Bernann McKinney


Hollywood must be scrambling to buy the rights to the Joyce McKinney story: it features insanity, obsession, religion, a Penthouse pinup turned female rapist, courtroom drama, and a cloned vicious pit bull. Jeremy Olshan of the NY Post dished up all the lurid details that other news outlets neglected.

As you may recall, a woman named Bernann McKinney recently made the news because she cloned her pit bull in Korea for $50,000, and the result was five puppies. Someone recognized her photograph and ID’d her as Joyce McKinney, a sex crazed pinup girl who was on the lam for 30 years after she kidnapped a Mormon missionary. Joyce, a former Miss Wyoming, was a Utah student in the 70’s when she became obsessed with Kirk Anderson, a fellow student and missionary. They had a brief romance but she was too possessive, and he moved to England to escape her.

She tracked him down, and with chloroform and a fake gun, kidnapped him and manacled him with fur lined handcuffs to a bed at a remote cottage. After days of reading the scriptures and begging him to marry her, she forced him to have sex with her. Later in court he said ” I couldn’t move” and she testified “Kirk had to be tied up to have an orgasm.”

The UK tabloids went wild with the story, dubbing her the “Shackle Queen.” Somehow McKinney jumped bail and hid in Atlanta posing as a nun. When it became clear that British authorities didn’t intend to extradite her, she posed nude in a series of magazines. In 1984 she was caught skulking around Kirk’s home and was arrested again. In 1999 she was interviewed living in isolation in a shack in Tennessee with her beloved pit bull, who pulled her wheelchair.

Now it turns out her beloved pit bull viciously attacked two joggers and was condemned to be euthanized, but Joyce kidnapped HIM from the pound before he could be put to death. So these adorable puppies have THAT DNA. The Koreans who cloned her dog might be sorry they gave her a $50,000 discount for being “so nice.”
Who would YOU cast in the role of Joyce?