Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes CAN make a dull red carpet seem interesting. Tom pulled out his brand new jeans and brand new sneakers for the premier of “Tropic Thunder,” and paired them with sunglasses at night. He is supposedly unrecognizable in the movie, playing a fat, bald movie mogul.

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  1. I saw Tropic Thunder and it was hysterical. Robert Downey was AMAZING and I am black woman. It was done tastefully. As for Tommy, he has a dance scene at the end of the movie that is so funny. You can see that his black Scientology friends, i.e. Will Smith has definitely been teaching Tommy some moves.

  2. Tommy plays a fat, bald movie mogul in this film. In life he plays a sexy, straight leading man whose talent only gets better with age. This is far more challenging, since in real life he is a fat, balding closet case cultist who inexplicably wears white sneakers, tight jeans and a shiny jacket (perhaps the sunglasses were to ward off the glare from the jacket) to a film premiere.

  3. Have you noticed where katie’s waist is compared to shrimpy tom?

  4. If the fat, bald, movie mogul is very short, you can bet we will recognize the tiny terrible midget. Even if he wears lifts, he is still soooo teensy-weensy. Can’t Scientology so anything about his height?…I thought they were the wonder-cult #1. Calling Xena for help, Xena, are you there?

  5. He’s such a loser. Just lost a major role to a chick. I never liked him – never figured out his attraction. His gum line is so gross and he is shorter than me.
    Poor Katie. She’s re-arranging chairs on the Titanic.

  6. What is up with those cashmere vests? It’s a thousand degrees in LA. He should just GO to college and stop being a poser, he might actually learn something scholarly.

  7. Sunglasses in a dark room, YOU ASSHOLE!!
    (btw: “SMALL” means FAGGOT?)
    That’s an easy one: HE IS.

  8. Those sneakers he’s wearing are hilarious. They have wedge heels like those shoes that nurses wear. I presume it is to make him less of a gmd
    (gay midget dwarf)

  9. Tom is somewhat attractive, but I never understood the gaga-ness that some women go over him. It just escapes me. His teeth are so enormous, he could easily be an Osmond. When he started ranting to Matt Lauer about how there’s no such thing as a chemical imbalance, that did it for me. My sister suffers from one, and thanks to medication, she is fine, but for that overpaid, under-talented midget pipsqueak to just categorically state what he did truly shows how ignorant he really is. And I’m sure the millions of others who suffer from a chemical imbalance feel the same way. I’d like to ask him, ‘so Tom, when did you get your medical degree? Between flop movies?’

  10. I won’t miss Tiny Tom in this movie. I won’t see it and I won’t miss it. I don’t see any movie he’s involved with. I don’t support his cult or anyone involved with it.

  11. 9:08 AM, Anonymous.. Second the motion. The tiny one and the tall skeletal one are living high, wide, and handsome now. But when they are shaking hands with Lucifer (due to their worship of Scientology), they will wish they had never heard of SCI……too late.

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