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Russell Brand noticed an apparently homeless and shirtless man in the alley behind his yoga class, and stopped to give him a bottle of water. He introduced himself to the guy who seemed to be high as a kite on SOMETHING and had been rolling around in a dirty parking space. They had a chat and Russell talked the man into putting his shirt on and accompanying him to an AA meeting. The guy got into Russell’s Range Rover and they drove off.

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  1. Nice gesture but it will take a LOT more than that for this man to get off the streets. I have a good friend from journalism school who covers the homeless for the San Francisco Chronicle, and he tells me that the majority of homeless have long-term mental/drug/alcohol issues, often, all three. Nearly all are from VERY f—ed up families. While many do want to leave their homeless lives behind, their baggage makes it nearly impossible to do so. It CAN happen and it DOES happen, but the stats are very small. Again, nice try, and, ya never know. 🙂

  2. Looks more like Russell’s going to get his hairy butthole popped tonight! Go Russell

  3. russell’s travel trailer is waiting around the corner.

  4. At least he is trying to help someone out and do some good. I think it was a kind gesture. Many people with money/fame are to stuck up and ego driven to give anyone the time of day.

    We can thank corporate whore Ronald Reagan for deregulating the mental health hospitals in California when he was Gov. Literally turning thousands of very sick people onto the street overnight. The system has never gotten back to where it was years ago.

  5. @Hilary – well said & how true.

    Most of the homeless have deep rooted problems that go back from childhood or some trauma they’ve been through. Take a look around, life isn’t fair, however, a small, kind gesture from a stranger can sometimes make a big impact. Good for Russell.

  6. Very dangerous on his part. There are other, safer ways to help the ones who truly need intervention.

  7. None of us are as kind to others as we need to be (me included).

    Glad he is wanting to help but I agree with Sari. I don’t think his method is thought out or particularly safe. He could be attacked, robbed, possibly sued, killed….etc.

    Wish Brand would get a decent hair cut!!! LOL!!!

  8. nice he helped, what the heck is that giant lump and the side of russels foot????

  9. And there just happened to be a photographer RIGHT THERE, standing at just the right angles to capture his good deed on camera??? What a phony.

  10. I think Russell Brand is awesome! He gets a lot of bad press for doing nothing wrong… when his divorce with Katy Perry happened, he didn’t want any of her money… how many celebs walk away from that??? He stayed out of the spotlight if he had any girlfriends unlike Ms Perry tramp who was out with a bunch of different men before her divorce was even final. My respect goes to Mr. Brand… God bless him for trying to help others.

  11. You should read the columns written by Charley James in the LA Progressive. There are quite a number of people who are homeless WHO have not been habitually on street drugs or alcohol. Of course, being homeless causes mental illness.

    I have a friend who could not find a job because of his age and who lived in his car for over two years. He was able to couch surf but that was rare. He did not do drugs, or drink alcohol. He was finally able to scrap enough money together to buy a membership at 24 hour fitness so he could take a shower. Also he DID NOT come from an abusive home or family.

    Now because of social security he is off the street.

    A friend of mine wrote me that her son, daughter-in-law and grandchild may have to come and live with them because he is only able to find part-time work.

    I could go on and on…

    But this is for certain—this has all happened on Obama, Boehner, Reid, and McConnell’s watch. Blaming each other is not only irresponsible but inexcusable.

  12. You are forgetting Bush’s speech on the “Haves and the Have Mores.”

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