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Photo Credit via A Socialite’s Life: Pacific Coast News

Maybe those great hospital sources have dried up since the Farrah Fawcett UCLA Medical Center scandal. Last week Star announced their exclusive scoop that Shia LaBeouf was likely to have his pinky finger AMPUTATED because it was so damaged in his auto accident. Here’s a recent photo of Shia and his bandaged hand – we can’t resist pointing out that his pinky finger is clearly the only one NOT damaged.

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  1. Had the photo not been of just Shia..we would all be able to see Isabel Lucas next to his side walking…im suprised you have no comment on them being out together again seeing as how I dont think her boyfriend would like that too much.

  2. The Star lost all its credibility when it became a glossy. I mean, come on, hiring Victoria Gotti to “write” a gossip column?
    Bonnie Fuller royalled messed up and now there’s no good gossip there.

  3. Is Shia’s dad African-American? Just curious, because sometimes Shia looks like he has some colour in him.

  4. His fingers escaped being detached, but his balls and grapes are hanging by a mere thread of skin.

  5. @ gay tallywacker:
    His mother is a Jew
    His father is Cajun..Cajun is a mix of black, white, and french. Many times black is more predominate, other times not.

  6. The only reason this buffoon got any acting jobs was because of his Jewish connections. The Hollywood mafia are now regretting they hired this movie killer.

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