Gossip Girl Blake Lively, 24, and her Green Lantern costar Ryan Reynolds, 33, really ARE one of the best looking couples in Hollywood. They spent July 4th with her family and didn’t hold back on the smooching. Cute swimsuit – and Blake admits she loves food and doesn’t work out. Blake’s movie “Savages” did okay at the boxoffice but more importantly it proved that she IS a real movie star.
Photos via: NY Daily News

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  1. Who took these photos..Very unflattering….Just sayin..

  2. She gets so much static, but she has turned in some good performances. She looks like a real woman (and not a Hollywood bobblehead) in these photos.

  3. Nice “bearding”, BLAKE-NOT-SO-LIVELY, nice “bearding”…

  4. Some of the cast of Savages, along with Oliver Stone was on Charlie Rose. Blake said her character’s relationship with Salma Hayek’s character was like daughter and mother. Ms. Hayek’s expression said something else. Not too bright, that Blake.

  5. If Ryan Reynolds is not gay, he sure looks it….sissy looking.

    Blake is a flitty and flirty little starlet trying to make it super big no matter what she has to do. I wonder if she dumped Leo DiCaprio or vice versa. She will dump RR if a better fish comes along.

  6. Yes, the fact that she loves food and doesn’t work out is abundantly clear. Even the ugly old-lady swimsuit can’t hide those facts.

  7. Wow, she put on a lot of weight, looks awful for a young “starlet”

  8. I think she is amazing (and healthy looking) but this polka dotted swimsuit creates a weird optical illusion on her that is not flattering.

  9. If that’s “sissy” looking, I’ll have one.

  10. I think she looks great–like a real person. 🙂

  11. I dont get why people think she is attractive….horse face…nice body, but her face is, at best, plain. And that swimsuit….good god thats horrible.

  12. She’s a horrible actress. The Savages is an ensemble cast, she couldn’t carry a movie without 5 or 6 other actors and a great director to pick up the slack. Same thing with RR the last movie he was in did well because Denzel Washington was in it and not because he’s a good actor.

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