Here’s an interesting story we just heard about Scientology: A source told us about a friend who was experienced in editing and touching up and restoring photographs. This young woman was hired to work at a Scientology center and her job description was to work on the archival collection of photos of L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, and make sure all photographs of him were flattering. In his early years the science fiction writer ran with a bar-hopping boozy bunch of writers in LA. He was a messy guy and all evidence of THAT was unacceptable. Undesirable items were to be removed from pics– all liquor glasses and bottles, cigarettes, and maybe a bottle of pills that could be seen in the background, disappeared. And Hubbard was prettied up – spots were erased from his clothing, his hair was neatened up. Unattractive companions were also removed. All archival photos would eventually be re-imagined in ideal perfection. Before the job was finished, however, our girl was fired because someone overheard her on the phone talking about a wild night she had experienced and her behavior was judged as unseemly. So someone else was hired for the position of glorifying L Ron Hubbard.

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  1. So it goes, “A PICTURE PERFECT WORLD”. Just another facet of the Illuminati {or New World Order, Military Industrial Complex, Rockefeller Syndicate, call it what you like} plan for World Domination. Yes there really is a Shadow Government.

  2. Pretty scary stuff. The Soviets were famous for this kind of “editing”.

  3. It amazes me how they took this frumpy, old, fat, creepy looking man and decided to idolize him. It’s really disturbing how close it is to all the dictators from the past. Tom Thumb is really a lunatic for participating in this disgusting, abusive, evil cult.

  4. Pathetic people join cults – as they don’t fit in anywhere in the “real” world. Cults want to appear to be the answer for the masses – that’s why they will do anything to appear “perfect”. The cults are controlling and EVIL. Hear me – Mr. Cruise? His 2 adopted children are now totally brainwashed – thanks to Mr. C.

  5. No amount of photoshop could zap this idiot into anything appealing. He’s still a delusional, disgusting slob. I agree with most of the posts, cults are evil.

  6. For sure he did not make it into the Pearly Gates. If the idiot mega-rich celebs who have given million$ to the cult could catch a brief glimpse of where their idol is, they would get the h*ll out of SCI. Or….maybe not?

  7. Ugh! He always seemed oily and gross, outside and in.

  8. I’ve never seen an unflattering image of Jesus anywhere either….just saying!

  9. To really give yourself the creeps, look at the video on youtube where Tom Thumb and the evil Miscavige are on stage with the giant picture of this creep and they’re actually saluting and kowtowing to his picture!

  10. And the hits just keep on comin’! This takes the kooky cake.

  11. yoyo beat me to it: no amount of Photoshopping can make this guy flattering.

    I wonder if that’s the typewriter on which he created his wacky religion.

  12. most of the sceintology members here in ny city are smokers
    alot are seen outside their headquarter on west 48th street smoking on any given day.

  13. The Sci’s are FREAKS! Erasing and editing history to suit their facade. Miscavige is a dangerous psychopath. Scarier yet that people still think they are just harmless nuts…

  14. the brown dof looks so depressed having to pose next to her and the poor black dog want’s to get away, can’t blame them i would too

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