police report. Looks like Lindsay can take care of herself…

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