Plus size model Whitney Thomson was anointed by Tyra Banks as America’s Next Top Model just last night, and already we have a model photo of them together looking suspiciously svelte. (Whitney bears an uncanny resemblance to Anna Nicole Smith) There has been a lot of speculation that Whitney was Tyra’s special choice because it puts Tyra squarely on the “models don’t have to be stick thin” bandwagon, so popular now. Popular, but unrealistic. Unfortunately, it remains to be seen if Whitney will get modeling work that involves her body.

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  1. that we would even call that woman “plus-sized” is a sad commentary.

  2. And it should be mentioned that many plus-size models are very successful. Truly beautiful plus-size girls are an elite group who make a healthy living.
    Janet, let’s try and put our bitchy claws away, shall we?

  3. I cannot stand the fake Tyra Banks and her cheap wigs. I hope the new fat model sits on her.

  4. Hey, Whitney might not get modelling gigs, but with that face and “juicy booty” ,as they called it, she’ll land herself an extremely wealthy, likely famous husband and be set for life! That’s why they all want to be models in the first place, right? To attract rock stars, presidents, movie stars? This way, Whitney skips a step!

  5. Tyra Banks is a phony, the show is phony. Other plus sized gals in previous seasons of ANTM ought to have gone further, but not this girl she is not photogenic.
    None of this is important and it’s been proven being annointed
    “ANTM” is the kiss of death. None of the previous winners have done anything with the title or the career.

  6. I find that bigger women are more giving sexually. I would love to hook up with the juicy Jewish gal from DWTS.

  7. Winner Whitney doesn’t look overweight at all.
    What’s wrong with this country?

  8. Plus size model????
    What are these people smoking?

  9. In the model industry if you are a size 8 you are a plus size model. Most models are size 2.

  10. The only way she resembles Anna Nicole Smith is her haircolor. She looks nothing like her. She is still beautiful though. And it’s true, if you are a size 8 or over, that is considered plus size ! Most “FAT” models that you see in ads are a size 14.

  11. Cindy Crawford has always seemed a little more chubby than the extremely thin type.

  12. You know what’s worse than hearing “men” make fun of women’s weight, or disrespectful comments? Any other WOMAN who does, Janet! Not cool. Whitney is beautiful and not ashamed of her size 8 body–and rightfully so. Also, she looks NOTHING like Anna Nicole–Annon at 8:34 is totally correct.

  13. I’m one of those naturally thin women that is considered the ideal. I don’t hate my body, but would love to have Whitney’s curves. And as far as her future in modeling, who is the face of Cover Girl? The Queen. And she is beautiful. Janet, I don’t usually insult you, but look in the mirror, honey. Glass houses.

  14. F U janet I always defend you but I love whitney. she was my pick from the start even though I didnt think a plus size would win, she had the most heart and was the most comfortable in her own skin.

  15. My daughter loves Whitney. Whitney works at her grade school in the extended day program. I’m sure she will be moving on in the fall, but she will be missed by many.

  16. IF Tyra Banks were a lesbian…and IF Naomi Campbell were a lesbian (Big IFS)…maybe they could have a lesbo catfight over Whitney. I hope Naomi wins and she more than likely would, given her much experience in fighting. lol

  17. She is very beautiful. Why are you calling her plus size. The industry should be happy to have someone who represents real women.

  18. Whitney deserved her win…she is beautiful and curvy; not so thin that she looks like she could die at any second due to starvation. America has such a distotred view of women and that being skinny is everything. As a former anorexic, I’ve come to discover that weight isn’t everything.

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