Actor Steve Guttenberg was on top of the world in the 1980’s but then the 90’s arrived and it all fizzled out. Steve gained fame playing “nice guys” in movies like “Diner,” with Mickey Rourke and Kevin Bacon, “Police Academy,’ “Three Men and a Baby,” and “Cocoon” along with plenty of sequels. He hosted Saturday Night Live , bedded countless women, and it all went to his head. He just wrote a book called “The Guttenberg Bible” and his story ends without fanfare in 1990. No drama, drugs, or scandals, his career just fizzled. An industry insider says this is typical – Steve had “a moment” and his time was up. “This is a young person’s business only a privileged few like Paul Newman get to stay on top.” Today Steve is single and living in New York, hoping to do another sequel.

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  1. Fizzling out or dropping out of sight probably saved his life…

  2. Wasn’t this asswipe running around naked in the LA canyon? Attention whore much? FAILED.

    {He hosted Saturday Night Live , bedded countless women, and it all went to his head…No drama, drugs, or scandals, his career just fizzled…An industry insider says this is typical – Steve had “a moment” and his time was up. “)

    Umm…so what’s the TRUTH here. A “moment”, such as substance abuse, mental illneess…

    Such conflicting statements!

  3. Steve was pretty funny in ‘Three men and a baby’. Other than that I don’t know much about him. This was a great movie, unusual story and entertaining.

  4. Oh, come on! He used to be an unexpectedly nice bodied jewish boy…
    with minimal acting talent… He got fat and fugly … has nothing to raise him above being a once OK looking guy— no acting talent- nothing!
    He joins the ranks of useless Jewish ‘actors’ who have nothing to give but their jewishness….,and are therefore loved by Hollywood! …. Jonah Hill …puhleez…. give me a break!

  5. He never impressed me. I don’t know about the “bedded countless women” part. I certainly never found him even remotely attractive.

  6. He’s a talented guy. I first saw him many years ago in a tv show called “Billy”. I thought the kid had a lot of talent and was funny.

    I hope he doesn’t quit acting because he still has a lot of fans out there.

    Here’s a list of my favorite Guttenberg movies:

    The Boys from Brazil (He has a small part in the beginning of the movie.)


    The Day After

    Police Academy


    Short Circuit (grandkids still love it)

    3 Men and a Baby

    High Spirits (my wife insists I add this one but I suspect it is because a young Liam Neeson is in this movie too)

    The Boyfriend School

    3 Men and a Little Lady

    Home for the Holidays (1995)- This is a great movie with Robert Downey Jr. and Holly Hunter. Downey is priceless in this one.


    What not to see? “Meet the Santas”. Not because of Guttenberg but because of Crystal Bernard poor nose job. It is so distracting. She was a cutie on “Wings” but became a victim of a bad plastic surgery (my opinion here).

  7. He started the Guttenhouse Project, which provides housing in south Los Angeles for at-risk foster care youth when they turn 18 and have nowhere else to go. Has also organized a campaign to provides glasses for poor children whose families cannot afford eye care.

  8. Titest25 I know what you mean about Jonah Hill. I started to watch get him to the greek the other day, but for the life of me, could not work out the appeal of Jonah and why he keeps getting cast in movies. I just figured probably because he gave good head.

    Which brings me to another question, if you are an actor trying to get a break and you do the ‘casting couch thing’, does this guarantee you a part? I’m sure there are those in power that probably abuse this, and make false promises. Although in this day and age of technology (recording devices), you would have to be stupid to reneg.

    yeah, yeah, I know such trivial things to concern oneself with, lol

  9. Janet you are right about the moment thing, any actor that does get a break, should think themselves lucky and it can end very quickly.

    This guy should be happy, he had the break he did. Hope he was wise with his money and/or had a career to fall back on/in too.

  10. I attended Steve’s star unvieling on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” several months ago.It was raining like crazy, but still a great event. I think he is a wonderful actor and “Cocoon” is one of the most remarkable movies ever, Steve was great in it and the rest of the cast outstanding. At his star ceremony, Steve seems to be a very nice, personable man and treated everyone with respect and dignity. He has had a very strong career and made some very memorable movies. He also does a great charity work for troubled youth. I think he is a very caring person, a humanitarian and has already had the kind of movie career that dreams are made of, a good man he is indeed.

  11. this is what happens when you don’t drink milk……

  12. I’m sure you all have wonderful points about the man, but I got stopped at all the women he had. Really? He was that hot?

  13. And, before he got discovered, he was going to UCLA dental school! Also, remember, he was on “Dancing with the Stars” a couple of years ago…

  14. No fool like an old fool…especially an old lush…I agree with Strom..please continue to fade away. How embarrassing.

  15. I guess I would prefer to remember him in past movie roles…liked him in Cocoon

  16. He was a star, so of course he can bed some women. Do you know how many Star Fuckers are in Hwood?

  17. Steve Guttenberg is okay. He’s going to be on Craig Ferguson May 7 to promote his book — and he just got a Twitter account.

  18. This man has done some amazing work and he is one of a kind…I have enjoyed his movies and his personality and brightness but sooner or later some people just need to kick back and smell the roses and take a much needed rest and a break….He still takes great care of his-self and looks amazing. This man is rich and has his stuff together and sooner or later every one reaches a peek and really rocks it out but this man is in much need of some time to relax and chill and kick back and enjoy life. I will always look up to him as a man who has torched the world in many special ways.

  19. His movies were fun but he was never really going to be an A-lister. The last thing I remember hearing about him and seeing was a weird video on youtube. Apparently he regularly runs through Central Park NY with no pants on (just a t-shirt and jogging shoes), some enterprising camera man filmed it……I’m thinking maybe mental health issues had a part to play in his fading away.

  20. Steve is a businessman now and is a successful businessman to boot.

  21. Why is everyone jumping on Steve G? lol This video was obviously staged as Steve would get arrested for jogging naked every day in a park. lol

    If everyone could take off the hate glasses for a second, tell me if this makes sense. I was reading a bunch of people talking about his movies and a few people set him apart from todays.. pay me, watch me but dont you dare get in my space actors of today.

    A few said, he was a non threatening male actor who seemed to really enjoy what he was doing. If you notice, he is always smiling, like he is genuinely happy to be in the movies and happy with life.

    Then in this obviously faked video, the last thing he says is stay smiling or stay happy before jogging off.

    There are a lot worse people than Steve G guys. lol

  22. I don’t know what happened here but this actor took time out to reach out to dying children at st mary’s hospital in queens, ny so I don’t care what people say I saw a giving person the day he came to the hospital and put smile’s on the faces of those children this is the trait of a good person and I also loved his acting sometimes you have to look close to see ture art this is not fluff it’s truth God Bless you sir

  23. Was the Central Park jog a joke he was in on? A very strange joke, if so, and one seeming to point to bad judgement and possibly mental health issues. Just saw him in ‘The Boyfriend School’ on Telly and thought he was very charming, and quite good looking, so googled him to see what else he’d done. Not a fan of the ‘Police Academy’ franchise, but ‘three Men . . .’ and ‘The Diner’ are more of what I would have liked to see him in. Show biz is tough, and it takes its toll, as I think it’s possibly done with him, but he seems basically a very decent bloke, so I wish him well and hope to see him in another non-silly role in the future.

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