Mariah Carey continues to insist she really lost 70 pounds so she nonchalantly pulled on a pair of spandex pants she wore last year in Aspen for an outdoor concert at an Austrian ski resort. NOT a great choice! Is everyone around her afraid to tell her when she makes a fashion mistake? Mariah DOES look pretty, but what will Jenny Craig say?
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Photos via: Daily Mail

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  1. please leave her alone. yes she made a mistake but picking on women and their weight is just not necc. I think she looks healthy and happy. she made a mistake in what she was wearing but she looks beautiful

  2. She is a hog for certain and gives America a bad name…much like the Kardashians.

    The large trunk side of her biracial genes is taking over.

  3. How thoughtful you are for bringing this to her attention in two big bright photos. lol

    I’m not a big fan of hers but she looks pretty in the pictures. She has been on the slightly chub side for years and it looks fine on her. She looks ten years younger than she is.

    Plus, She has a great voice. It is her neediness that is just a little too much.

  4. And the shock and attention is she wore this peep show travesty in clothing..

  5. Nope…she took a huge fee to perform so she is open to any criticism… should only wish for the fees that people like her are able to weasel out of some of these events.

    as she gets older, her trunk will continue to get larger and larger and larger…it is part of her genes!

  6. Janet, your jealousy is showing again… I wish you’d stop picking on people that are actually a normal weight… she looks beautiful.

  7. Nothing wrong with her weight at all!

    Janet, it may be time to retire and leave fake La La land.

  8. Didn’t anyone tell her to wear panties(or Spanx or something)? That is just nasty/embarrassing.

  9. A much worse sight would have been if she was nude!

  10. Much like satin (the devil’s fabric), spandex is no one’s friend.

    Though she’s not model thin, I think she looks beautiful. And how could you notice anything other than that beautiful smile?

  11. Pointing out something that would be so very embarrassing for Mariah, as a woman, is quite telling. Shame, shame!

    Mariah is beautiful, and she obviously doesn’t have stylist. So what!

  12. She just can’t accept that she is not 19 anymore. Where was her stylist?

  13. Those Pants are tight but the big deal is that she is able to fit it and wear them well. This woman is really doing everything in her power to get into great shape and feels good about her body and the direction she is going. Spandex are tight but she still looks good! She is still very beautiful no matter what size she is?

  14. I am very proud of what she is doing and she looks great after giving birth to twins and to be able to put on a pair of pants from before she had her two children is wonderful and great and all I can say is you go girl!

  15. At least we now definitely know she is 100% female.

  16. Ghastly and tasteless as always. Ever since she lost the guidance of Tommy Mottola, she’s gradually looked cheaper and cheaper. Those big plastic t*ts certainly didn’t help.

  17. Skinny or Fat, neither look good in spandex.

    One has to be majorly fit to wear spandex. You have to have body tone and no little fat bulges and no little bones sticking out.

    Several times a week while taking my morning jog, I see older men and women (like myself) that are skinny and wearing spandex. Let me tell you kids, it ain’t a pretty sight. There’s not a lot of tone left in the skin once you are over 70. The face can be filled out by cosmetics but the bony butts are not pretty. You don’t want to get too close to them after a poached egg and cereal breakfast. Plus, each old saggy hind-end one reminds me of my own. lol

  18. People are just jealous! Mariah is a beautiful woman no matter what she wears. Who’s business is it to judge? Certainly not ours. People need to grow up and look in their own back yards and stop critisizing other folks. Do what you do Mariah!!!

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