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It turns out Mariah Carey signed on the dotted line for American Idol JUST IN TIME. It’s been three years since her last unsuccessful album and she hoped her new comeback single “Triumphant” would be just that. Since she released it on iTunes to not-so-hot reviews, it moved from 42 to 40. But radio stations continue to ignore it, so it’s not promising. Suddenly that 12 million dollar AI contract seems like an even better deal because her exposure on the show might help sell the song. Above, she’s swimming with “dem babies.”

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  1. Wow, I JUST finished reading about how the entire A.I. crew is dreading the arrival of Ms. Carey. Seems she has already been acting the total diva, demanding a special outfitted trailer for the twins, nanny care, her trailer outfitted with white lilies, white bedclothes, special cut steaks, Evian water, and most expensive chocolates, not to mention the biggest salary, among other things. I believe this, because I have read in the past that she is rude and demanding and those who work with her do not like her and try to stay away from her as much as possible. They are fools for bending to her will: A.I. is losing viewers by the droves.

  2. Really doubt Mariah needs the cash, think she’s more addicted to the attention. Regardless, those kids are so darn cute.

  3. The song is just awful. She needs Idol more than it needs her.

  4. Hmmm “dem babies”. So my last question comment has been answered. Now i know why racists post in our comment section…


  5. american idol is a repellent carnival of garbage. few if any winners have made it or gone anywhere….. the only thing it is good for is watching talentless attentions whores make total fools of themselves….. why is it still on tv??
    oh yeah, tv is garbage….
    you think you can dance
    you think you can sing
    you think you can do anything
    these shows BLOW so fucking bad….

  6. I believe that when they let Steven and J-Lo go that AI jumped the shark. I believe that people are getting tired of the format. MC is just too weird do do that show.

  7. Sandy Oh is right…I hope she’s well medicated cause the last time she followed in JLo’s footsteps, Glitter happened and a spectacular meltdown ensued.

  8. “dem babies”? Would you say that about Jennifer Gardner’s kids or Jessica Simpson’s baby?

  9. hahahah “dem babies” came from dem BLACK parents, the other 2 you mentioned did not.

  10. “dem babies” is how mariah and her husband have referred to them, repeatedly.

  11. Neither of the parents can say very much without going into eubonics.

  12. Considering Mariah writes her on songs, has passed Elvis on hits, can hit a note, it is more like something to do to get out the house as opposed to writing a blog for a living.

  13. These types of shows are very CHEAP to produce. That’s why there are so many of them. I watched the first few seasons of Idol — now, it’s too much to take. Still waiting for real programs with professional talent to come back (real entertainers) — instead of the talentless people wanting a break.

  14. Mish Mash: MC calls her kids “dem babies” on her twitter account and Nick calls them that sometimes too!

  15. The babies are adorable. And I read she was getting $17 mil. Unlikely she needs the money or a hit in the US. She’s huge overseas and is still raking it in.

    Anyway I believe she’ll bring in a whole new group of AI watchers even if I won’t be one of them.

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