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Katie Holmes has quite a handful as she navigates Whole Foods market with Suri, her toys, her blankie, and shopping bags. Scientology claims that Katie is still an active member were discredited by former Scientologist Carmen Llewelyn, who divorced My Name is Earl star Jason Lee, a longtime Scientologist. Carmen told RadarOnline that when they split in 2001, the Scientologists insisted on giving them counseling while hooked up to an E-meter and when that failed, they settled the divorce quietly. She said Scientologists AREN’T ALLOWED TO SUE EACH OTHER and are made to keep any disputes out of the public eye. Since Katie sued Tom for divorce quite openly, she is apparently not abiding by Scientology rules any more. Good for her.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Why are they always carrying this child?! I hope and pray that the evil cult of scientology is brought down by all this and by people waking up to what these losers are really all about!

  2. No kidding Kitty. That kid is always being carried around. Can’t she walk any distance by herself?

  3. I know why!

    Because of the paparazzi always sticking their cameras in Suri’s face. If you notice, when she’s being carried she tends to hide her face from the cameras. When you do see pics of her walking that means the photogs are further away.

  4. Aside from the looney parents, nutty religon, that little girl is going to grow up with issues from the paps.

  5. Whatever the little celebrity SCI leader used to get full custody of Connor and Bella will be used to get Suri. He just may have to go about it in another manner. If SCI is losing some of its power and grip, then the demons will really be stirred up. Katie needs more than one bodyguard. The bodyguard needs to take turns carrying Suri, as Katie will be slope-shouldered soon.

  6. Aw, give us a break. A six-year-old being carried like an infant, with stuffed toys and a security blanket?!? What kind of an insecure sissy child is this woman raising?

  7. I have new respect for Katie. Evidently all of Tiny Tom’s millions don’t cut it with her anymore. She actually wants a husband who is PRESENT! What nerve! I am so happy for her that she’s escaped the deranged little Scientology troll. Suri will need some therapy, I am sure, once this whole mess is finished. I wish Katie and Suri a lifetime of happiness.

  8. Good grief. Put the kid down, get her into school and get her some friends. Get Mom some friends too. What a bunch of weirdos.

  9. Here is an interesting blind. This is 100% Tom and Katie. If you have any doubt, there is a solved item that says she caught him in bed with a very famous athlete who has not been named yet. My guess is Beckham.

  10. I grew up in the Hollywood Church, since I was a bit younger than Suri’s age. Some folks have no idea how bad the photographers can be. If I had a child that age, being stalked by them, I would see it as protective, to carry it. Left unchecked, they would do to a child, what they did to Lady Di. They are vile swine.

  11. And, get a load of the people who aren’t paparazzis with their cameras out–all men. That must be quite unnerving for Katie and Suri.

  12. she needs a careful, loving husband?
    …….CALL ME!!

  13. I still think this whole marriage thing was a publicity stunt….Katie was washed up…Tom had a bad reputation…let’s get married!

    Now Jersey Shore is doing the same.

    Sorry, Katie, but I never cared for Dawson’s Creek and I doubt I’ll care for anything you do. You are NOT a single Mother. You are Tom Cruise’s EX wife that will get lots of money a month. That is NOT a Single Mother. That’s a washed up tv star who got lucky.

  14. The 5 or 6 years she supposedly suffered with the short one is getting her a huge paycheck. I wonder if she thinks it was worth it, because for many moons to come there will be the paps in her face 24/7. Who would date a woman who Tom wishes was gone from this earth so he can have Suri. Look for the Enquirer, etc. to find out why the divorce was rushed thru in less than 2 weeks. I think SCI gave her a huge amou$t, with some kind of agreement that she would not spill her guts about their innermost secrets. SCI’s are now worrying about their future, as the internet has many stories of people they have stalked, and many murdered. Look up:

  15. As for carrying Suri, I saw film of the very large group of photographers following Katie and I’d carry my child too. A small child would’ve been scared to death.

    As for this divorce, Janet you must research to see if this one should get an award for fastest celebrity divorce ever. Definitely something going on behind the scenes.

  16. Does this child not know how to walk? In SO many pictures, she is being carried either by Katie or Tom. God, the kid is 6. Let her walk on her own!!!
    BTW – Katie will get legal custody of Suri. Katie knows WAY too many secrets that Tom does not want made public. Secrets that would probably ruin his career as well as the careers of others he has been “friendly” with. And I’m not talking about other women.

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