We happen to think that Adam Carolla is one of those guys who is smarter than he looks. And he’s pretty good at sizing up other people. When Howard Stern took his morning radio show to Sirius, Adam took over the time slot in Los Angeles and were WE surprised when we learned to like him and didn’t miss Howard at all! His new book “Not Taco Bell Material” deals with his life and experiences in Hollywood. One day Adam was at his friend Jimmy Kimmel’s house and Tom Cruise came over to watch football. Adam said “He brought cupcakes and his mom. He came across as a guy who’s battling to be normal, like he’s from another planet, and he’s studying guys and saying ‘What would a guy do in this situation?’ Then he mimics the behavior of the American male in front of other American males. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, but he comes across as uncomfortable in his own skin.”

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  1. I am not Jimmy or Adam and have never watched football with any of these guys, but I also got that impression of Tom Cruise. Not that he is a bad guy, just that he was socially awkward until he got to a position that it no longer mattered because he could put himself on the other side of “people” – the cushion that celebrity offers. I think he is very analytical with a purpose and I think he plasters a smile when he wants to do the complete opposite. That said, I think the man is far from stupid, in fact quite the opposite, but it just seems to require too much work to be the Tom Cruise he wants the public to see and believe.
    I am sure he is much more himself in the family situation.

  2. That strikes me as a bit sad.

    We all know he is close to his mom. Still, how odd (not bad just kinda odd) that he would bring his mom to watch football with a “friend”……and instead of beer and pizza, he brings cupcakes. (Cupscakes are yummy but still it’s kinda .)

  3. continue from above:

    Still kinda ODD !!!!

    Oh well. Hope his his mom enjoyed it. 🙂

  4. He grew up without a dad and all women in his family, couple that with becoming a “star” at a young age. Of course he’s clueless on how to be a random American guy?

  5. Carolla is very intelligent and has the Common Sense that most celebs lack.

  6. TC is struggling to be normal because he has been brainwashed by Scientology. The fear of being around ‘non believers’ or suppressive people makes them appear awkward. We should feel sorry for anyone who lost their soul to a cult.

  7. Guy who is bringing cupcakes to watch football=gay.

  8. Of course he feels uncomfortable in his own skin for the simple fact he’s a closeted gay…

  9. Adam Carolla is a monster who is roundly despised for having no talent, humor or reason to share the earth with good people.

  10. Unfortunately, tiny terrible Tom thinks ‘normal’ is the ways of Scientology. He is sooo very close with David Miscavage (THE BIG Sci man) that one would wonder why Katie is so blind to what is going on with her heart-throb, the so-called catch of the century, who most everyone thinks is Gay, Gay, Gay. Yes indeedy, Tom is the opposite of normal, all one has to do is hear his maniacal laugh and observe him for a while. Doomed is he and all those in SCI.

  11. How did he live however many years on this planet and not realize bringing your mom and cupcakes to watch sports is not a normal, typical guy thing to do?

  12. Indy, I have no doubt that Miss Katie knows all about Tom and his preferences. : )

  13. Over audited.. over acting.. hyper saleman of whatever is profitable.. what’s the point in focusing on himself, times change, he must focus on what people like.. he’s too busy acting as other personalities and having his life and mind manipulated by a cult..

  14. For the last several months I have never seen a pic w/ Katie, Suri, and Tom. It’s just Katie and Suri, and Katie always looks morose, tired, sickly, and somewhat befuddled. Where is the tiny dictator? Maybe Katie is tired of overlooking his total devotion to Scientology and all the rumors as to which team he plays on. Her parents were definitely against her leaving her Catholic upbringing. Now she MUST go to counselling/clearing SCI sessions or her little man will go bonkers. I believe all the household help are SCientologists…..maids, cooks, gardeners, etc. who all keep an eye on her and report all she does to Tom. Katie is a poor little rich girl.

  15. Indy, Maybe the alleged contract is ending and Katie can be free. Didn’t Cruise say recently that three kids were enough for him? Maybe three works for him because Miss Katie is leaving.

  16. It’s mentally taxing to keep hiding your sexuality….

  17. as long as he is a scientology sect member this is impossible.

  18. Excellent points by Lucy and Gump. As long as he is in the cult, he can’t possibly be his true self or be normal.

  19. RHC in FLA above said it very well. Tom has lost his soul to the devil (otherwise known as Scientology), and that makes him doomed. All his millions won’t help him come Judgment Day.

  20. Maybe his mom made the cupcakes and enjoys football? I know I do.

    As for Adam, he’s only moderately amusing, but I absolutely hated that show that he and Kimmel had: “The Man Show”. Dumbing done for males and lots of women jumping on trampolines.

  21. Nina, come on, that’s just silly talk, and as just ridiculous as old L.Ron’s BS.

  22. Let’s dump on a guy who is trying to be nice – and trying not to act like a big movie star. Maybe he’s a little shy, who knows. Jeez. What has he ever done to you?

  23. I actually feel sorry for the guy. A grown man needing to have his mother by his side at all times is very sad and very telling. The Scientology folks probably reeled him in very easily because he really does seem off-balance emotionally. I also doubt he is capable of being himself at any time, and from what I read years ago from Nicole Kidman, every moment with him was about making lists about achieving goals. UGH It’s too bad he doesn’t have enough real confidence to just be himself.. if he even remembers what that is.

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