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For months, rumors have multiplied that Dr Phil and his wife Robin are getting a divorce. (Maybe 31 years of Phil’s insufferable ego are enough for Robin.) Now there just may be some concrete evidence of a bustup. The McGraw’s Beverly Hills neighbors report that up until recently they’ve been hearing Phil and Robin arguing in extremely loud voices. Loud enough to carry over the hedges and trees. Suddenly the brand new house the McGraws bought in 2002 for 7.5 million is empty. Everyone has moved out and it’s been pocket listed for sale at 18 million. Judging from the angry arguments, neighbors think the McGraws went in separate directions.

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  1. According to the Enquirer doing a remodel — although the Enquirer says they’re on the verge of divorce, too. Just wondering if there’s any new information? Does anyone know where they went?

  2. He’s f.cking ugly. Who the hell would want to f.ck that ugly a.. hole. Not me, and apparently not Robin either.

  3. Ventura, trust the Enquirer they haven’t been wrong in decades…

  4. Dr. Filth represents exactly what living in Texas can do to a person. Look at all the degenerates that come out of there: Hillary Duff, Asslee and Joe Simpson, serial blood doper Lance Armstrong, the Bush family, the assassins that killed JFK and the list goes on. Crooks, cheats and liars all come from Texas, the Moron State

  5. I really get a kick out of the rich. They haven’t heard real estate has come down.

  6. Hey Anonymous,
    Why so down on Texas? Did you get your heart broken or your ass kicked there? Only those that diss the state just can’t hang with the rest of us…

  7. Not too long ago they had bragged that in all the years of their marriage, they never had an argument!

  8. Rockin’ Robin should fly away from the bald con-man geezer. Get a lawyer, get tons of money, and build a bigger and better bird nest.
    He is so phony baloney, I can’t understand why he can still be on TV.

  9. I just read an article this morning in Ladies Home Journal where they are on the cover this month and they are definitely laying on the happy marriage thing very thick, it’s a really funny article that reeks of phoniness. I love his show though I must admit and he is a good Psychologist, it’s just when he tries to act like a celebrity he comes off as phony in my opinion

  10. He is the worst crap fake psychologist around. All he ever does is point out the obvious, and tell people to “get real.” His show parades out the creepiest low-life guests to tittlilate the home audience. He is such a fame whore that he will use anyone to keep his big bald head in the press. I don’t know how she could have stood living with him for so long, but the fact that she did makes her suspect, too.

  11. Dr. Phil is a phony. Just because he tells people to ‘get real’ does not mean he knows a thing about psychology. Shame on Oprah for giving him so many opportunities. He doesn’t deserve a single one.

  12. I don’t for a second believe that they have/had arguments that loud…no way could anyone hear from that far and thru all that building material & hedges & distance…how STUPID!!! And with Phil’s experience, I’m sure they “argue” in much saner ways than that! The house is probably too big for them now, or they just want to move for whatever reasons, DUH…people move all the time…and I’m FROM Ventura and its a lovely town with ocean and lots to offer, so wouldn’t doubt them wanting to go there…LOTS of celebrities live there, or in Ojai, right above Ventura, and Oprah has a home in Santa Barbara, so maybe he wants to be nearer to his friend?
    As for his licence/experience? He DOES have real licenced experience for many many years or he couldn’t do what he does and claim to be a DR…he currently does not have a PRACTISE as he has his show, but he’s STILL a Dr!!
    YOU people need to grow up…him being bald or rich or from Texas has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING. Robin and Phil will be two of the LAST LOVERS to ever divorce!! They truly and obviously love each other and are in it for the long haul, and think of family above all else. Get a grip you negative jealous bashers!!! Have none of you ever seen them together?

  13. I love the vomit inducing hand in hand walk off they do daily on the show. I bet he beats her like a rented mule in private.

  14. Hi Reta, I mean Phil. You might want to have a real doctor check the dosage on your medications.

  15. The rich care for themselves and themselves only, no matter what they say. Robin and Phil are both selfish. They should think of the really poor and homeless. I don’t like them, and his show is boring and self-serving.

  16. Actually, “Dr.” Phil isn’t licensed to practice psychology in California — he’s just an entertainer. And his license to practice in Texas was revoked after he had an “inappropriate relationship” with a client. He’s a quack and only should be referred to as Mr. Phil.

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