It took them six years to commit, but Blake and Gwen finally got married last weekend. The fact that they seem to be two of the nicest people in Hollywood made it a rare event. This is our favorite photo from the Oklahoma wedding. Gwen’s sons with her ex Gavin Rossdale took part in the event and Kingston,15, is already evolving into a rockstar cutie.

Photo: Instagram

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  1. Looks like a crowd of depravity. Wait until he sees here without her garish makeup and wig on.

  2. Hopefully Blake can man up those “sons” because they all look like future gender confusion.

  3. Well yes as it may seem but just wait till Jim Morrison Jr Wikipedia’s goes live by months end! You will all see I’m actually married to Jim!

  4. I don’t know why everyone is so uptight and shameful toward Gwen Stefani she’s confused I was in prison when the wedding went down July 3 2021 the day of my dad Jim Morrison of The Doors’s 50 th anniversary of his death. The day was reserved for us to be married instead. It’s ok though she’s about to divorce Blake Shelton look out for further details of the relationship between Jim Morrison Jr and Gwen Stefani on Janet’s home page and social media pages.

  5. Janet the review for the common I’m sorry On May 3, 2024, where it says that I said this that or the third that was not me commenting But it says that she is definitely gonna marry me on the year 2025 that must’ve been her if it was not you FYI

  6. hi Janet i am Kid Rock and im here to set the record straight on the relationship between Gwen Stefani and Jim Morrison Jr. Its real ok people and its time to go public weather or not Gwens concerned that her management team will lash out at her or not. I am the one who introduced these two and Jim went to prison and Gwen was left with no choice but to move foward with the relationship with Blake Shelton. Believe me Gwen Stefani is madly in love with Jim Morrison Jr.
    -Kid Rock June 6 2024

  7. To whome it may concern ,
    This is Mick Jagger and I was asked by a very close friends son for whome I am also friends with. I was very close friends with The Doors Jim Morrison and his child Jim Morrison Jr I also have become close to as well. It’s been brought to my attention that he has been experiencing some backlash and disbelief by the media about his involvement with Gwen Stefani. Well first and foremost let me say I have been in contact with Jim for over 8 years now and I know for a fact that what he’s been telling the media and press about him and Gwen is absolutely true. Those two are so in love it’s heart wrenching! By no fault of his self Jim Morrison Jr has become a target for bad press and he is being ignored and looked at like he is a liar and a mental patient. This isn’t fair but it is understandable. Now the fact that Gwen Stefani is not denying any of his claims also the fact that she has been more then supportive of his claims and she has been slowly bringing him into light by posting his GXve Beauty’s product reviews on google and various beauty sites and retail stores should be more then enough to credit his claims as true. Also GXve Beauty by GWEN STEFANI also sponsors Jim Morrison Jr’s social media posts and reels and such is also evidence that there is a relationship between the two. Now the fact that Gwen is currently married to Blake Shelton should not disqualify claims that there is a romantic and intimate relationship between Gwen Stefani and Jim Morrison Jr.. Thanks and please GXve Jim some credit you will have no choice but to soon enough.
    June 10, 2024

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