Hollywood must be scrambling to buy the rights to the Joyce McKinney story: it features insanity, obsession, religion, a Penthouse pinup turned female rapist, courtroom drama, and a cloned vicious pit bull. Jeremy Olshan of the NY Post dished up all the lurid details that other news outlets neglected.

As you may recall, a woman named Bernann McKinney recently made the news because she cloned her pit bull in Korea for $50,000, and the result was five puppies. Someone recognized her photograph and ID’d her as Joyce McKinney, a sex crazed pinup girl who was on the lam for 30 years after she kidnapped a Mormon missionary. Joyce, a former Miss Wyoming, was a Utah student in the 70’s when she became obsessed with Kirk Anderson, a fellow student and missionary. They had a brief romance but she was too possessive, and he moved to England to escape her.

She tracked him down, and with chloroform and a fake gun, kidnapped him and manacled him with fur lined handcuffs to a bed at a remote cottage. After days of reading the scriptures and begging him to marry her, she forced him to have sex with her. Later in court he said ” I couldn’t move” and she testified “Kirk had to be tied up to have an orgasm.”

The UK tabloids went wild with the story, dubbing her the “Shackle Queen.” Somehow McKinney jumped bail and hid in Atlanta posing as a nun. When it became clear that British authorities didn’t intend to extradite her, she posed nude in a series of magazines. In 1984 she was caught skulking around Kirk’s home and was arrested again. In 1999 she was interviewed living in isolation in a shack in Tennessee with her beloved pit bull, who pulled her wheelchair.

Now it turns out her beloved pit bull viciously attacked two joggers and was condemned to be euthanized, but Joyce kidnapped HIM from the pound before he could be put to death. So these adorable puppies have THAT DNA. The Koreans who cloned her dog might be sorry they gave her a $50,000 discount for being “so nice.”
Who would YOU cast in the role of Joyce?



  1. CHARLIZE THERON….her performance in MONSTER was so Extraordinary…i bet she could play this monster too!!

  2. Best part was he was wearing a Mormon chastity belt whilst shackled. I truly want to know WTF that loooks like.

  3. sally struthers, if you have to make a film.
    Personally, I think this woman has had too much attention.
    BTW, I knew there is no logical, rational reasoning behind cloning.
    There are millions of dogs in shelters around the world who need homes, but she HAD to have her dog reincarnated?
    And how does that idiot know her 5 pit bull puppies are not just regular puppies from an animal shelter and not cloned from her euthanized dog?

  4. While young, she looks like Shelley Long, that girl from Cheers. Fat and old, she looks exactly like Shirley Knight (Helen Hunt’s mom in As Good As It Gets). Tom Cruise can play the pit bull. 😉

  5. Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears young…Suzanne Somers or Sylvia Browne (Montel Williams’ psychic girlfriend)

  6. Love the quote from the wife of the kidnapped Mormon when Joyce’s identity was revealed: “Well, she’s ugly as sin now, but that’s definitely her.” LOL!

  7. Terri Garr looks like her, and as a bonus, she’ll work for scale plus lunch!

  8. I vote for Wally George’s kid — Rebecca. We just watched “The Trip to Bountiful” the other night and she was fabulous. What is she doin’ these days?

  9. “I vote for Wally George’s kid — Rebecca. We just watched “The Trip to Bountiful” the other night and she was fabulous. What is she doin’ these days?”
    Mostly getting arrested for DUI, attending AA daily and trying to hang on to her marriage to a younger man (Tatum O’Neal’s half-brother).

  10. ^^^^
    I always thought Rebecca would do a fab job playing Hillary Clinton.
    But then Hillary got kinda ugly and Rebecca had a facelift that left her looking “younger,” but somehow generic and unrecognizable at the same time.

  11. The Philippine capital of Manila has this famous socialite, Vicki Belo…plastic surgeon to the stars…Google her, and you’ll see she’s a dead ringer for this crazy. And by the way, Vicki is not a licensed doctor, much more surgeon, but she’s making a killing in the industry. Only in the Philippines!

  12. Janet, this post does not interest me at all. Why do you dwell on this kind of dreck?

  13. Bruce Vilanch (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) OR Sally Struthers who looks JUST LIKE THIS FEMALE RIGHT NOW!!!!

  14. LIAR! I just read your sick article on Ms.McKinney of August. It is untrue,libelous and defamatory. It will be turned over to her lawyers so your sorry filthy tail can be sued for millions of dollars. First of all, fool, Ms. McKinney was never charged OR convicted of kidnapping and raping a 300 POUND SIX FOOT FIVE INCH MORMON MISSIONARY. That was–and is a PRESS HOAX concocted by Mormon PR men and spread across the tabloid media and wire services which destroyed this young woman’s life. YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HER REAL STORY AT ALL. NOR DID YOU DO RESEARCH TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH about what truly happened in England! As for today, 32 years later, Ms.McKinney is physically handicapped, and her dog (that was the Clone-Parent of the adorable puppies) was her Service Dog! He helped her with the tasks of daily living, because her arms had been amputated and re-constructed. If you think that is funny you are sicker than I thought! And how did gossip Janet ever get to be such a confused dishonest person? Your ignorance of Ms, McKinney’s life is appalling! Ms.
    McKinney’s Service Dog NEVER “mauled ANY joggers”. Where does the news media get such crap? That dog, which I personally knew for years, never bit anyone in its life! LIttle children rode on its back at Wal Mart, stepped on its toes, and and pulled its tail and it never even so much as growled. It was so gentle it slept with a kitten. Now back to the Mormon SLANDER: Ms.McKinney–who was a Katharine Heigl lookalike when she ran for MISS USA in 1973, was beautiful sweet charming and cultured (unlike you). Is all you have to do in life is make fun of innocent people or slander them? Moreover, get your facts straight! Those of us who knew Ms.McKinney and chubby whale sized Kirk Anderson back in the 70s know that she was a beautiful gal who had scores of admirers and won beauty contests from the time she was a child. You have the story backwards! It was KIRK who was obsessed with HER. HE beat a path to her doors with love songs and flowers and ardently asked her to marry him the second night he dated her. He pursued her most vigorously til she agreed to marry him, then mysteriously vanished only weeks before their wedding. When she hired a detective to find her fiance, it was then she learned the Mormon CULT had him. She found him with his once beautiful long hair shaved nearly bald, his eyes dilated in a transfixed state, singing and chanting about the holy (false) prophet Joe Smith (a polygamist). After Kirk spent three days with her in the English countryside, they made love–which is TABOO for Mormon street recruiters, who like to refer to themselves as”missionaries” when in fact their goal is to recruit new cult members, not spread the gospel of Jesus or Christianity! When Kirk returned to Mormon headquarters to tell them he was leaving his mission to marry her, he found hundreds of reporters in the front yard and frantically called Ms. McKinney that the church had hired PR teams to “save” their multi million dollar image–by propagating a LIE that she had “kidnapped and raped” him. (I have a copy of that tape recorded phone transcript! IT not only proves HER innocence, but the Mormon cults’ guilt in the entire cover-up!) It is trash like you media people who helped the Mormons destroy this innocent young woman life. And by the way, she was a virgin who did not smoke, drink, or use drugs– A VERY DOMESTIC SWEET DOWN TO EARTH young girl when this hideous nightmare of slander by Mormon and their press contacts happened to her. The Mormons were desparate to keep the TRUTH from being made known. And they counted on sex story hungry media fruits like YOU Janet, to spread their hideous lie. ..A lie that has destroyed an innocent woman’s life for 32 years! …When, as an elderly person 32 years later, she went to Korea to pickup her puppies cloned from her beloved service dog who had died tragically from cancer the media was too stupid and dishonest to pick up on THAT story, the story of a courageous woman who had survived the horror of an amputation–a heartwarming story of courage for all people with disabilities! AGAIN, as years ago, press hoodlums like yourself were to dishonest and perverted to tell the REAL story or even to interview her. It is easier to RE PRINT the original mormon sourced libelous story. But guess what–the fact that it was done in the last years MEANS SHE CAN SUE THE HELL OUT OF YOU. So get your suit pressed creeps, “Janet Charlton” will have her domain traced, her real name and address traced (for court subpoeneas), and will be brought to court. There are new laws to protect victims like Ms. McKinney who are slandered ON THE INTERNET! Hope you have lots of money, for Ms. McKinney will definitely be collecting damages from you–just as she did Paramount, and Hard Copy, AND OTHERS who she sued and won–because they printed the SAME LIE AS YOU DID, JANET.
    I suggest you print a correction. if not, her attorneys will get copies of your SLANDER, and we’ll see you in court jerk!

  15. I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms. McKinney for over fifty years. She is a sweet beautiful lady with a delightful soul winning personality who looks about twenty years younger than her age, despite all the trauma she has gone through from Mormon sourced slander, like the malicious people commenting herein. Joyce is from a fine, clean living Chrstian family, well educated, and certainly NOT crazy, as the Mormons herein would like to manipulate you into believing. As for the nuts commenting here, not a one of them has ever even met her and most of them are probably members of the Mormon cult, –gossip-mongers who have spread the defamatory false libelous story that she “kidnapped and raped” a 300 pound 6’5″ Mormon for 34 years, a crime which she was NEVER EVEN CHARGED with! (This consitutes CRIMINAL LIBEL, which they can be jailed for– plus sued for in a civil action.) She is now considering tracing their internet addresses and suing them to prove in court that Mormons were behind this vicous lie all along. They hate her because as a Christian she spoke out against the Mormon cult–its human rights abuses of minority groups, and false UN Biblical doctrines!
    I might add that as for the jealous hearted comment from Ms. McKinney’s former overweight wife (who was actually known at her high school as “Lardy Linda”), keep in mind that Linda is and always was terribly jealous of Joyce’s beauty and education which was far superior to hers, and Linda constantly feared Kirk going back to her even after the Mormon cult “arranged” the blood oath Mormon temple marriage and holy occultic symbol underwear routine. Lardy Linda never had a date in high school (poor thing) and had her marriage arranged to Joyces’ fiance by other Mormon leaders and his 350 pound Mormon Mammy “to get him over Joyce”. Joyce was only 24 when Kirk chased her til she agreed to marry him, and she is still gorgeous. So just the facts please.

  16. Casonia...Hells kitchen Paul is nice and can really cook and so can Will but Tommy needs to speak up in order to Win and Elisa is going to drive those men crazy with her company...She is mean and disliked and hope and pray she is next on the chopping bloc says:

    Might as well make it a movie? Crazy to do something like that but love is love.

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