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Judging by this photo of Queen Latifah leaving the Crustacean restaurant in Beverly Hills, Jenny Craig might be in for a fright. Latifah looks like she fell off her diet in a big way – of course it might just be the awkward angle of the camera. Let’s hope so. Poor Jenny doesn’t need another Kirstie Alley. Keep in mind that when Latifah signed up with Jenny Craig, she KNEW her weight would be watched!

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  1. Give her a break! She didn’t go on the diet to look like a stick figure; she never said she did. She lost the weight to get healthier and be less at risk for stroke, etc. If she learned enough stuff, it’s OK to go out to dinner without ruining a diet.
    That is a very unflattering angle too. I wouldn’t want to be pictured like that, would you?

  2. This was not a bad angle.She was at the BET AWARDS last night and she is still VERY big. If she lost anything..it was maybe 5 or 10 which was a waste of time at her size. At first i admired when she said she wanted to get to a healthy weight not get thin but i personally think it was a cop out so no one would judge her if she barely lost anything.. well u cant try to get people to spend their hard earned money on a product that shes not sucessfully using. Reminds me of Whoopi and her Slimfast commericals where she would wear a long shirt covering everything so no one can tell.

  3. She is nothing but a fat lesbian. Guess that’s what love does to you….contentment and allthat.

  4. Queen never met a 10-course dinner she didn’t like, complete with the appropriate wines and a large slice of cheesecake.
    Her motto is calories be damned. So now maybe all the phony diet plans will be clamoring for her to endorse them?

  5. I am surprised Jenny Craig does not a weigh in clause with their celebrity spokesperson. Girlfriend has fallen off the wagon big time.

  6. She hasn’t lost one gram. This hiphop woman is a fraud and faggot lover. That’s all Folks!!!

  7. and by the way..just because ive slept with men doesnt make me a faggot.

  8. The Queen is certainly a bull dyke and she was just looking for some income from JC without responsibility…if there are any complaints she will scream racism.

  9. Queen Latifah has loads of talent, singing, acting etc. She has a big build and is muscular. I’d rather look like her than most of the Hollywood stick insects. Janet, your prejudice really shines through in all your articles. Everybody should not be a size 00.

  10. The thing is when you are as big as she is (no i’m not saying she’s fat). It takes time to lose the weight. It won’t happen overnight. So give her a break.

  11. She does appear a bit thicky thick in this pic, but Queenie, she’s always been big…I’m sure we’ll see results by the end of the year, old habits die hard.

  12. You can lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks; the 7th week eat 3 huge meals and instantly you can gain back 10 pounds. The fat cells are still there waiting to be filled up. Queen should give up trying, just like Oprah did.

  13. The whole point is SIZE HEALTHY. How can you judge healthier from one unflattering photo.

  14. First of all, she looks great. She is not trying to be skinny. Have you not seen the commercial? Does “size healthy” ring a bell? Not everyone is willing to throw up every meal to be healthy. Posting comments like this adds to women believing they are not good enough because they are not skinny. Shame on you! You need to look in the mirror, Janet, before you criticize anyone for their looks.

  15. Gross I would never by her stuff or anything she promotes.

  16. She is a much greater success with her weight than the totally obese Kirstie Alley

  17. She said she was following a special diet and routine for her that was to get her fit, firm and healthy not skinny Janet.

  18. eating tuna will make you fat, know what I mean Vern???

  19. She may not be a stick figure but she looks waaaay better than that chick you posted from Thrid Rock from the Sun a few days age (forget her name) who lost 60 pounds, looked like death warmed up and you, Janet said looked good!

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