Walt Disney World


This comes from a Disney insider, and although it’s more business gossip than celebrity gossip, we feel compelled to share it. Now that Disney is suing Florida governor and likely presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, the entertainment conglomerate has a drastic plan if they don’t prevail: they’re closing Disney World and cutting all ties with Florida! The insider explained that the “nuclear option” is already being discussed behind very closed doors at corporate headquarters in Burbank, and feelers are already being put out to land developers to appraise the 25,000 acres owned by the amusement park. Keep in mind, OTHER states would be THRILLED to welcome Disney. While my insider stresses it’s a long shot, they also insist that if DeSantis doesn’t back down they are prepared to call it a day. This would likely destroy Florida’s economy since Disney is the state’s largest employer and bring in billions of tourism dollars.


Photo: Disney