After over a month of being in two hospitals, first UCLA and then Cedars Sinai, Kate Beckinsale gave a hint on social media that she was suffering from stomach issues. Here’s what we know: For years, Kate has suffered from severe acid reflux, which gets worse when she’s going through stressful times. The death of her stepfather threw her into a tizzy and her acid reflux was SO bad that she was vomiting after every meal – don’t get this confused with bulimia though. Kate finally seems to have gotten the problem under control, but is now on a very restricted diet to control her body’s overproduction of acid.

Travis Kelce just signed a 20 episode deal with Amazon Prime Video to host the upcoming game show, Are You Smarter Than A Celebrity? What he DIDN’T reveal in the announcement is that he’s counting on his girlfriend Taylor Swift to get her famous celebrity friends to appear on his show. Here’s another interesting tidbit: Travis’ deal promises him a huge bonus if he gets Taylor to appear. According to our source, she hasn’t agreed, but she also hasn’t said no.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s estranged husband Ryan Anderson might be making lemonade from the lemons his marriage turned into. Gypsy Rose claimed that she was divorcing Ryan over many things, including his habit of hoarding food. Plus-sized Ryan has been offered an endorsement deal to lose up to 200 pounds using a new diet drug that’s similar to Ozempic, and hitting the market soon. Our source says that Ryan has wanted to slim down for a while and is motivated by the upcoming divorce to get in the best shape of his life.

Valerie Bertinelli made the news over her new romance with East Coast based writer Mike Goodnough. After hinting about the romance for weeks, Valerie and Mike just went public. While they’re claiming it will be a long distance relationship since he lives on the East Coast and she lives in Malibu, we are hearing that Valerie is already looking at property in Manhattan. She’s planning to spend a lot of time in the New York area now that she’s dating Mike, and wants a condo on the Upper West Side.

Finally, one last interesting Donald Trump tidbit. His criminal trial started in New York City this week and my source is revealing that his attorneys aren’t so thrilled about the thought of having every lunch with Donald. Here’s why: It’s customary for attorneys and their clients to have lunch together during courtroom breaks, but paranoid Donald is so afraid that someone will poison him, that he insists on only eating fast food for lunch. While his attorneys realize they need to spend this time with him going over the trial, some of them have started packing their own lunches so they don’t have to subject themselves to Donald’s daily doses of fast food.

Photo: Instagram  Kate Beckinsale looking thin in hospital

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