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Clint Eastwood suffered many rude questions about his age and mental state after he made his “chair” speech at the Republican National Convention. But let’s not forget where he started (on the 1960’s TV series “Rawhide”) and the fact that he was quite a hunk and the Robert Pattinson of that era. Definitely similar hair.


  1. Don’t even try to compare him to that goofy looking Rob whatever. Clint was one of the best looking and best physiques of his time. Rob isn’t even fit to shine his shoes. And I guarantee his mental state is just fine. It’s the rabid leftists and socialists trying to smear him because they don’t like what he has to say about The Chosen One.

  2. Both talented guys. I’m a big fan of Easwtwood. My wife is swooning over the picture and my great granddaughter is swooning over Pattinson.

    Give me The Good, Bad and Ugly & A Fistful of Dollars type westerns any day.

  3. Alike except for the well known fact that Pattinson is a homosexual.

  4. @Sherrylyne

    it’s tragically amusing to see that you bring the same level of insight and accuracy to this vacuous post, that you routinely bring to the others.

    God you’re a dunce, you and Strom should reproduce, eek. Donkeys on roller skates.

  5. the best part is that clint looked “sober” without the sick genital hairgrow on his chin.

  6. oh please slow gossip day or what?

  7. I love Clint’s work and I think he’s an outstanding actor. But. I was very disappointed in how he acted at the RNC. What a whackadoodle. You see, I believe in equality for everyone, not just millionaires. Eva Longoria gave a kick ass speech at the DNC where she said as a college student working at Wendy’s to pay her way, she needed a tax break. However, as an actress who hangs out on movie and TV sets, she does NOT. I can understand millionaires wanting to grasp on to every cent as if they’re going to take it with them when they die, but what about the rest of us middle class folk? Some of us live paycheck to paycheck and could really use the ginormous tax breaks the wealthy get. I don’t understand why people don’t get that or don’t want it.

  8. Anything Eva Longonia says should be fact checked! It is not about Hope & Change it is about Enablement & Pity. Nothing stops all the Hollywood people from paying as much tax as they like. Where are the Hollywood stars in trying to cure the 50% of BLACK women who have herpes?

  9. Clint Eastwood is the best looking white man that ever hit hollywood IMO.

    He is still good looking to me…and i’m a huge democrat.

  10. I guess some know and some don’t about how he acquired his wife, Dina Ruiz. (Dina told this story herself).

    Dina was introduced to Clint and thought “Gee, he would be a good catch for my single mom”. After setting up a time to meet her mom, Clint told Dina he wanted to date her and not her mom, and the rest is history. He is 35 years older and still apparently going strong. The stories that come out of TinselTown prove that truth is stranger than fiction. Anything goes. lol

  11. Hey Clint had the same hair way back when!

    Where do you find this stuff Strom?

    A different perspective on Clint and his chair at the RNC comes from Bill Maher who said that “he killed it”. Meaning, anyone who goes on stage without a script, with a prop, in front of a live audience, and makes the audience laugh and appreciate his comments, is very talented indeed regardless of his politics.

  12. Clint has always been a bit of a fascist, woman hater and racist. Look back at his older movies before he has ‘mellowed’ with age. Or his personal life where he has had children by multiple women whom he seems to have cheated on and not treated well. Also, I think him and R Pat may have much more in common than people realize esp how Clint got his foot in the door in Italy.

  13. “Clint has always been a bit of a fascist, woman hater and racist.”

    Definitely ure talking out of ur ass….

  14. “Clint has always been a bit of a fascist, woman hater and racist.”

    Spoken like a true Obama supporter and enabler of all things rainbow.

    Now join hands and sing, “We are the World” while Michael Jackson fondles Culkin!

  15. Clint was a notorious proto fascist during the 60’s and early 70’s, and is still clearly conservative, but his views certainly have matured as he has. You can objectify him all you want, but he’s consistent.

    Judging from the steady moderation of his views, if he lives long enough, he’ll become a liberal.

    evolution, try it some time.

  16. The IQ level of posters on here is low. Apparently no one remembers when Eastwood was mayor of Carmel and the statements policies he put in place. To bad there is no IQ level reqyired to log online.

    Kitty go fuck yourself before you tell anyone what to do. Or better yet get a library card. Most of you mental retard right wingers don’t even realize he is pro-choice and pro gay marriage(which given his background is no suprise). He is only a republican because he is all about supporting and giving tax payer sponsored welfare to the wealthy 1% who control our govt.

  17. Kitty you have the intellect of a FOX news viewer go FUCK yourself before you tell anyone what to do. Get up off your knees licking celebrity ass and learn that your boy supports gay rights, is pro-choice while still being a FASCIST FUCK FINANCIALLY with a history of what I am saying before you type your dumb-ass comments. Are you really so stupid to believe the millionaires give a shit about working class people?

    Clearly, none of the brains on here remember or know much of Clint’s past either personally or as mayor of Carmel. It is a pity there isn’t some type of system that could screen people for intelligence and mental age before they are allowed to comment. But, then have the posters here could never log on.

  18. Poor Jenny, spouts off like she knows what a facist is and then echo’s the opposite! Your pointed four letter comments to and about another poster will simply not be tolerated. BLACK Morgan Freeman, Barry Weiss, and Fred the $$ Goldman will most likely be in touch with you, at your counseling session to explain what those words mean!

    Maybe a lot of library time, instead of job time it seems…unfortunately the libraries today are filled with street people waiting for the shelter to open so they can watch Oprah!

  19. Jenny is the typical name calling, insulting liberal who is intolerant of anybody who disagrees with her vile liberal/socialist viewpoint. And of course anybody who isn’t a liberal is a fascist! You have no idea how I feel about most celebrities or you wouldn’t have said “Get up off your knees licking celebrity ass”. I love how liberals/socialists preach tolerance and civility and are the first to spew the most vile and insulting drivel.

  20. damn I just don’t know what to think anymore. These meds have gots my thinking up all messed. Burn the innocent !

  21. Slutty, oops i mean @ Kitty – surely you’ll indulge a little hypocrisy, after all, the bloody church invented it !

    Papal indulgences anyone ? The line starts here, have your credit card ready folks …

  22. Poor little impersonater is back it seems. It must have gotten a break from the Call Center and got its jollies by trying to be Strom.

    As Kitty said, its the wild liberals who are much more vicious than the conservatives. When cornered, they come out like a mad animal or insect.

    No different than the northerners during segration times. They were the worst of ‘no blacks in my neighborhood” but tried to blame it all on the south.

    All depends on whose ox is gored!

  23. ” they come out like a mad animal or insect ” ? like a caterpiller or a pissed off moth ? an angry earth worm maybe ?

    Strom, you’re such a silly dumb bunny

  24. Poor & ignorant ST. Maybe some more time at library of your vocational university for hair cutting (barber school) would be in order.

  25. No wonder Junior is called Junior! He can’t quite figure it out. Hope & Change Junior, Obamy is looking out for you!

  26. out of curiosity Strom .. what is your first language ? obviously it’s not English, I’m betting something Eastern European, but the hubby thinks you’re just a little slow.

    please clear this up ? thanks Brandy

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