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Kanye West rules his career and business with an iron hand and that includes telling his entourage how to dress. Kanye’s taste has evolved through the years and he insists that the people around him reflect his current predilection, according to Merle Ginsberg at The Hollywood Reporter. Right now he happens to be into black designer clothes (Barneys specialty) and he had his on-staff stylist make over the whole team, whether they like black or not. No one’s complaining because Kanye pays for all their designer clothes. We assume that goes for Kim, too.

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  1. Sherry lynne, thank god you will never reproduce, or a have a position of any responsibility.

    sick in the mind, sick in the heart, and

    I’d bet, a trailer park rental, single, obese, grade 7 – maybe 8, never been outside your state, unemployed, unilingual, unloved and unpleasant to know. Angry, sad and stupid. The American tri-fecta

  2. Hasn’t OJ Simpson been speaking more about pumping Kim’s mom and that one daughter is his? You can see the entire family has a fascination with BLACKS. Somewhere the gene pool went crazy in this bunch.

  3. Kanye has such low confidence. Does he really think it makes him a man to be so self obsessed? Most of us grownups don’t feel like our worth in reflected in the way our entourage dresses!

    Okay, I don’t have an entourage, but you see my point?

  4. Strumpet’s Trumpet

    I have noticed over time that you do nothing but criticize almost everyone’s comment. What gives you the right to call people names. What they post is their opinion and they have a right to. If you don’t agree w/ what they say, keep your ugly hateful mouth shut. You must be fat, gay, lonely, and trailer park trash (THERE, how do YOU like it?)

    EVERYONE: Please notice how hateful Strumpet is and how he/she gets his/her jollies off by always finding fault.

  5. wisdom rules is in your case an oxymoron,

    Sherrylins comments are despicable and good for Strumpet for commenting on them.

    Free speech does not include hate speech, here or anywhere else

  6. Seems SL made an unfortunate and uninformed comment. It is not any single race that is bad….it is individuals in every race.

    Why would 99% of BLACKS vote for Obama? Why would 99% of any group vote for anyone? Seems quite groupthink, don’t you think?

  7. I agree with Donnie, and crumpet lady

    SherryLine usually spews stupid and vile rscist junk and this is an entertainment blog. Sherry and Mr. Stromm anonynosly say things that they would never have the courage to say in public, where they would be held legally and personally liable.

    those kind of comments are completely out of context and intentionaly hateful, go elsewhere please, like a Nazi site, where yoiu can all hate happily together!!!

  8. kim had every opportunity to look elegant and classy here, and she chose to look like a clown.

  9. My 3 cents: How about this one:

    Under the Adam Lambert subject a while back I quoted from the Bible regarding homosexuality. THIS comment was completely in line and in context with the subject and I was called every filthy and hateful name in the book, just because I agreed with the Bible. I never said I hated gays, not ever, yet I was accused of it. Also, I did not retaliate to the cursing and horrible names I was called.

    So chew on this:

    Matthew 5: verse 11 and 12……”Blessed are ye when men shall revile you and persecute you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for MY sake. Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in heaven”.

    So…..either Janet can delete this…..or if you don’t like it, please go jump in the middle of Lake Atheist.

  10. @Strom, why would anyone listen to what OJ the murderer says. Why is anything he says even being reported? Inmates have PR people now?

    Oh and though I don’t like Kanye, I don’t see any issue with having “your people” look presentable.

  11. Kanye looks much better than his pig.

    What has OJ got to loose, Why won’t Kris take a blood test unless she already knows. Probably no doubt BLACK O J was screwing her…only question is offspring.

  12. If this is true, kanye is dressing Kim really ugly on purpose. He’s a narcissist that needs to “appear” to look better than anyone else. Inferiority complex much.

  13. My dearest India. We are not persecuting you for you faith as you claim.

    We are merely pointing out your hypocrisy when you participate in a gossip site and give false doctrine that works not grace for salvation.

    Also, I don’t remember any filth names called at least by me. Blessings.

  14. Are people denying that Israel is trying to provoke war in the Middle East by threatening to attack Iran over their Nuclear program? Or by assassinating Iranian Scientists? Or by unleashing cyber warfare against Iranian infrastructure? Or by their illegal settlements? Or by their undeclared Nuclear bombs? If so you better educate your self.

  15. Sherry Lynne you are absolutely right about Israel the us washes up all their nonsense

  16. Sherry lynne you’re an idiot, and have the geopolitical reasoning of a grade school drop out.

    No one wants to provoke a nuclear war, principally because there are no survivors of a nuclear war.

    Lots of countries would love to annihilate a hated foe, but they don’t, because they can’t.

    Mutually assured destruction, remember that phrase. We dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagazaki because we were confident that there would never be a reciprocal response.

    But in the case of the Middle East, a reciprocal response from somebody, is assured, ergo, mutual destruction, ergo, no nuclear war.

    instead of running about hating everybody, read a book or travel to those places you hate so much, real people live there, people with hearts , families and hope.

    jesus, what a hateful dumb ass you are.

  17. Christine, really, come on, give it a break, you’re becoming rather tedious.

    At least at home when the Evangelical crazies come a knocking, we can answer the door en flagrente delicto, here when you post your usual flaccid epistles, all we can do is whine. lakes o fire … ( is that in Wisconsin ? )

    My daughter thinks that unicorns are real, she’s 4. What’s your excuse ?

  18. kudos to Saint James, Andrea and Patrick, Sherry you’re a real dick.

  19. You are ALL naive if you don’t believe the next country the US will invade over oil will be Iran. There have been declassified documents that discussed it years ago.

    The US has almost 200 military bases around the world. This is about corporate profit and not people like all of our current and recent wars. Democracy, nuclear weapons, terrorism are all just an excuse for the real issue which is PROFIT for a select few at the expense of everyone else.

    Back to topic-Kim wouldn’t look good in anything as she is a cheap crude excuse for a human being and her personality always seeps thru. Kayne is a barely talented closet case who is desperate for attention just like Kim. They make a perfect couple.

    Indie you are delusional with your belief in a book of fiction written by people who were into worshiping “god” thru psilocybin mushrooms. Clearly, you HAVE TO BE delusional if you believe snakes can talk, men can walk on water and you can get pregnant without having sex. SEEK HELP NOW.

  20. Why do people believe a nuclear bomb will destroy us all. That is so lame. When Hiroshima was bombed there were people who lived right in the middle of it all who have recently died. Learn the facts ppl. Ugh!

  21. It’s not about posters!

    The above picture is the look of success to a BLACK male….a nice suit and a large assed white girl on his arm! Kanye will soon be at the White House!

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