Nice to see Willow Smith is doing something good for herself. She’s constantly having extravagant new haircuts, dye jobs, and piercings, but now she has braces on her teeth. The 11 year old singing daughter of Will and Jada Smith went shopping at The Commons mall in Calabasas with her dog and she could almost pass for a boy with her short hair. No more hair-whipping for awhile.

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  1. Taking a break all at the ripe age of 11. Thank God this child has a brain in her head or the adults in her world would let her run herself into the ground “working” why does it seem like Will is so hands off on this?

  2. She is not attractive. She needs to be in a class learning.

  3. I know this will come out snarky, but – Oh, my, my. Not an attractive girl at all. I’m afraid no amount of high fashion could make up for this….

  4. If the rumors are true about the parents then nothing will surprise us about their kids.

  5. Kids at an awkward stage coupled with a strange haircut and eyes closed, bad pic. Be nice you Harpies.

  6. Four (4) “I thinks”….if you please.

    1) I think she has a fairly good voice; I’ve heard worse.
    2) I think Will and Jada are letting the kids pretty much do what they want.
    3) I think all the Smiths are somewhat fugly, although Willow may grow up to be a little prettier.
    4) I think unless they all get the hell out of Scientology, then they will for sure all go to hell.

  7. She is going to be gorgeous just wait..she has her dad’s height and she has a beautiful face how can anyone say any child is ugly what is wrong with some of you smh

  8. She’s a cute little girl with a hair cut that is just too short (my opinion). The dog is adorable too.

  9. HERself? Truly thought it was a male. Not being mean at all…..just honest.

  10. Terrible haircut on a cute little girl. Her parents need to let her be a child. She has lots of time be a singer and an actress.

  11. She is a spoiled little nothing who has an inflated sense of importance. Granted it is an awkward age but she has been led to believe that she is special. She may have her dad’s height but unfortunately she has his ears too.
    So tired of seeing her staged photo ops.

  12. This poor child has been brainwashed with ‘auditing’.

  13. Gad, that child has some flappin’ ears! She should not be wearing a hairstyle that short.

  14. All I’ll say is that it looks like the dog has found some good sniffs on that trash barrel.

  15. Ask her to spell GHETTO and its doubtful she can. Ask her parents to spell RESPONSIBILITY and it is doubtful they can either!

  16. She’s singing ‘I gotta pay the bills ’cause my folks are spending my college fund on lawyers! I gotta pay the bills…’

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